How COVID-19 is Impacting Net Worth of Stars

COVID-19 is impacting net worth

COVID-19 came through and pretty much uprooted everyone’s plans of how the year was going to go, including the lives of celebrities. Though they have more money and would typically have an easier time, COVID-19 is impacting net worth of celebs in a big way.

List of Celebs Who Have Had COVID-19

There have been more than 19.9 million confirmed cased of COVID-19 around the world since the pandemic kicked off. Of course, of these 19.9 million folks, some celebrities have been directly affected by the virus. On March 11, Tom Hanks and his wife became two of the first to announce they had contracted the coronavirus. Here is a list of celebs that have actually caught COVID…

  • Babyface
  • Sara Bareilles
  • David Bryan
  • Doja Cat
  • Andy Cohen
  • Lena Dunham
  • Idris Elba
  • Tom Hanks
  • Kristofer Hivju
  • Natalie Horner
  • D.L. Hughley
  • Daniel Dae Kim
  • Olga Kurylenko
  • Charlotte Lawrence
  • Rachel Matthews
  • Debi Mazar
  • Khamis Mwinjuma
  • Pink
  • Rita Wilson
  • Sturgill Simpson
  • George Stephanopoulos
  • Colton Underwood

There are numerous other celebs on the list (seriously, it could go on for days). Additionally, several celebrities have lost there lives to coronavirus, including Jan Howard and Ken Shimura, among others.

And even if they haven’t caught the virus itself, many celebrities are feeling the financial strain of COVID-19.

How COVID-19 is Impacting Net Worth of Different Stars

In all honesty, there has been an overall disenchantment with the wealthy and ostentatious for some time now. Once Donald Trump became president, everyone began looking at the wealthy within the country under a microscope more so than ever before.

COVID-19 also has put a lot of people at home, many of who are using their spare time to target celebrities. Many stars have come to be ridiculed for coronavirus-related jokes or content, put in the center of scandals and conspiracies, and just completely shunned by fans in some cases. Even Kate Winslet received pushback on her COVID awareness commercial. According to Financial Times, commenters asked Winslet if she had any advice for the shipwrecked, referring to her career-defining role in Titanic.

Even those donating money or services have been receiving backlash. If a celebrity even mentions donations to a certain organization or cause right now, many followers virtually attack the star asking, “why aren’t you donating your money to the cause?” even if they are already giving.

COVID-19 is impacting net worth

Photo: Dick Thomas Johnson

On top of their perceived social responsibilities, many celebrities are simply unable to work right now. Many production studios have put projects on hold during this time. Not to mention, movies are not being released like they would have been. No one is receiving money from box office sales. There are some films being released virtually, but it is not yet clear how payment for that type of sale would be handled. There is no doubt celebs are suffering artistically and, in some cases, financially.

Closing Thoughts/Opinion

Perhaps the most costly part of this pandemic for many stars has been the downtime it has provided for so many people. Now, many people are sitting at home, looking for ways to “cancel” someone’s career. In a lot of ways, COVID-19 has put even more pressure on the entertainment industry.

At the same time, it is unlikely any of the celebrities will see large financial gains during this time. That is unless there is a complete turn-around in the economy (and soon). When you think about the loss being seen by stars, it is startling to consider what the every-day man is feeling.

However, it has put a spotlight on the everyday heroes in our society. People like doctors, nurses, and service workers are being recognized on a larger scale. This may be something beneficial and, hopefully, long lasting that stems from the pandemic.

Readers, what has the impact of COVID-19 been on your personal finances? 

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