How Jamie Chung Went From The Real World to Hollywood Stardom

Jamie Chung's net worthAmerican Jamie Chung is a reality television personality, actress, voice over artist, and producer. She has appeared in many popular television shows, but may be best known for appearing on the MTV television show The Real World: San Diego in 2004. With her long, illustrious career in the entertainment industry, many fans want to know what exactly is Jamie Chung’s net worth?

Who Is Jamie Chung?

Jamie Jilynn Chung was born in San Francisco, California on April 10, 1983. She grew up with her older sister Jean and her parents, who ran a burger restaurant. She graduated from Lowell High School in 2001 and later attended the University of California, Riverside where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics in 2005.

Jamie expressed interest in acting at a young age and launched her career in the entertainment industry soon after graduating. With MTV, she appeared on The Real World: San Diego and Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno II. Today, she has more than 60 acting credits to her name, including popular films Big Hero 6, Office Christmas Party, Grown Ups, The Hangover Part II and Part III, and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. She has also appeared on numerous television shows, including CSI: NY, Days of Our Lives, ABC’s Once Upon a Time, and Gotham. She has received numerous awards and award nominations for her work.

Along with her acting career, Jamie runs a blog called “What the Chung” where she shares experiences and advice related to fashion industry topics. She is also a popular social media influencer with an Instagram fan base of 1.41 million followers. She also has an executive producer credit for the 2015 film Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong and numerous voice over credits for animated films and video games.

Jamie began her relationship with actor/musician Bryan Greenberg in 2012 and they married at the El Capitan Canyon resort in Santa Barbara, California on Halloween of 2015. In October 2021, Chung and Greenberg welcomed twin sons. The family currently resides in Manhattan.

Jamie Chung’s Net Worth And Assets

While Jamie Chung’s net worth is not publicly known, estimates put her net worth at around $5 million. Much of that wealth would have come from her successful career in the film industry appearing in many popular movies and television shows. For example, Big Hero 6 grossed $657.9 million at the box office, The Hangover Part II earned $586.8 million, The Hangover Part III earned $362 million, and Grown Ups grossed $271.4 million.

It is estimated that she earns an annual salary of about $1 million. Information about any assets she may hold, like properties or vehicles, has not been publicly disclosed.

Future Effects On Net Worth

Jamie has created an excellent source of income for herself with her professional acting career. She continues to be a popular actress in Hollywood and as an active member of the entertainment industry, her net worth will most likely continue to grow.

What do you think Jamie Chung’s net worth will be in 2025? Let us know in the comments below!

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Tom Schwartz Net Worth

Tom Schwartz Net Worth

There are so many cast members of the “Real Housewives” franchise that it’s hard to keep up. However, there are a few mainstays that most people recognize. For example, Tom Schwartz is one of the main cast members of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” popular spinoff show “Vanderpump Rules.” What is Tom Schwartz Net Worth?

What Is Vanderpump Rules?

If you don’t follow all of the “Real Housewives” shows, then you might not know what we’re talking about. Lisa Vanderpump was one of the Beverly Hills show cast members. She has a Hollywood restaurant and bar called SUR. This drama at SUR is the subject of the television show “Vanderpump Rules.”

Who is Tom Schwartz?

“Vanderpump Rules” launched in 2013. Tom Schwartz appeared on the show as a recurring cast member from the very beginning. By Season 3, he was a main cast member of the show as a SUR bartender.

One of the main storylines of his character follows his relationship with fellow cast member Katie Maloney. Early on we see an episode where he admits to cheating on Katie. However, they work through it. In fact, they married in 2016. However, they have recently filed for divorce.

Another main storyline was when he left his role as a SUR bartender to open his own restaurant under Lisa’s tutelage. It opened in a 2019 episode.

Tom Schwartz on TV

He didn’t start out with a plan to be a reality TV star. Celebrity Net Worth explains that he began in other acting positions.  In 2011, he appeared in an episode of the TV show “True Blood.” In 2013, just before beginning work on “Vanderpump Rules,” he appeared in an episode of “Two and a Half Men.” That same year, he was in a documentary short called “2 Miles in 20 Minutes.”

However, once he began starring in “Vanderpump Rules,” his other television acting gigs seem to have fallen to the wayside. Although he seems to have stopped other forms of acting, he’s “acted” as himself in a variety of appearances over the years. According to IMDB, he’s been on “The Playboy Morning Show,” “Summer House,” “Celebrity Family Feud,” and “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen,” among other appearances.

Tom Schwartz, Model

TV Over Mind points out that he started out as a model before he was an actor. (He also took some college classes in pre-medicine with a plan to become a doctor if television didn’t work out, but modeling and then acting took off.)

Tom Schwartz, Bartender

He worked as a bartender at SUR. Presumably, the restaurant workers earn money from the show in two or three ways. First, they must get paid for their jobs. Bartenders can make good money, especially at a popular Hollywood bar. So, although we don’t know what he earned as a bartender, he likely did well for himself.

Second, of course, they get paid for appearing on the show itself. Therefore, some of Tom Schwartz net worth must come from whatever he earned per episode on “Vanderpump Rules.”

And finally, of course, most reality TV stars become influencers and earn at least a portion of their money that way. He has over 280K Twitter followers and over 980K Instagram followers.

Tom Schwartz, Restaurant Owner

In 2019, the “Vanderpump Rules” cameras began to follow him in his new endeavor. Lisa mentors him as he and his best friend Tom Sandoval open a restaurant together called TomTom Bar. The grand opening of the restaurant aired on a February 2019 episode of “Vanderpump Rules.”

Again, Tom Schwartz net worth is likely intertwined here, with some of the money coming from the success of the restaurant itself and some coming from his television appearances about the bar. Moreover, they’re all linked. The bar would likely never be so successful if the show hadn’t followed him on that journey, right? And all of this further builds his social media presence in an endless loop of each thing supporting the growth of the other. For example, TomTom Bar’s Instagram has over 400K followers.

In a roundup of the highest-earning “Vanderpump Rules” cast members, Yahoo! reports that Tom Schwartz net worth “kyrocketed from $25,000 to $2 million after he opened TomTom.”

Toms’ Good Lovin’ Whiskey

Tom’s Instagram bio link takes us to Toms’ Good Lovin’ Whiskey. This appears to be small batch bourbon and rye whiskey for sale by the owners of the TomTom Bar. Presumably, then, Tom Schwartz net worth includes earnings from these sales.

Tom Schwartz, Poker Player

Schwartz is open about his love of gambling, specifically of playing poker. In 2018, he appeared on the “Poker Night Live” television show. He also plays roulette and craps even though poker is first love. Of course, we don’t know how much he’s won or lost playing poker over the years.

What Is Tom Schwartz Net Worth?

Tom Schwartz has been successful not just as a reality television actor but more importantly as a business owner. Celebrity Net Worth places Tom Schwartz Net Worth at about $4 million. TomTom Bar co-owner (“the other Tom”) is also valued at a net worth of $4 million and Yahoo! reports that comes primarily from the bar, not as much from “Vanderpump Rules” episodes. Therefore, we can assume it’s likely the same story for Tom Schwartz. The two are among the highest-paid members of the “Vanderpump Rules” cast, though, according to that article.

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney Divorce

Tom Schwartz married Katie Maloney in 2016. (They married on the “Vanderpump Rules” show and actually married again on the show in 2019 in a second Vegas ceremony.) So, they’ve been married for six years and were dating for another six years before that. However, in 2022, they’ve announced a difficult, but mostly amicable, divorce.

We don’t know at this time what the divorce settlement looks like. Therefore, we aren’t sure at this time whether Tom Schwartz net worth will be impacted in any way by the divorce. We do know that according to Celebrity Net Worth they purchased a home together in 2019 worth about $2 million.

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‘Sister Wives’ Gwendlyn Brown’s Net Worth

'Sister Wives' Gwendlyn Brown's Net Worth

There are a lot of different members of the Brown family tree. Several of them have made headlines recently after one of the four “Sister Wives” decided to divorce the husband of the family. No one is quite sure where that leaves all of the different sister wife relationships, let alone how the kids of all the different moms are handling it. One of those kids is now-adult Gwendlyn. Recently, she’s criticized her father a lot. Moreover, she’s making a bit of a name for herself online. What is ‘Sister Wives’ Gwendlyn Brown’s net worth?

The “Sister Wives” Family Tree

“Sister Wives” is a reality television show that launched in 2010 and continues to air today, having recently wrapped up its sixteenth season on air. As you might know, it’s the story of a polygamous family, originally from Utah, and now in Flagstaff, Arizona after spending some years in Las Vegas.

The husband is Kody. There are four wives: Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. Meri was originally the legally married wife of Kody. The rest were spiritually married since you can’t get legally married to more than one person at a time in the United States. However, Robyn came to the family with children of her own that the family wanted Kody to adopt so eventually Meri legally divorced Kody so that he could legally marry Robyn. However, he and Meri remained spiritually married.

Kody has between 1 and 6 children with each of his four wives. InTouch offers a complete family tree. He and Meri have one daughter, Mariah, who is engaged to her long-time girlfriend Audrey. He and Janelle have six kids. Daughter Maddie is married with two kids. Son Logan is engaged. He and Christine also have six kids. Two of the daughters are married, and one of those is currently pregnant. Kody and Robyn have five kids; three of those are from Robyn’s first marriage.

Christine and Kody’s Divorce

In recent years, America has watched the Brown family unraveling in a variety of ways. For example, Meri felt estranged from the family, fell in love with a catfish, and eventually came back to the family. However, her relationship with Kody never became anything more than an amicable friendship after that, even though she would like to resume their marital relationship.


COVID-19 hit the family hard in terms of figuring out how to quarantine and keep everyone safe. Many of these children re adults or near-adults now. And not all of the wives agreed on the super-stringent rules that Kody wanted to follow. The four mothers of the family all live in separate homes and Kody moves between them. So, it all became a big mess, which was the primary subject for the most recent season or two of the “Sister Wives” television show.


Towards the end of the most recent season, we see Kody and Christine’s relationship fall apart after 25 years of marriage. He basically tells her he just wants a non-intimate friendship with her. She had seen Meri go through that, and she didn’t want the same for herself. So, she has made the difficult decision to leave her husband, which she announced online in November 2021. They were spiritually married, so there’s no legal proceedings for the divorce. She doesn’t consider herself a part of the same church and therefore doesn’t see the need for a religious separation either. For her, the marriage is completely over.

It’s unclear exactly how this affects the family tree. She was the mother figure how physically raised most of Janelle’s children, since Janelle was a work-out-of-the-home mom. She’s close to a lot of them. She’s obviously got relationships of varying closeness with each of her sister wives. It’s complicated. But time will tell.

Who Is Gwendlyn Brown?

So, that brings us to Gwendlyn. Kody and Christine have six children together – a son named Paedon and five daughters. Gwendlyn is the middle daughter. ScreenRant explains that Gwendlyn Genielle Brown, born October 15, 2001, is the 11th-born of Kody’s 18 children. She was eight years old when the show began airing, so the world has seen her grow up on television, for better or worse.

Gwendlyn’s Politics

Each of the family’s children are unique, of course, and have a diverse range of socio-political vi

ews. Some keep those mostly private while others, like Gwendlyn, are very outspoken. Gwendlyn came out as bisexual a couple of years ago. She’s used her social media platforms and reality TV celebrity status to shower her support for the LGBTQ+ community as well as for the Black Lives Matter movement. She has almost 70,000 followers on Instagram where her bio reads “queer . autistic . sexy” and “Black Lives Matter.” She has butt heads over these things with father Kody over the years.

Gwendyln’s Personal Life

Their recent issues, however, are all personal. She didn’t agree with the way that his choices helped separate the family during the pandemic. ScreenRant shares how she’s publicly spoken out about her father’s treatment of the family overall and of her mother, Christine, in particular. In recent weeks, she poked fun at her father by sharing with the world that if you Google his name it describes him as “Christine Brown’s ex-wife,” a testimony to how the world, perhaps, and her children, in particular, side with their mom in this situation.

In terms of her own relationships, Gwendlyn, like almost all, if not all, of her siblings, decidedly does not want to be in a polygamous marriage herself. She identifies as bisexual and there are social media rumors about a current girlfriend, but nothing is confirmed.

What Is ‘Sister Wives’ Gwendlyn Brown’s Net Worth?

With such a complicated family tree, it’s hard to get clear information about any of the Brown family’s net worth. One of the interesting things we saw in recent seasons was that Kody and the four wives bought a plot of land together in Flagstaff, which they were dividing into five different lots. Each wife would get her own lot, which she could theoretically sell to support herself and her kids in the future. The lots haven’t been built on, yet, and Christine has actually moved to Utah to be with her oldest children. Will she sell her portion of the land?

What Are The Browns Worth?

In 2019, we reported that the Brown family as a whole was worth about $1.6 million. This included:

  • Kody Brown: $800,00
  • Meri Brown: $400,000
  • Janelle Brown: $400,000

Meri runs a bed and breakfast. Janelle runs a real estate business. Robyn’s been involved with various business endeavors as well. At that time, we noted that the family as a whole had only earned about $3 million in nearly a decade of being on television. For an individual, that would be a lot. For a family of 23 people, it’s much less so.

As of late 2021, InTouch reports that Meri, Janelle, and Christine have a net worth of about $400,000 each while Robyn’s is a bit higher at $600,000.

What Is ‘Sister Wives’ Gwendlyn Brown’s Net Worth?

It’s a lot tougher to determine ‘Sister Wives’ Gwendlyn Brown’s net worth, or that of any of the Brown children, for that matter. InTouch estimates that the Brown family earns between $25,000 and $40,000 per episodes. However, we have no way of knowing how the family divides that up. Is it split evenly between Kody and the four wives? Do they give a certain percentage to each child? Do the adult children like Gwendlyn earn money from the shows? It’s all quite unclear.

We do know that Gwendlyn has done some “regular” work outside of reality tv. She got a seasonal job cooking for a tourist spot a couple of years back, a typical job for someone her age. So, our best guess is that her personal net worth is low, but that she has her family support as needed.

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