6 Important Tips You Should Know Before Taking Out A Mortgage

Taking out a mortgage loan is a tricky process. You are presented with numerous options and obliged to deal with multiple complications, which can overwhelm and confuse the applicant. To combat the situation with ease, you must stay prepared ahead of time. This will help you attract better loan options and manage your finances without struggling with your monthly expenses. Consider these 6 tips before taking out a mortgage.


1. Do Your Research

Taking a mortgage loan is a big step, which is why you must conduct proper research before narrowing down your options. Along with the types of loans, consider other important factors like repayment tenure and EMIs. Since every lender and institutional organization represents different payment options and financial schemes, you must compare your options before finalizing one. More importantly, you should learn how mortgage loans actually work and the minimum down payment you need to pay. Educating yourself about mortgage loans is the first and most crucial step to stay mentally and financially prepared before filling the application.

2. Examine Your Credit Score and Report

Your credit score and report will determine your eligibility to get the loan. Basically, your financial records and repayment history are collectively analyzed to make your credit report and determine your credit score. If you have a low score, you may not be eligible to apply for a loan with attractive repayment options, low EMIs, and additional perks. However, you can still improve and raise your credit score by clearing your debts and managing your finances. Over time, your improved score can help you get a loan with affordable EMIs and better repayment options, which will reduce your financial burden.

3. Analyze Your Financial Condition

Even though you need to take out a mortgage loan to stabilize your financial condition, consider and analyze your current circumstances to determine whether or not you can pay your debt. As suggested by the Omaha Mortgage Guy, compare the down payment and EMI ratio along with your current income and debt to analyze your financial condition. The Debt-to-Income or DTI ratio is an important parameter to determine the amount of loan you can get and successfully repay. If you are not confident about repaying your debt on time, take some time before you apply for the loan or increase your monthly income to set a proper budget.

4. Prepare Your Documents

The next step is to prepare your documents and get your papers ready for the loan application. This will not only streamline your application process but also keep things in order. Some of the documents include your bank statements, credit card bills, savings details, utility bills, employment proof, driving license, and identity document. While these are the main documents that every lender asks for, some may even need extra papers depending on their terms and clauses. Note that your payslips are a crucial part of the application process as they determine your financial condition and ability to repay the loan.

5. Set a Budget and Save Enough Money

You need a little money to get more money- this is the harsh truth of loan schemes that can affect your application process. Set a budget and start saving money for your down payment. Even though some lenders offer schemes without the need to pay a down payment, they may ask you to pay higher EMI amounts, which can turn into a major loss over time. The schemes with low interest rates and attractive perks will ask you to pay a specific amount as a down payment. Instead of rushing and applying for loans with higher installments, take some time and save enough money to get a better deal.

6. Find a Reliable Lender

The research you conducted during the initial stages will help you here. Contact your local lenders and learn more about the schemes they offer and the interest rates they charge. Read online reviews and get word-of-mouth recommendations from your loved ones and colleagues to make an informed decision. When narrowing down your options, consider some factors like the lender’s credibility, industry experience, reliability, and reviews along with their charges and loan scheme layouts. While the interest rates and charges are the main factors, do not ignore signs of reliability and reputation offered by the lender.


With proper research, financial planning, and a wise approach, you can make your application process smooth and get the best loan deal. Do not rush to take out a mortgage loan with optimum preparation as it can hurt your financial situation in the long run. If you feel overwhelmed or confused, consult a financial advisor to make an informed decision. You can finally buy your dream house while successfully juggling your finances.


Jimmy Tatro’s Net Worth

Jimmy Tatro's net worth
Youtube stars have become a dime a dozen in recent years. Very few of them are like Jimmy Tatro and become successful though. Tatro became a millionaire after posting videos to his comedic Youtube channel and has even been asked to play roles in movies.

But, how successful can you really be a Youtube sensation? Well, as a successful Youtuber himself, Tatro is a great example of how successful you really can be as a vlogger. So, what’s Jimmy Tatro’s net worth?

Jimmy Tatro’s Profile:

  • Net worth: $2 million
  • What he does: Youtube comedian
  • Age: 24
  • How he makes money: Youtube/Comedy
  • Where he lives: Los Angeles, California
  • Citizenship: U.S. Citizen
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Education: University of Arizona

Jimmy Tatro’s Story

James Richard “Jimmy” Tatro was born in February 1992 in Los Angles, California. He attended Notre Dame High School and continued on to the University of Arizona. However, he didn’t graduate from his alma mater. He dropped out his junior year to focus on his career in comedy.

It was in high school that Jimmy first started his career in standup. In 2010 he and his friend Christian Pierce created “LifeAccordingtoJimmy,” a Youtube channel in which Tatro narrated. He kept up with the channel through his three years in college until he dropped out and decided to focus on his career.

Eventually, his Youtube channel was discovered and Tatro was able to begin his stand-up career. He toured comedy clubs and college campuses. Since he debuted in 2010, he has been featured on Comedy Central and in films like “Grown Ups 2” and “22 Jump Street.”

His career has blown up over the past seven years but what has it done for his finances? What is Jimmy Tatro’s net worth?

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What is Jimmy Tatro’s Net Worth?

Jimmy Tatro's net worthComedian Jimmy Tatro’s net worth is $2 million. He has gained fame through his Youtube channel and the standup he’s performed on Comedy Central but that isn’t enough to amass to $2 million, is it? Where did all of his wealth come from?

Tatro’s secret, like many celebrities, is that he has multiple sources of income. Of course Comedy Central pays him for any standup he does on the channel (and he gets paid when it is rerun). The majority of his income, however, comes from his Youtube channel and the standup he does around the U.S. Tatro has over 2.5 million subscribers on Youtube, creating a huge funnel for revenue through advertisements on the website. He is also able to sell tickets to his shows along with merchandise and live recordings.

The comedian has also appeared in films, as mentioned above. Tatro hasn’t made a lot of money from his small film career though. His income from the big screen may increase in the years to come through. Other comedians like Amy Schumer and Kevin Hart have taken to the big screen recently as well. If he follows the same pattern Jimmy Tatro’s net worth will likely continue to climb in the future.

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