Tyler Toney’s Net Worth (Dude Perfect YouTuber)

Tyler Toney's Net Worth (Dude Perfect YouTuber)

Dude Perfect is one of the most popular YouTube channels today. In fact, it ranks among the Richest Youtubers of 2021. However, Dude Perfect consists of 5 members. Therefore, each of them has their own net worth. For example, you might wonder about Tyler Toney’s net worth.

Who Is Dude Perfect?

As aforementioned, Dude Perfect is the name of a group of five guys who share a YouTube channel together. It’s a sports and comedy channel. Or as they describe themselves on the YouTube About page, it’s “5 best buds just kicking’ it.” They’re doing more than just kicking’ it though. Although Dude Perfect’s net worth isn’t exactly clear, it’s somewhere between $30 and $50 million. They’re obviously working hard to create content that does well on the site.

How It All Began

According to Inspire My Kids, the five guys of Dude Perfect met at Texas A&M University. They’re all sports fans who are also faith-based individuals. And they hit it off so well they decided to all be roommates. So Tyler Toney moved in with Coby and Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, and Cody Jones.

They had a lot of fun playing around together, including working on basketball trick shots. One day in 2009, according to Looper, Garrett bet Tyler that he couldn’t make a particular trick shot. He lost the bet, had to give Tyler his sandwich, and they had their first YouTube video. It was a hit, receiving over 200,000 views in the first week. This prompted a phone call from “Good Morning America,” which set the Dude Perfect team off and running with their YouTube channel.

According to Wikipedia, their success also had a lot to do with their smart choice for their second video. They pledged that they would sponsor one child from Compassion International for every 100,000 views on that video. It quickly received millions of views. And that prompted a phone call from “ESPN.” The rest is history.

Dude Perfect YouTube Views

Dude Perfect has over 56 million YouTube subscribers. Their videos have 13,573,305,228 views. One video that they launched this week called World’s Smallest TV already has 5,521,212 views. 10 million views on new videos isn’t uncommon. And videos that have been up for a couple years often have between 200 and 300 million views each.

Collaborations and Sponsorships

Obviously, some of Tyler Toney’s net worth comes from the ads on those YouTube views. However, Dude Perfect has also done well with collaborations and sponsorships that boost their profits over their years. In fact, the aforementioned World’s Smallest TV video was sponsored by Nickelodeon All Star Brawl.

Sports Team Collaborations

According to Wikipedia, some of Dude Perfect’s collaborations and sponsorships include work with:

  • Tyreke Evans of the Sacramento Kings
  • Aaron Rodgers of the Green Pay Packers
  • Chris Paul from the NBA
  • Russell Wilson (quarterback) and Pete Carroll (coach) of Seattle Seahawks
  • Ryan Tannehill of Tennessee Titans
  • Multiple Nascar drivers as well as at least one IndyCar Series driver
  • Odell Beckham Jr. of Cleveland Browns
  • Tennis player Serena Williams
  • Boban Marjanovic of Dallas Mavericks

And many more. They’ve worked with a variety of sports stars from many different sports on a bunch of different projects.


According to Looper, just a few of the group’s sponsors include:

  • Bass Pro Shops
  • Fiat
  • NERF
  • Pringles

As you can see some big brands are interested in working with the group. And obviously that helps boost Toney Tyler’s net worth.

Other Collaborations and Business Ventures

Dude Perfect has also worked with singers such as Tim McGraw and Luke Bryan. This year they also released their very first song of their own. The group has also worked with actors like Paul Rudd and Zac Efron. They’ve been on television on CMT and Nickelodeon. They’ve also released a documentary in collaboration with YouTube Originals.  Dude Perfect has two YouTube channels in addition to their main one. They’ve created mobile phone games.

And according to Wikipedia they hold 15 world records for their amazing trick shots which, although often questioned, are reportedly all real. While technically that alone doesn’t boost Tyler Toney’s net worth, it lends credibility and interest to the group, which in turn increases everyone’s income.

Who Is Tyler Toney?

Obviously, Tyler is one of the five Dude Perfect members. But who is he? Well, he was the one who was in on the original bet that got Dude Perfect started. But of course he’s more than that as well. Obsev reports that Tyler, born in 1989, is the youngest of the group even though many people seem to think of him as the group’s leader.

In reality, each member has their unique roles. Garrett, for example, is the main finance guy for Dude Perfect. Tyler Toney has natural leadership skills so people often assume that’s his role. Moreover, Looper reports that he’s usually the one doing the trick shots, which makes him one of the most recognized faces of the group.

Early on, Tyler Toney was the one who suggested that they go for a world record. He was sure that if they could get a key to Texas A&M’s Kyle Field, that he could make a shot from the stadium’s third deck down a basketball hoop set cup on the football field. He was successful with the shot, making their first world record with “the world’s longest successful basketball shot.”

Toney is married to a woman named Bethany, with whom he has three kids – Barrett Nathan, Colton James and Rhett Silas. They also have two dogs named Sadie and Annie. Bethany Toney owns a cookie company that contributes to the family’s finances.

What Is Tyler Toney’s Net Worth

It’s always really hard to determine YouTube celebrities’ net worth. Reputable sources across the web claim that Dude Perfect’s total net worth is somewhere between $30 million and $50 million. Obviously, that’s a huge range. And we have no idea how the group splits that money. If they’re on the high end and split it evenly, then Tyler Toney’s net worth is about $10 million, right?

Celebrity Net Worth places the group’s net worth at that high end. They cite earnings of $20 million in 2019 and $25 million in 2020. As a result, they put the group’s total net worth at $50 million in 2021. So, that would lead to the guess that Tyler Toney’s net worth is $10 million.

However, MD Daily Record puts Tyler Toney’s net worth as $25 million in 2021. Wealthy Persons says the same thing. However, Legit reports that Tyler Toney’s net worth is just $6 million. The source agrees that Dude Perfect earns about $25 million per year. And yet, they say that Toney’s current net worth, which comes from independent commercials as well as his Dude Perfect earnings, is $6 million.

So, Tyler Toney’s net worth is somewhere between $6 million and $25 million. If Dude Perfect is worth between $30 and $50 million, we think it’s likely that he’s worth between $6 million and $10 million.

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Felipe Neto’s Net Worth

Felipe Neto's Net Worth

Are you obsessed with finding all of the most interesting YouTubers? If you don’t just limit yourself to American YouTubers, then you can really find some unique stuff out there. For example, there’s Felipe Neto. He’s one of the most popular Brazilian YouTubers. He also does lots of other interesting things. Plus he’s gained attention recently for his outspoken activism against Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro. With all of that going on, what is Felipe Neto’s net worth?

Who Is Felipe Neto?

The Guardian has a comprehensive article on Felipe Neto’s political controversies, which we’ll get into in a moment. However, it’s also a good source of background information on who exactly this Brazilian YouTuber is. Neto was born in January 1988. According to Wikipedia, his full give name is Felipe Neto Rodrigues Vieira. He’s the son of a secretary and a psychologist who raised him in Rio.

Once he graduated from school, he decided to try a few different creative endeavors. He studied theatre arts for example. He also began to work as a graphic designer. But it wasn’t until he tried his hand at YouTube that he really hit his creative stride. He’d always liked watching American YouTubers and drew inspiration from those who shared random bits of their lives. He started on YouTube in 2006, and he has been developing his YouTube following ever since.

What Felipe Neto Does On YouTube

According to The Guardian, he started off just sharing random things about his life. He did a video about his opinions on The Twilight series, for example. He took his camera with him shopping and clubbing and shared what he saw.

Of course, he developed a sense of his own style over time. If you visit his YouTube channel today, his popular playlists include challenges, Minecraft, incredible tricks, “opening things,” and dark humor. You’ll find cute animals, various memes, and his opinions and reviews of all kinds of stuff.


Felipe Neto official youtube channel on smartphone screen on paper youtube background






Felipe Neto’s YouTube And Other Social Media Stats

As of October 1, 2021, YouTube reports 13,775,144,618 views for the Felipe Neto channel. He has 43 million subscribers. A video he posted three days previously has 1,765,490 views. As you can guess, his videos regularly receive more than one million views each.

Neto currently has over 14 million followers on Instagram. He has approximately that same number of Twitter followers as well.

Controversial Political Activism

Felipe Neto could have just gone on creating great content and living his life. However, he was called to action to use his platform to do more. He is outspoken in his opposition to President Jair Bolsonaro, elected in 2018. Time Magazine, which named Felipe Neto one of its Top 100 Most Influential People of 2020, says that the president used social media to share false information and gain followers. Felipe Neto, already popular on YouTube, chose to take the risk of using his channel to speak out against this. Moreover, he has been vocal against other YouTubers who have chosen to remain silent during this time.

The Guardian calls Bolosonaro a far-right president. They cite some of his worst actions as a terrible response to COVID, reducing environmental protections while the Amazon forest burned around them, and celebrating “brutal dictatorship.” Neto could not ignore this. In 2020 he did an influential and widely-viewed video for The New York Times about the issue. And he’s faced a lot of backlash as a result.

Backlash Against Felipe Neto

In the wake of his outspokenness, social media was flooded with false reports about him including accusations of pedophilia. The social media outlets took the stuff down, but more popped up. In the meantime, his family began to receive death threats. He hired security and sent his mother to safety abroad. DW reports that he lost followers and sponsorships as a result of the hate campaign. Nevertheless, he continued to use his platform to speak directly to the followers who stuck with him.

But the problem didn’t just stay online. The government went after him. They tried to charge him with corrupting minors. Apparently, in the days before YouTube had age restrictions, Neto obviously hadn’t marked certain content as inappropriate for people under a certain age. Because, well, he couldn’t. And the government tried to use that against him. So far, he’s been able to fight the problem.

President Bolosonaro will run for re-election next year. While Felipe Neto has no intention of joining politics officially, he does continue to speak against the president.

Felipe Neto’s Brother On YouTube

Felipe has a half-brother named Lucas Neto who is also active and well-known on YouTube. This Neto makes videos for kids. Together, the two brothers are recognized as, according to The Guardian at least, “some of Brazil’s most famous entertainers.”

Felipe Neto’s Net Worth

Obviously a lot of Felipe Neto’s money comes from social media. That’s what he does for a living.


We can’t talk more about Felipe Neto’s net worth, though, without making mention of ParaMaker. He founded this business in 2012, selling it in 2015. It’s a business within YouTube. The Rio Times describes it as “the country’s largest YouTube network with thousands of highly subscribed channels.” At the time that he sold the company, he had just about 4 million YouTube followers. He wanted to refocus on creating his own creative content. As we can see, that’s been a success. We could not locate information on the value of the company at the time that he sold it. However, we can assume that at least a portion of Felipe Neto’s net worth comes from that sale.

Other Business Endeavors

We know that he’s also had other business endeavors over time. Wikipedia reports that he had a popular food truck with his brother for a little while. However, it was a meat-baed food truck. Therefore, when Felipe Neto opted to go vegan, he decided to get out of that business.

He also appears to sell t-shirts on a site called Lolja. We assume that he has other sales, sponsorships, ad income, etc.

A Guess At Felipe Neto’s Net Worth

As with all YouTubers, it’s really hard to find an accurate report on Felipe Neto’s net worth. There simply aren’t good ways to track such diversified income. Plus, of course, he doesn’t live in the United States, which adds another factor to the difficulty of the research.

Net Worth Spot reports that Felipe Neto’s YouTube advertising revenue gives us a good guess of about $32.6 million in net worth. They say it breaks down to earnings of somewhere between $8 million and $15 million per year. They add, however, that with additional income, his net worth number might be over $45 million.

Statsmash, looking at Neto’s recent YouTube earnings, places his net worth at about $27 million. They say that he made about $425,000 in YouTube revenue in the month of August 2021.

YouTubers.me isn’t bold enough to make such a specific guess. They place Felipe Neto’s net worth anywhere between $5 million and $31 million. And their estimated monthly earnings are considerably lower than Statsmash’s; for August 2021 they say he earned $196,000.

So, what’s your guess at Felipe Neto’s true worth? We’re going to guess that somewhere around $20 million might be a solid guess. We can’t say for sure because the stats vary so widely across our sources. But if we weigh all of the information together, $20 million is a good middle ground guess for where he stands right now.

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Jimmy Donaldson’s Net Worth (MrBeast YouTuber)

Jimmy Donaldson's Net Worth (MrBeast YouTuber)

We recently shared an article about the Richest YouTubers of 2021. Jimmy Donaldson, better known on YouTube as Mr.Beast made the cut. He came in at number 22. Moreover, he makes the list of YouTubers with a net worth exceeding $10 million. But what exactly is Jimmy Donaldson’s net worth? Let’s take a look at the details of his work and earnings to uncover what MrBeast is worth.

Who Is MrBeast?

Obviously, MrBeast is a YouTuber. In fact, he’s a highly successful YouTuber. He’s best-known for his unique challenges, huge giveaways, and gaming content. His main channel, simply named MrBeast, has nearly 70 million viewers. His MrBeast gaming channel has over 21 million subscribers. Moreover, he has four smaller channels. So, although he’s best known for the gaming, antics, and giveaways, he’s not afraid to play with varied content.

Who is Jimmy Donaldson?

People online might know him as MrBeast but who is the guy behind the channels? Jimmy Donaldson is just 23 years old. And yet, he’s been actively creating and promoting YouTube content for over a decade. He started putting out YouTube videos when he was just 12 years old. Business Insider reports that he went to Greenville Christian Academy in his hometown of Greenville, North Carolina. He started college but quickly decide to drop out and focus on YouTube content creation instead. Rumor has it he only lasted two weeks in college.

In fact, as widely reported, including by Bloomberg, he was certain that he could crack the YouTube code. He’d spend all day studying which videos went viral. He’d talk to friends, working together to analyze the most popular videos. Bloomberg reports that he never wanted to be famous in any other way. Instead, he always dreamed of being YouTube famous. Therefore, he put all of his energy into that. Obviously, his hard work paid off. Really, MrBeast and Jimmy Donaldson are inextricable from one another.

YouTuber MrBeast Net Worth


MrBeast’s Most Popular Content

As aforementioned, Jimmy Donaldson has about half a dozen YouTube channels. He first “cracked the code” less than a year after dropping out of college. It was early 2017, and he decided to create “I Counted to 100,000!” The video, which is exactly what it sounds like, takes about a full day to watch if you sit there from beginning to end. It became a strange viral sensation. To date, it has never 23 million views, 1 million likes, and over 120,000 comments.

He has since replicated the basic concept in many different ways. Basically, he thinks up challenges. Then he finds ways to take them to the extreme. Numbered stunts often result. For example, other popular videos in the MrBeast playlist include:

  • “I Spent 50 Hours Buried Alive” which has over 126 million views
  • Similarly, “I Spent 50 Hours in Solitary Confinement” has over 140 million views
  • “I Put 100 Million Orbeez In My Friend’s Backyard” is also in that same view count range
  • “Going Through The Same Drive Thru 1000 Times” is another popular one

The list goes on. Bloomberg reports that in a single year every single video he released exceeded 20 million views each. This is a huge, and uncommon, accomplishment on the site.

Recent Content Is More Philanthropic

MrBeast continues to do outrageous things to the extreme. However, his most recent content has a twist: philanthropy. He often gives away large sums of money as part of his video. For example, he’s given away money to homeless people as well as to random people he’s met on the street (who are not necessarily homeless people.)

He also invites people to participate in games and stunts to earn large sums of cash. “Would You Sit In Snakes For $10,000?” has over 84 million views. Other videos doing well in this niche of MrBeast’s site include:

  • “Would You Quit School for $100,000?”
  • “Anything You Can Fit in the Triangle, I’ll Pay For”
  • “Extreme $500,000 Game of Tag” (which he released about four months after “Extreme $100,000 Game of Tag”

People are mesmerized by his combination of outrageousness, giveaways, and collaboration with other YouTubers.

Making These Videos Isn’t Cheap

Before we get into Jimmy Donaldson’s net worth, let’s talk about his expenses. Sure, when he was 12 years old, he made videos on his iPhone. However, these days he pays a lot of money to create each video. Some videos take months to plan. Moreover, they take almost a week of professional filming to execute. BossHunting reports that MrBeast spends about $65 million per year just making his videos!

Bloomberg reports that he has spent over $1 million on a single video in the past. That was a money giveaway video of, as you might guess, $1 million. It ended up costing him more than that because he felt bad for the losers and ended up giving a bit off money to each of them as well. He once bought and rebuilt an island to give away for one of his videos.

Business Insider reports that he pays a steady salary to four of his childhood friends, employing them to work on his videos. Unfortunately, he’s gained a reputation for a negative work environment, as reported by nearly one dozen employees. Perhaps, though, that’s simply because he’s a perfectionist and expects the same of those around him. In 2020, he chose not to release three videos that already cost six figures in production costs because they just weren’t up to his standards.

As a result of his video costs, he sometimes spends more than he earns on a video. However, remember that he continues to earn over time. Often, people stumbling across his old content is what drives his current income. Counting to 100,000 almost five years ago continues to earn him money today.

MrBeast’s Income Stream

Obviously, most of Jimmy Donaldson’s net worth comes from his YouTube ads and sponsorships. However, he’s smart enough to look for additional ways to support himself through diversified income. He has his own merch store online for starters. And in 2020, he launched a hamburger chain. He’s also invested in a variety of different startups and fintech.

What Is Jimmy Donaldson’s Net Worth?

As we explained in our article about this year’s richest YouTube celebrities, it’s not easy to determine their net worth. Some of the information about their earnings is easy available. However, they make their money from a variety of different income streams. As a result, it’s tough to get an exact number.

We turned to about half a dozen reputable sources for that original article. By looking at numbers across those sources, we were able to get a net worth range with accuracy that seems highly likely. From those sources, we find that the low end guess as to Jimmy Donaldson’s net worth is about $16 million. On the other hand, MrBeast’s net worth at the high end is predicted around $24 million.

Therefore, we can confidently say that we believe that Jimmy Donaldson’s net worth is between $16 – 24 million. This is comparable to other rich YouTubers with similar content. For example, Logan and Jake Paul each have a net worth of about $20 million. Similarly, Preston Arsement falls into the same net worth range. So, if you’re wondering how much money people make on YouTube for gaming, pranks, and challenges, then ~ $2o million net worth for the richest of them is a very good guess.

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Jeffree Star’s Net Worth: Just In Case You Were Wondering How Rich He Is

Jeffree Stars Net Worth

If you’ve ever found yourself scrolling through Youtube for videos to mindlessly watch, you may have come across some of Jeffree Star’s videos. Jeffree Star is an American internet celebrity, makeup artist, and is also a beauty vlogger on the popular American video sharing website YouTube. Star is also the founder and owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. He has come a long way from his MySpace days, so what is Jeffree Stars net worth?

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