3 People Who Became Famous During the Pandemic

People who became famous during the pandemic

The pandemic has put a damper on work for many celebrities, artists, and performers. However, COVID-19 hasn’t slowed things down for everyone. In fact, some celebs have been able to use the crisis to help people around the world and simultaneously improve their image. Others have been able to stay relevant by becoming content creators (via podcasts, YouTube channels, TikTok, and the like), while others have managed to ruin their public image during their time off. Here are three people who became famous during the pandemic (or at least got more visibility).

Bailey Sarian

Bailey Sarian is a YouTube makeup artist who hosts her own show called Makeup and Murder. During each video, she walks you through both a makeup tutorial and a true-crime story. Because both are such trendy topics on the internet right now, she became a hit when more people discovered her during the quarantine.

Another thing that made Sarian’s career blow up even more overnight was the fact that much of the makeup community was in the midst of Jeffree Star drama. Sarian has been into makeup for a while but has stayed out of all of the drama completely. For that, many of her newest fans applaud her. Check out one of Bailey’s videos below.

Brad Mondo

Brad Mondo is another beauty icon that has gained more recognition during the pandemic. Although Brad has been doing hair for a little while, the quarantine gave people a chance to get to know more about him. More importantly, it gave them a chance to watch some of his hilarious videos.

Additionally, many salons have been closed throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Because many of Brad’s videos are about home hair dye jobs, many people were watching his tip videos and reaction videos to know what they should (and shouldn’t) do at home. Here is a look at one of his videos.

Leslie Jordan

Leslie Jordan is someone who had a level of fame prior to the pandemic. Over the last few months, however, Leslie has gained popularity through his daily Instagram video updates. Have a look below.



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Pillow Talk with Leslie Jordan (and Helen Mirren). She truly is a Queen. @helenmirren

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These videos became something people looked forward to from Leslie throughout the early days of quarantine. They have helped him gain a lot of love since too. Leslie has been acting for several years, but this helped him gain even more recognition online.

Behind the People Who Became Famous During the Pandemic

Other people who have been reeling in the spotlight throughout the pandemic are the usual suspects. The Kardashian-Jenner crew has been outspoken about the toilet paper shortage, masks, and finances throughout periods of quarantine. Many of them have not followed stay-at-home orders or social distancing recommendations.

Some stars have tried to redirect the attention to the coronavirus pandemic to themselves. For instance, Kevin Spacey compared COVID layoffs to his being accused of sexual assault. TV personalities Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil both spoke out encouraging people to send their kids to school and, in some cases, quoting incorrect statistics.

For the most part, all you really need to do in the COVID-19 era as an A-list celebrity is to say or do something considered to be controversial. With everyone at home plugged in, whatever they do or say will be viral within minutes. It will be interesting to see how this impacts both entertainment and celebrity wealth in the years to come.

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