5 Stars Who Save Money Instead of Spending It

It is no secret that many Hollywood stars are used to a luxurious life and do not deny themselves expensive purchases or betting at 22Bet. Yet, there are exceptions to this rule. Some stars try to save much, and here are the most famous of them. 

Keanu Reeves

Keanu is absolutely not interested in branded things and purchases, demonstrating the status of its owner. The actor is okay traveling on public transport, buying clothes on sale. In this case, Reeves, of course, does not need the money. The sum he has already earned is enough to live for several centuries without any problems.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Although this actor is one of the highest paid in the world, he is not used to splurge. Early in his career DiCaprio founded a foundation that addresses the issues of environmental pollution and global warming. To this foundation and dozens of others, he donates a significant portion of the funds received for the shooting in the films. 

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence was born into a family with average income. After moving to New York, the girl faced a severe shortage of money. At first, the career of an actress is not glued, and at times, she even had to starve. Lawrence admitted in an interview that she practically grew up with rats. She had to finish even dry pieces of bread. After such a negative experience, the star realized that happiness is not about money, and, after receiving her first serious royalties, she did not rent an expensive mansion and spend on goods by overpriced brands.

Tyra Banks

The supermodel, who collaborates with global brands, took her career to a whole new level when she began hosting her own show, America’s Next Top Model. Although advertising contracts and productions brought her hundreds of thousands of dollars, she never started throwing money around. Before all important purchases, this star consults with her accountant, and prefers to dine in conventional restaurants, dishes that can be affordable for the average American.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The famous actress has repeatedly admitted that her childhood was not cloudless. Star grew up in a family where besides her were seven other children, so money is constantly in short supply. The actress had to look for part-time work from 14 to help her parents and support the family. Difficult childhood taught Sarah Jessica to appreciate the money and not throw them around, even if you really want to. In her finances, this actress is the exact opposite of her screen character from Sex and the City.

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