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Cassey Ho

This article was updated on February 28, 2018

Fitness guru Cassey Ho has joined the ranks of successful internet sensations with her workout vlog “Blogilates.” She’s part of a growing group of online workout instructors who post videos and blogs about workouts, meal plans, and general health information.

As you may have noticed, people have been making bank posting videos online. Jimmy Tatro, for instance, has made the majority of his wealth from advertising on Youtube. Ho is no different. She started on Youtube and has gone on to start her own website and workout community. With so much success within just a few years, what is Cassey Ho’s net worth?

Cassey Ho’s Personal Profile:

  • Net worth: $2 million
  • Profession: Online fitness guru
  • Age: 29
  • Source Of Wealth: Blogilates and POP Pilates
  • Residence: Union City, California
  • Citizenship: U.S. Citizen
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Education: Whittier College

Cassey Ho’s Career

Cassey Ho was born in January 1987 in Los Angeles. Ho grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and lived in Cali most of her life. People Magazine reported that the star fitness model was oftentimes picked on because of being chubby when she was a child.

The negative comments of other kids didn’t get Ho down though. She used the negativity from others to become more aware of her body. At the age of 16 Ho saw an infomercial about a pilates DVD and she asked her parents to buy it for her. They did and she fell in love with the exercise, which led to her pilates business venture.

She didn’t always want to be a fitness guru though. Cassey had always dreamt of being a fashion designer. Her parents didn’t support her career as a fashion designer though so Ho went to Whittier College to follow a path that would please her parents. In 2009, she graduated from the college with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology (on track to become a doctor).

Prior to her graduation Cassey released her first pilates Youtube video (by accident).  Now she’s able to make a living with her Pilates videos and health blog.

Like many people, you’re probably wondering how much a vlogger can make. Well, what is the successful vlogger Cassey Ho’s net worth?

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Cassey Ho’s Net Worth

It has only been six years since she released her first pilates video on Youtube but Cassey Ho’s net worth has already risen to $2 million. Youtube has recognized her as being the number one female fitness channel on the video streaming site and has obtained over 3 million subscribers.

As mentioned above, Cassey accidentally stumbled upon this opportunity. When she uploaded her first video in 2009 it was only intended for her small class of 40 people. It was a goodbye video to the class because she was moving across the country. It was posted to Youtube without being made private and began accumulating views. The majority of her $2 million net worth was built from advertising on this Youtube channel.

Her brand, POP Pilates, is a live class as well as an internationally recognized instructor certification program. She is able to cash in on both of those things throughout the year. Her POP Pilates format has also been made the official pilates format at all 24 Hour Fitness locations in the United States.

Cassey released her activewear clothing line “Bodypop” in 2014 which can be purchased on her website. Additionally, Ho has also published a novel (“Hot Body Year Round”) and continues to look for ways to grow her business.

Just last year Ho launched one of her toughest workout programs yet and has begun planning for a new program in 2017. Each workout takes about 28 minutes and is completely equipment-free.

Ho is known as one of the most successful vloggers in the U.S. with an annual salary sitting at $450,000 a year. She hasn’t detailed any huge business plans for the new year but there’s no sign of the online fitness fanatic slowing down anytime soon.

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