What Happens to Net Worth Before and After Marrying Royalty

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle joins the Royal Family on Saturday, May 19, 2018, and her while her fortunes will rise, she’s not going from rags to riches. Neither did others who preceded her — Kate Middleton, Princess Diana and Grace Kelly. Here come comparisons of their net worth before and after marrying royalty.

Grace Kelly

Before: Around $22 million  After: $40 million

Prior to marrying Prince Ranier III of Monaco, Grace Kelly was one of America’s favorite actresses. She is famous for her parts in Dial M for Murder, The Country Girl, and Green Fire. During her career, she won several Golden Globe Awards and was nominated for numerous others. Kelly died in 1982 after suffering a stroke while driving.

Diana Spencer

Before: $26 million After: $55 million

Although Princess Di was referred to as the “people’s princess,” she wasn’t technically a commoner. Her father was named earl years before she married Charles. So, her family was well off.

However, she accumulated wealth from marrying  Prince Charles, and was paid out nearly $21 million as part of their divorce. One year after the divorce, she passed away and her children put the money into a trust.

Kate Middleton

Before: $7 million After: $40 million

Once Kate Middleton married Prince William, she became a member of a family with an $88 billion fortune.

Prior to marrying into the Royal Family, she had money of her own that she earned through her online business, Party Pieces, which is estimated to be worth $50 million.

Members of the Royal Family must give up their other business dealings when they marry into the family. However, Party Pieces has continued to operate and has even began rolling out decorations for the upcoming Royal Wedding.

Meghan Markle

Although she and Kate Middleton are the same age, they have come from drastically different backgrounds. Markle’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. Her future husband’s net worth sits much higher at an estimated $40 million. If Markle is anything like those before her, her net worth stands to soar after marrying Harry.

The bulk of Markle’s wealth hasn’t stemmed from business dealings, but from her work as an actress. Meghan is a star on the television series Suits, which pays her approximately $36,000 per episode. She also appeared in such films such as Horrible Bosses, Dysfunctional Friends, A Lot Like Love, and Remember Me.

Net Worth Before and After Marrying Royalty

Although it’s an enormous step up to join the Royal Family, so far none of the women who’ve made this move have come from poverty.

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  1. I bet these royal princes have solid prenups before they get married. Don’t want a princess like Diana running off and taking the crown jewels.

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