Celebrity Death and Wealth: How Dead Celebs are Earning Beyond the Grave

You’ve probably heard people say that certain celebrities who have passed away were “bigger than life itself”… well, for certain celebrities, that was a very true statement. The statement was probably used in the context of just how wonderful of a person that celebrity was, whether it was from their vibrant personality or from their philanthropic acts but in the world of show business, the phrase “bigger than life itself,” has a totally different meaning.

Why are Celebrities Worth More in Death Than They Were When They Were Alive?

This question somewhat plays to phrase “give me flowers while I can still smell them.” What this phrase is essentially saying is to give me flowers and treat me good now, while I’m alive to enjoy it… don’t wait until I’m dead and then wish you had treated me better or gave me more flowers while I was alive.

All of that is said to say, certain celebrities are STILL making money long after they’ve passed away. Some of these deceased celebrities have been gone for decades and are still making millions to this very day and some are making more money than celebrities who are alive today!

You’re probably wondering how are they making money when they’re no longer here. Well, this happens for quite a few reasons.

1.  Their Fans

The fans of celebs are definitely what some would call “ride or die” meaning they’re going to stick with them till the end. Fans support their favorite celebrities while they’re alive but they support them even more after they die.

It’s almost as though buying their records or buying their jerseys will bring them back, even though they know it won’t, they feel comfort in doing it.

2.  Business Execs Know When to “Strike While the Iron is Hot”

This might sound a little cruel or harsh but business execs know that when a celebrity dies that sales are going to go through the roof. They know that fans typically grieve their beloved celebs by buying everything they can that involves their lost celeb.

Although it may be insensitive in theory how business execs profit off the death of a celebrity, these business execs are actually giving mourning fans a little bit of closure by creating products for fans to purchase.

3.  Their Legacy

After a celebrity dies all they can leave is their legacy and that’s something that will last forever. Celebrities play a part in all of our lives in one way or another and have impacted us all in different ways.

You might mourn the recent death of Kobe Bryant because he was the athlete who inspired you to play basketball as a kid. Whitney Houston might have inspired you to hone in on your singing talents.

A lot of celebrities who passed had “rags to riches” stories that inspired lots of people to do better with their money… not necessarily because they were finance gurus but more so because, despite their celebrity status, they died broke!

It can be something as simple as wanting to buy the new iPhone but instead, you look at used phones that are more affordable and in your spending budget all because the celebrity you loved left a legacy of making smarter financial decisions.

Celebrities Who are Worth More in Death Than When They Were Alive

  1. Michael Jackson
  2. Charles Schulz
  3. Elvis Presley
  4. Bob Marley
  5. Arnold Palmer
  6. Prince
  7. Marilyn Monroe
  8. John Lennon
  9. Dr. Seuss
  10. Hugh Hefner

How to Achieve Your Own Level of Wealth

Celebrities live a life that we all somehow want… well, maybe not the paparazzi swarms, the lack of privacy, and the higher risk of being stalked but the biggest appealing aspect of celebrity life is their wealth. It really makes you consider whether or not you should model your finances after celebrities.

Being on the outside looking in, a celebrity shouldn’t have any financial burdens, in our minds but we long to have their level of wealth. The reality is that in today’s day and age, it’s not too far from reality. The way these YouTube stars rose to fame is not a far-fetched goal for you.

But if you’re not into all of that and just simply want to achieve your own level of wealth, there are some simple hacks you can do and lifestyle changes you will need to make but in addition to that, you’ll also need to discipline yourself enough to aggressively save… and the great news is that you can achieve your level of wealth while you’re still alive to enjoy it.

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What is News Anchor Amy Holmes’ Net Worth?

Amy Holmes' net worth

In recent years, news anchors have become more popular and find themselves in the spotlight more. The 24-hour news cycle has opened the way for people reporting the news to become famous and some, such as Anderson Cooper, accrue quite a bit of wealth. So, what is Fox News anchor Amy Holmes’ net worth?
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Kim Rhodes’ Net Worth is More Than You’d Think

Kim Rhodes typically stays out of the spotlight unless she’s in an upcoming movie. However, she has been seen in the news more often because she has decided to speak out about women’s rights. While it hasn’t landed the Supernatural star any new gigs, it is getting her some publicity. So, what is that doing for Kim Rhodes’ net worth?

Who is Kim Rhodes?

Kim Rhodes was born in 1969 in Portland, Oregon. After graduating high school, she attended Southern Oregon University and went on to achieve a Master of Fine Arts degree from Temple University. This set her up for a career in acting and she soon landed her first role in a soap opera.

She began acting immediately after earning her undergraduate degree and performed on the soap opera Another World while attending grad school. Rhodes and Mark Pinter were nominated for a Soap Opera Digest award as “Favorite New Couple.” Her time on Another World ended in 1996.

At this time, Rhodes continued acting at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival until she picked up her role on As The World Turns. Her time on this soap opera was short-lived (only one year). From 2005 until 2011 Rhodes played Carey Martin, the mother of twin boys on The Suite Life of Zach and Cody and The Suite Life on Deck.

In 2010, Rhodes landed her role for which many people know her today. She was cast as the sheriff on the CW’s hit show Supernatural. Rhodes first appeared in the fifth season of the show and has returned every season since. While spin-offs with Rhodes as the main character have been rumored, none of the ideas have taken off the ground yet.

Other Career Highlights

That’s not to say she hasn’t had plenty of other work in the meantime though. In addition to her appearance on Supernatural, she has also appeared on a number of other television shows such as Star Trek, CSI, and Key and Peele. Rhodes has also played a number of small roles on the big screen in films like Christmas With the Kranks and Atlas Shrugged: Part 2. 

Like many other actors and actresses, Rhodes has also performed some voiceover. In her case, she has voiced characters in video games. Many people may recognize her voice from Star Trek: Away Team (2001) as Yulana Oxila and Star Trek Online (2015) as Jhet’leya. How has each of these factors impacted Rhodes’ wealth?

Kim Rhodes’ Net Worth

Kim Rhodes’ net worth is estimated to be around $6 million. Much of her net worth has stemmed from her recurring roles on television shows. Maybe TV actors and actresses are able to accrue a bit of money fairly easily because they are paid per episode. While there is no information available about how much Rhodes is paid per project, it can be assumed it is a pretty penny!

A portion of her net worth can also be attributed to the value of her home in Los Angeles. Rhodes lives there with her husband, fellow actor Travis Hodges. The couple has one daughter, Tabitha. Hodges has not had a wildly successful career, so it is not likely his finances are contributing to their collective net worth.

Rhodes does not have any publicly held investments or luxury vehicles that may contribute to her net worth either. For the most part, she stays to herself and her family when she’s not playing a sheriff, mom, or a soap opera babe on TV.

Are you surprised by Kim Rhodes’ net worth? Did you think it would be higher?

Photo: Christie

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How Much Is Big Chief’s Girlfriend Worth?

Big Chief Girlfriend

If you’re a fan of Street Outlaws you know who Big Chief is and you probably know a bit about his personal life. At the end of 2017, he divorced his wife and soon after began dating Jackie Braasch publicly. So, who is Big Chief’s girlfriend and how much is she worth?

Big Chief’s Girlfriend: Jackie Braasch

Big Chief got married extremely young. He and Alicia Shearer met one another when he was 18. After years of marriage, Big Chief and Shearer decided to call it quits. Not long afterward, he began publicly dating Braasch.

Chief and Braasch have more in common than he and his late wife did. Braasch is a racing driver like Big Chief. It is assumed the couple met at a racing event and hit it off from there.

She has been enamored with racing since she was a child. Her father, a racer, introduced her to the scene and she began racing at the age of eight. Braasch grew up watching races and working on cars with her dad, which led her to pursue a career in racing for herself. Her sister, Erin, is also a racecar driver.

During her career, Braasch has competed in a number of races and has won championships as well. In May 2015, she became a Car Chix girl and regularly competes in Car Chix competitions. All of this led her to her current relationship with Big Chief and the occasional appearance on Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws but how has it all impacted her net worth?

Braasch’s Net Worth

There are no solid figures where Braasch’s net worth is concerned. However, it is safe to assume she has a net worth sitting in the six figures. Because she and Chief aren’t married, his $2 million net worth has no impact on her finances whatsoever.

Her estimated six-figure net worth stems from her prize earnings as well as mechanical work she’s done. Outside of her relationship with Big Chief, she hasn’t spent any time in the spotlight to have incredible earnings so her net worth is relatively modest.

One thing that definitely contributes to her overall wealth is the value of her Dragster, which she uses to win races. Typically, a top fuel dragster engine (by itself) is worth around $58,000, not to mention any additional modifications she’s made.

It is not yet known how Big Chief might impact her wealth but, for now, Braasch is content keeping their relationship low-key. If the pair does decide to get married, she will share wealth with Chief. However, it is important to note he will likely also have additional bills, including alimony and child support, should the pair ever get married.

For now, the couple is happily dating and both are continuing to do what they love: race.

What do you think about Big Chief’s girlfriend? Do you think they’ll eventually get married?

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