‘Gold Rush’ Star Tony Beets’ Net Worth is Huge!

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Updated for 2023.

If you’re like me when you’re watching reality television you wonder how much these “actors” are making per show. For me though, I’m not wondering about Kim K or Caitlyn Jenner, I am wondering about stars like Tony Beets.

Beets is a down-to-earth guy who just happens to also be the star of Discovery’s “Gold Rush.” The show follows Beets and his family, who all happen to be gold miners. (It’s a really great program if you have the chance to check it out.) Of course, there’s a ton of money in gold but what is Tony Beets’ net worth and how much is Discovery contributing to it?

Tony Beets’ Television Career

Tony Beets hasn’t been “on the radar” for too long. His career took a while to take off but, since it has, he has become extremely successful.

Beets started out as a gold miner who moved to Canada about 25 years ago. He prides himself on being a Viking and many people even call him “The Viking.” He and his family work at Beets Crew at Paradise Hill. After years of mining reality, television show producers caught wind of Beets’ hard work and wanted to start a show starring Beets and his family.

That is when “Gold Rush” got its start. The series began in 2010 and continues to run on the Discovery Channel. People all over the world have been tuning in regularly to watch Beets, his wife and three kid live their lives. So, if the show has become such a hit, what is Tony Beets’ net worth?

Tony Beets’ Net Worth

Tony Beets' net worthCompared to some other reality TV show stars, Beets and his family aren’t absolutely killing the television game but they aren’t doing too bad. Tony Beets’ net worth sits at about $15 million (and almost none of it is from TV).

He didn’t amass that amount of wealth overnight though. In fact, Beets is a really hardworking guy. Born in the Netherlands, Beets relocated to Canada to better his life. He started out working in construction and moved on to mining in 1984. He was able to climb up in his respective career and today he runs Tamarack Mine.

The majority of Tony Beets’ net worth doesn’t come from the reality television show though. Most of Beets’ wealth stems from his gold mining company, Tamarack Inc.  According to Yukon Department of Energy, Mines and Resources Tony and his wife Minnie control least 143 mining claims in the Yukon Territory through their company. Here are some of the claims they have on file.


In addition to the value of the Tamarack Mine, the gold the mine produces, and all the heavy mining equipment owned by Beets, the Beets family owns real estate.  They live in a trainer in Canada during the summer (valued at $86,000) and own a home in Arizona valued at around $300,000. Beets also receives payments from the Discovery Channel for his participation in Gold Rush, reputed to be $25,000 per episode. Beets also owns several automobiles and a .50 caliber rifle.

Given that Tony is actively mining, owns real estate and has substantial personal assets,  it is likely that $15 million will continue to grow in the future. According to Beets, his ultimate dream is to be able to own and operate two highly productive gold mines at the same time. If he is able to meet that goal his riches will likely double in the years to come.

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Comedian Tim Dillon’s Net Worth

tim dillon's net worth

Tim Dillon is one of the up-and-coming comedians on YouTube right now. Many fans of Joe Rogan have seen him appear on Rogan’s podcast, but Dillon has a following of his own. In fact, he has more than 18,000 YouTube subscribers and counting. Not to mention, Dillon is landing more comedy writing work and gigs as his popularity climbs. Here is a look at Tim Dillon’s net worth and his career over the past six years or so.

About Tim Dillon

Dillon does not shy away from telling people about the rough life he has had. He was a child actor, appearing on Sesame Street at a young age. By the time he was 12, he was doing cocaine. At the time, Dillon was a closeted homosexual and his mother was schizophrenic. Later in life, he landed a gig selling people subprime mortgages.

“I didn’t know how bad it was going to get,” he said. “I took one myself.” Dillon bought a $570,000 house that he could not afford. Eventually, after he lost his job and the mortgage crisis hit the United States, he lost his home as well. That dramatic change is what inspired him to pursue comedy.

Comedy Career

Most of Tim Dillon’s career as a comic has focused on his ability to make just about anything funny. Because of his brand of humor, he has had to work on his own much of the time though. So, there aren’t a lot of big-name deals behind Dillon’s career. Most of what he has done has been written and produced by himself.

Outside of doing his own thing, Dillon has also worked on very few TV shows. You may have seen him on Resolution, Anything Boys Can Do, Thanksgiving, or Gotham Comedy Live. He has also appeared in several Comedy Central standup specials. Dillon also wrote for the Netflix show The Comedy Lineup. 


Tim Dillon’s Net Worth is Debatable

Tim Dillon’s net worth is likely under $1 million at this point in his career. While he has been wildly successful in what he has accomplished so far, Dillon still has a way to go in the comedy world. Most of his current earnings stem directly from YouTube. It is estimated he earns around $10,800 per year from the channel.

If you’ve ever watched Dillon’s podcast you also know he occasionally has product endorsements on the show. He will take a moment to talk about the product at hand and, most of the time, break off on a hilarious tangent. He also makes some cash from these endorsements.

Additionally, Dillon has earnings from his standup career. Of course, he makes money from ticket sales. It is estimated comics living in Los Angles can make up to $2,500 per week.

In recent years, Dillons net worth took a turn for the better. Tim Dillon is one of the highest-compensated people on Patreon.  At the end of 2020 he was earning roughly $14,000 per month on Patreon. At the end of 2021 he was earning about $180,000 per month.  Now he appears to earn $200-250,000 per month from Patreon.   In addition Dillon has purchased homes in Austin, Texas ($900,000), Southhampton, NY ($2.6 Million) and Hollywood ($4.6 Million).

Tim Dillon Quotes

Yeah, I bought a house with a subprime mortgage in 2007. It was a two-year fixed rate and, like everybody else in America, I had no idea that in two years you wouldn’t be able to refinance. It was foreclosed in 2010, right before I started stand-up.

YouTubers are going to have millions of dollars, millions of fans, and no skills when they’re all 40

Most comics don’t deserve money.

I tried to sell mortgages for just under a year and saw the tail end of the mortgage crisis. I was not great at it. There was nothing really to sell. The only people at that time who were left in the business were idiots like myself.

Per Brainyquotes.com

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