What Is Rihanna’s Current Net Worth?

Rihanna's Net WorthBarbadian Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty is most well-known as a singer, but she is also an actress, model, entrepreneur, designer, and author. She is also one the biggest celebrities on the planet with a massive social media following and has a substantial portfolio of properties. So what exactly is Rihanna’s net worth?

Who Is Rihanna?

Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born February 20, 1988 in Saint Michael, Barbados to mother Monica (née Braithwaite) and father Ronald Fenty. She was raised in Bridgetown, Barbados and has two brothers (Rorrey and Rajad Fenty), two half-sisters and a half-brother, all from her father’s previous relationships. As a child, she sold clothing with her father from a street stall. She wanted to finish high school and graduate, but she ended up pursing a musical career instead.

Rihanna began making music while living in Barbados and met music producer Evan Rogers when she was 15. He saw her star potential and two years later, she was offered a contract with rapper Jay-Z’s Def Jam label. Her debut album, Music of the Sun, was released in 2005 when she was 17. Since then, she has released eight albums and scored 14 number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. She has sold 60 million albums and 215 million digital tracks, making her one of the best-selling digital artists of all time.

While she used to release an album nearly every year, she hasn’t released a new album since 2016. That doesn’t mean she’s been idle. She’s been launching numerous businesses and cementing her status as one of the richest women in the world. Rihanna also has several movie credits to her name and has published her fair share of books. She also has a massive social media presence, with 101 million followers on Instagram and 102.5 million on Twitter.

Rihanna launched her cosmetics company Fenty Beauty in 2017 in partnership with LVMH. The inclusive beauty line quickly went viral on social media platforms and developed a cult following, with the first Fenty fragrance selling out within hours of launching. In 2018, she launched Savage x Fenty, a lingerie line, as a joint venture with TechStyle Fashion Group, which also saw resounding success. She has also had numerous brand partnerships, including with Puma, Manolo Blahnik, Dior, Samsung, MAC Cosmetics, Budweiser, Armani, and Gucci.

After several high profile relationships, it was confirmed that she was in a relationship with American rapper ASAP Rocky in May 2021. The couple had their first child, a boy, in 2022 and are now expecting their second.

Rihanna’s Net Worth And Assets

Rihanna’s estimated net worth in 2023 is about $1.4 billion, with her earning between $40 million to about $70 million per year. Forbes named her America’s youngest self-made female billionaire in 2022. She is also the richest female musician in the world and second only to Oprah Winfrey as the wealthiest female entertainer.

She makes a considerable amount of money from the sales of her singles and albums, generating $22.3 million from her music alone in 2016. Her world tours also earns her millions in revenue. However, in recent years, most of her wealth has been made outside of the studio. Her successful makeup company, lingerie line, brand partnerships, and book sales also bring in a considerable amount of money. She is also a part owner in Tidal, a music-streaming service led by Jay-Z.

Rihanna also has a lot of real estate. Her home base is a condo worth $5.2 million in Century City, California. She also has a compound in Beverly Hills composed of two neighboring properties, home in the Hollywood Hills, a high-rise in Los Angeles, and a penthouse in New York City. She also has a home in her native Barbados.

Future Effects On Net Worth

Rihanna is determined to keep growing her businesses with new product launches and recently performed in the Super Bowl Halftime Show, with nearly always translates into higher music sales for the artist. Based on her previous endeavors, it’s clear she’s not slowing down any time soon.

What do you think Rihanna’s net worth will be in 2025? Let us know in the comments below!

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What is RuPaul’s Net Worth?

RuPaul's net worth

American RuPaul is an actor, author, drag queen, model, salk show host, and singer-songwriter. He is most well-known as the host of RuPaul’s Drag Race and is widely considered to be the most commercially successful drag queen in the United States. So, what exactly is RuPaul’s net worth?

Who Is RuPaul?

RuPaul Andre Charles, who just goes by RuPaul, was born in San Diego, California, on November 17, 1960 to mother Ernestine “Tony” Charles. When his parents divorced in 1967, he and his three sisters lived with their mother. At 15 years old, RuPaul moved to Atlanta, Georgia, with his sister Renettea to pursue a career as a performer.

In the 1980s, RuPaul was a struggling filmmaker and musician. He also worked as a backup singer and alongside an iconic drag queen, Vaginal Davis. His first break came in 1989, dancing in the music video “Love Shack” by the B-52s as an extra. Today, RuPaul makes public appearances as both a male and in drag and has shown indifference for gender pronouns used to refer to him.

In 1993, RuPaul recorded the album Supermodel of the World, which was released through the Tommy Boy label. His hit single “Supermodel (You Better Work)” and its accompanying music video were a huge success on MTV channels, reached No. 2 on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart, and peaked at No. 45 on the Billboard Hot 100. Since then, the recording artist has released more than a dozen studio albums, including his most recent release, You’re a Winner, Baby, in 2020.

The popularity of his music led to RuPaul being signed to a modeling contract for MAC Cosmetics in 1994, making him the first drag queen with a major modeling contract. He also made history as the first drag queen on the cover of Vanity Fair and Fortune named him the world’s “most famous drag queen.” In 2013, he released his makeup and unisex fragrance line Glamazon with Colorevolution. In 2019, he released the Mally X RuPaul Color Cosmetics Collection in partnership with Mally Beauty.

RuPaul is best known for hosting RuPaul’s Drag Race, which premiered on Logo TV in 2009 and moved to VH1 in 2017. The show is currently in its 15th season. He also has a producing credit on the show and is an executive producer and creator on Drag Race’s spinoffs. He has also been a talk show host and a game show host, has hosted sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live, and has written an autobiography titled Lettin’ It All Hang Out. For his efforts, he has won eight Emmy Awards.

RuPaul identifies as gay and is married to husband Georges LeBar. They have been together since 1994 after first meeting at the Limelight nightclub in New York City. They officially married in January 2017. LeBar is a painter and a ranch owner.

RuPaul’s Net Worth And Assets

According to Celebrity Net Worth, RuPaul’s net worth is estimated to be around $60 million. In 2013, RuPaul was earning $50,000 per episode on Drag Race, or about $700,000 a year. However, that was when the show was on Logo TV and his salary since the move to VH1 has not been disclosed. RuPaul’s net worth also includes money made from other projects, such as his makeup and fragrance lines, album sales, and the sales from his books.

RuPaul also owns a considerable amount of property. He owns a 10,000 square-foot mansion in Beverly Hills worth $13.7 million, a $600,000 condo in West Hollywood, California, and a $350,000 apartment in New York City that has surely increased in value in the 25 years since he bought it.

Future Effects On Net Worth

RuPaul appears to be living his best life and won’t be stopping anytime soon. He seems to have a knack for taking control of every opportunity that has come his way and has been adept at using his charisma to advance his business interests.

What do you think RuPaul’s net worth will be in 2025? Let us know in the comments below!

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‘Gold Rush’ Star Tony Beets’ Net Worth is Huge!

Gold Rush, Tony Beets, net worth
Updated for 2023.

If you’re like me when you’re watching reality television you wonder how much these “actors” are making per show. For me though, I’m not wondering about Kim K or Caitlyn Jenner, I am wondering about stars like Tony Beets.

Beets is a down-to-earth guy who just happens to also be the star of Discovery’s “Gold Rush.” The show follows Beets and his family, who all happen to be gold miners. (It’s a really great program if you have the chance to check it out.) Of course, there’s a ton of money in gold but what is Tony Beets’ net worth and how much is Discovery contributing to it?

Tony Beets’ Television Career

Tony Beets hasn’t been “on the radar” for too long. His career took a while to take off but, since it has, he has become extremely successful.

Beets started out as a gold miner who moved to Canada about 25 years ago. He prides himself on being a Viking and many people even call him “The Viking.” He and his family work at Beets Crew at Paradise Hill. After years of mining reality, television show producers caught wind of Beets’ hard work and wanted to start a show starring Beets and his family.

That is when “Gold Rush” got its start. The series began in 2010 and continues to run on the Discovery Channel. People all over the world have been tuning in regularly to watch Beets, his wife and three kid live their lives. So, if the show has become such a hit, what is Tony Beets’ net worth?

Tony Beets’ Net Worth

Tony Beets' net worthCompared to some other reality TV show stars, Beets and his family aren’t absolutely killing the television game but they aren’t doing too bad. Tony Beets’ net worth sits at about $15 million (and almost none of it is from TV).

He didn’t amass that amount of wealth overnight though. In fact, Beets is a really hardworking guy. Born in the Netherlands, Beets relocated to Canada to better his life. He started out working in construction and moved on to mining in 1984. He was able to climb up in his respective career and today he runs Tamarack Mine.

The majority of Tony Beets’ net worth doesn’t come from the reality television show though. Most of Beets’ wealth stems from his gold mining company, Tamarack Inc.  According to Yukon Department of Energy, Mines and Resources the Tony and his wife Minnie control least 24 mining claims in the Yukon Territory.

Tony Beets Mining Claims

In addition to the value of the Tamarack Mine, the gold the mine produces, and all the heavy mining equipment owned by Beets, the Beets family owns real estate.  They live in a trainer in Canada during the summer (valued at $86,000) and own a home in Arizona valued at around $300,000. Beets also receives payments from the Discovery Channel for his participation in Gold Rush, reputed to be $25,000 per episode. Beets also owns several automobiles and a 50 caliber rifle.

Given that Tony is actively mining, owns real estate and has substantial personal assets,  it is likely that $15 million will continue to grow in the future. According to Beets, his ultimate dream is to be able to own and operate two highly productive gold mines at the same time. If he is able to meet that goal his riches will likely double in the years to come.

Photo Credits: Discovery and Pinterest.

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What is Lauren and Cameron Hamilton’s Net Worth?

Love Is Blind's Lauren and Cameron Hamilton's Net Worth

Americans Lauren and Cameron Hamilton has seen their popularity skyrocket since their stint on the Netflix hit reality series Love is Blind. Today, they are social media stars, business owners, and authors. Lauren also co-hosts a dating show for MTV. Now fans want to know what is Love Is Blind’s Lauren and Cameron Hamilton’s net worth?

Who Are Lauren And Cameron Hamilton?

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton met on the set of Love is Blind, Netflix’s new idea for a matchmaking show. The show’s concept focuses on couples falling in love with each other’s personalities instead of their looks. The contestants on the show do not see what their potential life partner until they’re heading into nuptials. The first season of the show had 30 million viewers.

The Hamilton’s just celebrated their fourth anniversary and have expanded their family by adopting a dog: an Airedale Terrier they named Spark. Together, they have co-authored a book called Leap of Faith, which focuses on advice about romance and relationships. They have also started a YouTube Channel called Hangin’ with the Hamiltons to share videos about their everyday lives.

Cameron works for Weill Cornell Medicine as a data science consultant. Lauren has started a podcast show called We have the Receipts, co-hosts the MTV dating show Match Me if you Can, and has launched a multimedia production company. Lauren also has 2.5 million followers on Instagram and gets paid for making sponsored posts. Together, they keep making the most of the opportunities provided to them.

Love Is Blind’s Lauren and Cameron Hamilton’s Net Worth And Assets

While little is known about the couple’s true financial position, it has been estimated that Lauren and Cameron Hamilton’s net worth is around $3.5 million. Cameron’s estimated net worth of $2 million comes from his well-paying day job and the side ventures he has launched with his wife. Lauren has leveraged her reality TV fame and sizable social media following into a net worth of about $1.5 million.

Future Effects On Net Worth

Lauren has continued to grow her career and her social media following since appearing on Love Is Blind and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With the launch of her multimedia company, her net worth could rise considerably over the next few years. Cameron appears to be happy to continue working for Weill Cornell Medicine, while also working on various projects with Lauren. It looks like they will prosper together.

What do you think Love Is Blind’s Lauren and Cameron Hamilton’s net worth will be in 2025? Let us know in the comments below!

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