How Much Is Dave Chappelle’s Wife Worth?

Dave Chappelle wife

Dave Chappelle reemerged in the comedy scene in 2017. Many people were happy to see the comedian back on stage and doing what he does best: telling jokes. Now that he’s back in the spotlight, people have been wondering about Chappelle’s life during his time off. More importantly, people are wondering about Dave Chappelle’s wife and their finances.

Who is Dave Chappelle’s Wife?

Chappelle and his wife, Elaine, took a step back from the spotlight after the comedian had a few rough shows. Elaine and Chappelle have been married since 2001. She was born in New York in 1974 and is of Phillippine descent.

The couple shares three children; two boys, and one girl. Although they have been married for 17 years and were in a long-term relationship prior to tying the knot, there isn’t much publicly-shared information about Dave Chappelle’s wife outside of stories Chappelle shares on stage.

Chappelle is a well-known family man, although his comedy doesn’t always reflect that. After becoming famous for his work on The Chappelle Show, the fanbase for the comedian’s raunchy-style of comedy grew. However, he made a conscious decision to walk away from the fame and popularity the show brought him.

The Chappelle Show began controlling every aspect of the comedian’s life. Right before officially leaving the show behind, he had a minor melt-down on stage in front of a live audience. The show was scheduled to launch its third season when Chappelle decided to take a hiatus in South Africa.

Of course, after his departure, media rumors began that Chappelle left his wife and had turned to a life of drugs. Seeing this, Elaine was angered and shocked but she wanted to shield her husband from the media. Because of this, she urged him to stay in South Africa for an extended period of time, allowing the media onslaught to die down a bit.

He was out of the spotlight for years and years. Many people wondered about what the star was doing during this time and how he was recovering from his melt-down. During this difficult time, Elaine was Chappelle’s rock. She supported him every step of the way until he decided to take to the stage again. In 2017, he appeared for the first time in his very own Netflix comedy special.

How Much is Dave Chappelle’s Wife Worth?

Netflix offered up $60 million to Chappelle for three comedy specials on the streaming service. While he hits the stage, his wife enjoys staying at home with their three children. Although she had dreams of becoming a chef as a child, she decided after having children she would receive more joy staying home with her children. The family is often together during red carpet events. Together, Chappelle and his wife have a net worth of around $50 million.

Most of their wealth has stemmed from the booming popularity of The Chappelle Show and Chappelle’s loyal fans. During his hiatus, he still maintained a social media presence and continued to share moments of his life with followers. Not much of Chappelle’s cash has come from endorsements or lucrative deals though, as he has been out of the spotlight for so long.

However, Chappelle has also acted in a number of films, which have each contributed to his net worth. He first appeared in film long before the couple met in 1993 in Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Chappelle is also famous for his role in the comedy Half Baked. His latest film appearance was in 2015 in a Spike Lee satire called Chi-Raq. His earnings from these haven’t been phenomenal but they have contributed to his net worth, and subsequently Elaine Chappelle’s wealth, over the years.

Their 65-Acre Farm

dave chappelle wife

A portion of the couple’s wealth can also be attributed to assets. Dave, Elaine, and their children live on a 65-acre farm with an estimated value of $2.5 million. Their home has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, perfect size for their family. The farm is located in Yellow Springs, OH and the family leads a modest life there. In fact, after turning down the $50 million contract with Comedy Central, Chappelle made a statement about choosing to live in a small town.

“Turns out you don’t need $50 million to live around these parts, just a nice smile and a kind way about you,” the comedian said. “You guys are the best neighbors ever. That’s why I came back and that’s why I’m staying.” Although Chappelle grew up in Silver Spring, Md, he spent summers in Yellow Springs with his father. This nostalgia made him want to raise his family there.

Other Sources of Income

As mentioned above, Chappelle hasn’t landed any major endorsement deals. However, he has been putting some thought into diversifying his income. In 2010, he was looking into becoming a landlord before a sale fell through on a $470,000 strip mall with a number of businesses. Once the sale fell through, Chappelle has not revisited the idea of managing a property that way. With the new cash from Netflix, there’s no telling what plans he may have for the future.

The couple seems to be embracing the return to the spotlight, and there is no doubt that if Chappelle continues to produce additional standup material that he’ll bring home even more cash. For now, Dave Chappelle and his wife have no plans of changing their current way of life – outside of doing a bit more travel, that is.

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  1. Rachel Williams says

    Hi Amanda, it is pleasant to see how some of the celebrities value family and a simple life in a simple neighborhood like most of us rather than living in expensive mansions with close to none human interaction or emotional bonding between communities.

    • Amanda Stewart says

      I agree! I am a huge fan of his work and became an even bigger fan after writing this piece.

  2. Mason jacob says

    Dave is one of my favorite comedian and it is nice to read how he leads a simple life. Kudos to him.

  3. Allison Jonas says

    Hi Amanda, I really like your article and it is interesting to see how despite a lot of wealth and glamour, Dave decided to live in a small neighborhood putting his family’s privacy before his career.

    • Amanda Stewart says

      YES! He is one of very few celebs who have been able to maintain their family’s privacy that way.

  4. Luca Changrita says

    DAMN ! These people are goals for life. Imagine having or living such a life and I would’ve lived it thrice if I just would’ve gotten the chance lol. I would really like to have a such a wife one day with whom I can grow in life and achieve dreams side by side.

  5. Max Payne says

    It amazes me how a street hawking comedian can make his fortune by throwing racial jokes which the audience don’t even find it offensive of anysort. But then again it makes sense since the use the N word to each other a lot of times. I wouldn’t call it male gold-digging but Dave really saw monetary interest in his wife. This is how celebrity roles.

    Thanks for the article

    • Amanda Stewart says

      Do you think he’s really made his fortune by telling racial jokes? I’d have to disagree… He’s MAINTAINED his fortune by taking a step back from the spotlight and living a modest life if you ask me.

  6. Jason Hemsworth says

    What an icon, best comedian ever! Looks like stand-up is in for some serious business. The awesome part is they’ve got all the money they need and they’ve got it figured out where to spend it i.e. travel and family. That’s inspiration right there! Thanks for the article, great read!

    • Amanda Stewart says

      I am a huge fan of him as well! I’m loving the Netflix standup specials that have been rolling out. I think we’ll see huge growth within the comedy realm in the years to come.

  7. Edward Sanchez says

    A very nice way to describe the progress in Elaine’s life! she has been through so many things, to reach where she is today. Despite all those hardships that she faced, Elaine was able to make her mark which is commendable.

    • Amanda Stewart says

      And she’s been able to do what so many people haven’t – she’s managed to stay out of the spotlight!

  8. Great Comedian and obviously a family man with seventeen years of marriage he had strong relationships with his wife and they beautifully moving on their life good piece of information for their current status.

  9. Brad Gill says

    These inspiring people have always brought something good to life and they vibe out a strong hope to this new generation. For nothing is impossible when you set your path straight and follow your dreams. To have this amount of ambition is rare and such real motivational stories are always needed. #PositiveVibesOnly

    • Amanda Stewart says

      Yes! That is definitely true. They’ve done something that is rare in many people’s lives today.

  10. Robert Hudson says

    Hey thanks for putting this article about David Chappell and his wife. I love this couple and they look adorable. i love reading about them. Here is another article for David Chappell fans hope they love this blog: Dave Chappelle’s Wife Worth

  11. Gloria Heather says

    He’s a keeper! Among all these Hollywood family feuds and cheating scandals, men like him give me hope of finding a family oriented man myself. You know, if you die today, your job will find a replacement in a week, but for the family, it will be a life long irreplaceable loss. Respect for him!

  12. Donald Wilson says

    I agree! I am a huge fan of dave’s work and became an even bigger fan after reading more about such a down-to-earth celebrity. Despite a lot of wealth and charm, Dave had put his family’s privacy before his career. Everyone should read this, learn from it and try to live like that!

  13. Donald Wilson says

    Simply a great article on a legend’s success story! If you’re a die-hard fan of “Dave Chappelle” and wish to learn more about his family and how humble he has been thoughtout his career, try reading : Dave Chappelle’s Wife Worth

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