Keegan-Michael Key’s Net Worth

Keegan-Michael Key

Known for his comedic character “Luther,” Keegan-Michael Key has come a long way from his roles on MADTV and Key & Peele. Each part he’s played has eventually led him to the next big thing, namely roles in major motion pictures like The Predator (2018). What has this success done for Keegan Michael-Key’s net worth?

About Keegan-Michael Key

Key was born in Detroit in 1971 and adopted by Patricia Walsh and Michael Key. His parents were both social workers. He later met his biological mother, Carie Herr, and discover he had two half-brothers, both already deceased.

After graduating high school, Key attended the University of Detriot Mercy. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theater in 1993 and pursued a Master of Fine Arts in theater at Pennsylvania State University in 1996.

With his education under his belt, Key was able to land a spot in the cast of MADTV during the television show’s ninth season. Oddly enough, he and Jordan Peele were up against one another for the same spot. However, they both ended up being hired to be on the cast. When the two of them met, magic happened.

Eventually, Key and Peele left to start their own Comedy Central show: Key & Peele. The show began airing in January 2012 and ran for five seasons. Due to his hilarious part as Luther (Obama’s anger translator) on the show, Key was eventually asked to attend the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and was introduced by President Barack Obama.

After the show ended, both Key and Peele went on to pursue larger roles. Peele went on to write, direct, and produce the hit film Get Out. Key went on to play a role in the Netflix Original Friends from College. He’s also appeared on a number of other television shows, voiced characters in animated shows and films, and landed roles in major motion pictures.

Keegan-Michael Key’s Net Worth

Each of these moments has led Keegan Michael-Key’s net worth to reach an estimated $7 million. His annual earnings sit around $2 million and stem from his acting roles on various television shows, movies, and a number of endorsements. Below are a few of his highest earning films.

  • Why Him?: This comedy grossed $60,323,786 worldwide.
  • Keanu: Keanu starred both Key and Peele and grossed $20,591,853 worldwide.
  • Pitch Perfect 2: Though he played a small role, this film grossed $184,296,230 around the globe.
  • Hotel Transylvania films: These films grossed $148,313,048+ each.
  • Horrible Bosses 2: This comedy grossed $54,445,357 worldwide.

Although he didn’t make hundreds of millions with each of these, he was able to cut a nice check from each. Not to mention, these are only five of of many films Key has had a role in.

As far as endorsements go, he has endorsed Quicken’s Rocket Mortgage app. Key also landed a $1.2 million endorsement deal with Toyota and has endorsed a number of other brands and shows throughout his career.

Key’s Net Worth Takes a Hit

The comedian finalized a settlement in the divorce from his wife of almost 20 years, Cynthia Blaise, in November 2017. The divorce is still costing Key a pretty penny. Currently, the alimony support order requires him to pay Blaise $34,000 per month, in addition to 31% of his gross income for anything he makes over $2.1 million($408,000 per year with a cap at $700,000 per year). He was also required to make a one-time payment of $655,650 to her before the divorce was finalized.

That doesn’t seem to have hindered Key’s love life though. In fact, he got married to Elisa Pugliese in June of 2018. There isn’t any information out there about whether or not he and Pugliese entered the marriage with a prenuptial agreement, however, it would have been wise of Key to consider doing so.

Thus far, Keegan-Michael Key has had an extremely successful career and has been able to maintain his wealth, despite marriage troubles. With The Predator premiering this week, don’t expect to see his career to go anywhere fast either.

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Photo: Gage Skidmore

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