Simple Ways to Save on Streaming Subscriptions

In 2022, cable TV subscriptions have widely been replaced with subscriptions to online streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, and many more. Users love these streaming services for their original content and endless hours on-demand content; not to mention, subscribing to multiple of the top streaming services is often still cheaper than the most basic cable package. While streaming subscriptions allow users to save money on cab;e each month, there is no denying that the rise of streaming and the launching of numerous new streaming services each year has driven up the cost. Keep reading to learn a few tips for saving money on streaming without having to sacrifice access to your favorite services.


  1. Share the Cost 

One of the best parts of many streaming services is that you can share your subscription with numerous members of your household in addition to other friends and family members. Splitting the cost of a streaming site with every person who uses it can greatly reduce the cost, so that each individual ends up paying next to nothing for access to major platforms like Netflix and can save money for more important things, like medical treatments from thebunioncure.com.

  1. Be Realistic

While it can, at times, come in handy to have access to every single major streaming service as it ensures that you can watch just about anything at any time, it is important to be realistic about which streaming services you actually use, and which ones you rarely touch. If you subscribed to a service like Paramount Plus or HBO Max for the purpose of streaming one show and have hardly used it since, cancelling your subscription might be a great option, especially if you are subscribed to other services that you use fairly often. 


  1. Pay Upfront

Subscriptions to many of the major streaming services range from about $5-10 per month. This might not sound bad, but it adds up; and when you are charged for every streaming subscription at once each month, it can take a major toll on your bank account. To avoid facing this annoyance each month, it might be worth it to pay for at least one subscription upfront. Although this can seem fairly pricey, the truth is that paying for a streaming subscription upfront can actually be cheaper than paying month to month. For example, a basic Hulu subscription costs $7.99/month, but an annual subscription costs just $79.99, saving users roughly 16% each year. 

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