Money and Drugs: A Quick Guide on How to Reduce Medical Bills

What do you do when you can’t afford your medical bills?

You can’t ignore them. Nor can you stop receiving the treatment. But you can’t pay them, either.

That means you only have one option left. You have to find a way to reduce your medical bills. And we’re going to show you how.

Below, you’ll find our best tips on how to reduce medical bills. Use these tips to get the care you need without breaking the bank.

1. Change Your Insurance

When your routine medical costs are more than you can handle, there’s something wrong with your insurance.

The government does its best to make sure everyone gets the healthcare they need regardless of their financial situation. And the insurance companies themselves are highly competitive for your business. Between those two facts, there has to be another insurance plan out there that’s better suited for your needs than the one you currently employ.

So call around and check out your options. Insurance companies will be happy to give you a quote based on your coverage needs.

You can also call your current insurance company to see if they have other coverage plans that can reduce your monthly medical bills.

2. Get Financial Assistance From the Government

As stated above, the government wants all its citizens to be healthy. After all, if our country doesn’t take care of us, who will be left to take care of the country?

Our government offers a number of financial assistance programs for those whose medical costs are beyond their means. These can provide you with lower prescription costs or other benefits. Some programs may be specific to your particular situation, like Benefits for People with Disabilities.

If you’re striking out in your search for better insurance, give the government a try. The financial assistance page on is a great place to start. They have current info on all the government programs, and even some nonprofit organizations, that can help you.

3. Medical Deductions

Furthermore, the government is well aware that certain necessary medical care is expensive, especially long-term care. That’s why a lot of it is made tax deductible.

For example, a lot of the care given to Alzheimer’s patients, such as assisted living costs and prescribed fitness programs, are deductible. In fact, here are the 5 most important medical deductions Alzheimer’s-affected families need to know.

Talk to your doctor or a tax specialist to find out which of your medical costs may be tax deductible.

4. Don’t Fear the Copay

How will paying more copays lower your medical costs, you ask? By preventing more expensive care, that’s how.

Problems diagnosed early are easier (and therefore, cheaper) to treat. Visiting the doctor more often increases his/her chances of diagnosing such problems before they get more expensive to deal with.

The doctor can also address any inefficiencies of any current treatments you are receiving. Then he/she will come up with a more efficient treatment plan. This will save you money that would be otherwise wasted on a treatment plan that isn’t even working.

How to Reduce Medical Bills

Now that you know how to reduce medical bills, what are you still waiting around here for? Don’t put this off, do it now!

These tips are practical and very easy to implement. And the sooner you do them, the sooner you’ll be out of medical debt. Look into these options now before you rack up any more medical expenses.

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