David and Annie Toborowsky’s Net Worth

David and Annie Toborowsky's Net Worth

David and Annie Toborowsky are one of the most popular couples to emerge from the hit reality show “90 Day Fiance.” Despite their popularity, they’re not among the highest-earning stars of the show. In fact, they’ve been named in arguments that the cast gets paid little, and sometimes nothing, at all for filming. So, what is David and Annie Toborowsky’s net worth?

David and Annie Toborowsky’s Personal Life

The world has gotten the opportunity to see the couple’s love story develop thanks to their reality TV life. Back in 2018, the show aired about the beginning of their relationship. David, nearing age 50, had gone to Thailand to rest and recuperate after a stroke. He was in a bar there when he heard a beautiful voice singing karaoke. The voice belonged to then-24-year-old Annie. They fell in love quickly. In fact, David proposed marriage to Annie less than two weeks after they first met.

The show followed the process of their engagement, Annie’s K1 visa, and their early days as a married couple. More recently, they’ve appeared frequently on the spin-off show “Pillow Talk.” In this show, previous couples watch current “90 Day Fiance” stars and comment on what they see. The couple has become increasingly popular over time thanks to those appearances. Furthermore, they recently became the stars of their own cooking show: “Spice It Up with David and Annie.”

Early Personal Life

David was born in New Jersey. He was living in Kentucky before he met Annie in Thailand. A father of two, he and the children’s mother were married for two decades before their divorce. His daughter has three children; they continue to live in Kentucky.

Annie was born in Thailand. She had moved to the capital city of Bangkok to make a living, which is where she was singing at the time that she met David. Many early fans of the show wondered if their relationship would survive their huge age difference, her move to America, and their cultural differences. Time has proven to those fans that they are truly in love.

David Toborowsky’s Dowry Price for Annie

Annie’s parents agreed that she could marry David. However, they requested a dowry, as is common in their culture. In their season of the reality TV show, we see David struggle to meet this financial request. One of the main story lines of that season was when David went to purchase two water buffalo for her family as part of the dowry. However, that wasn’t all that it cost the American English teacher.

David, who only had about $1500 in assets at the time that he met Annie, was asked to pay about $15,000 in cash and another $6000 in gold. That’s in addition to the water buffalo. As of fall 2020, David reported that he had paid Annie’s family approximately $24,000. The dowry is now paid off and the two are working on getting their financial lives in order together.

David and Annie Toborowsky’s Income

David lost a lot of his assets due to the 2008 recession. Combine with his medical situation, he had really gone to Thailand to start over on the cheap. Therefore, he didn’t come into the money with a lot to his name. He’s had to work as an English teacher, tutor, marketing consultant, and reality TV persona in order to pay off that dowry and begin making money.

In fact, in their season of the show, we saw them live together in a terrible apartment above a friend’s storage unit. In fact, a friend had to help co-sponsor Annie’s visa because David didn’t have enough income on his own at the time. However, David and Annie have built up their lives since then. They now live together in a nice, modest home in Fountain Hills, Arizona.

Annie is really the cook in the family. One of the things that she hated about that first apartment was that she couldn’t really cook there. Things are better for them now, though. Annie has started her own business called “Cooking with DNA.” She does catering, private cooking lessons, and more. And it was thanks to these efforts that they snagged their own TLC cooking show together.

Celebrity Influencer Income

So, the couple makes their money in a variety of different ways. They work their teaching and cooking jobs. They appear on “Pillow Talk and Spice It Up with David and Annie.” Additionally, like most reality stars, they make money off of their social media, endorsements, etc. Many of the show’s highest-earning cast members are on a variety of platforms such as OnlyFans and Cameo.

David and Annie Toborowsky’s net worth comes in part from the latter. In fact, Screenrant reports that the couple charges $57 per message and has recorded over 3000 messages for pay. The couple is active on Instagram, where she has nearly 3/4 million followers and he has 1/2 million. They’ve earned over $175,000 on Cameo so far. Should they continue – or even raise their prices – they could easily boost their own net worth.

David and Annie Toborowsky’s Assets

David and Annie appear to have purchased their Arizona home. However, it’s unclear what they paid for. Moreover, having moved there only within the last couple of years, they probably owe quite a bit on the mortgage. Now that the dowry is totally paid off, they can work towards adding to their assets.

David and Annie Toborowsky’s Net Worth

There isn’t a lot of confirmed information available about David and Annie Toborowsky’s net worth. Reports range from $100,000 to over $1 million. That’s clearly a huge gap. What we do know is that the couple’s been steadily increasing their income and assets since the time that they met. They’re both working, and they’re both continuing to earn off of their celebrity status.

So while they aren’t among the richest of the rich, they’re steadily holding their own. Recently, David had elective surgery to regrow his hair. Therefore, they’re spending their money on “extras” and no longer just scraping by.

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