How A Solution-Oriented Approach Dissolves Stress

Stress is a normal physical response to any threatening event–but, if a problem becomes overwhelming, stress can hit a critical threshold. In fact, the resulting complex neurobiology of episodic acute stress can trigger a wild assortment of dysfunctional reactions, such as irrational decisions, emotional meltdowns, or self-destructive behaviors.

But, here’s the thing–many insurmountable problems are illusory and you can resolve them when you choose a solution-oriented approach rather taking a problem-focused attitude.

To illustrate the illusory nature of most problems, let’s look at possible solutions for some difficult problems like infertility and financial struggles.

What should you do if you would love to have a child but can’t get pregnant, or you would love to enjoy a more fulfilling life but can’t pay your monthly expenses.

 Resolving Infertility Issues

If you would love to raise your own happy family, but can’t get pregnant, it feels like a malicious twist of fate. You may even feel isolated, as if you’re the only person in the world with this devastating experience.

Invitations to large family gatherings, baby showers, or christenings cruelly remind you of your misfortune. Instead of sharing the joy of friends who talk about the antics of their children, you burn with jealousy. You also feel guilty because you’ve disappointed your parents and your in-laws. They won’t become proud parents because you’ve failed to continue the family line.

You can’t fix a problem until you understand it’s cause. So if you’ve been actively working on conceiving and haven’t taken birth control for a year or longer, then you should see a reproductive endocrinologist, a doctor who specializes in studying how hormones affect reproduction and infertility.

In the best-case scenario, there is a hormonal issue that you can correct with the right medical treatment.

In the worst-case scenario, medical science can’t cure your infertility. Assuming the worst, that you’re infertile, a solution still exists. Visit a fertility clinic or browse through a fertility website to find out about in vitro fertilization, which is usually referred to by its initials, IVF. Research the cost of IVF to see if this might be the answer.

Dissolving Financial Panic

You’re far from alone if you experience financial stress. If unresolved, it can lead to many health problems, like insomnia, depression, and anxiety. The uncertainties of the economy and the rising cost of living makes it difficult for many Americans to avoid the crunch of earning too little to cover their basic living expenses.

Here are two possible solutions:

  1. Increase your income. If you don’t have a job, then get one. If you have a job, but it doesn’t pay enough, then get a better paying job. If you can’t get a better paying job, then increase your knowledge and skills to apply for a better paying job or get a side hustle while still working at your regular full-time job. Finally, if you aren’t able to work at a regular job, then research remote work that you can do online.
  2. Increase your financial literacy. If you’re earning enough but still can’t pay your bills, then you need to figure out where your money is going. If you feel overwhelmed figuring out how to manage your money, then seek a financial advisor to help you sort it out.

The best way to defuse a stress-inducing critical problem is to find a viable solution. Pressing situations that make you feel that your life is falling apart like a cheap suit arise from the frustration of not knowing what to do. When you resolve a problem by finding the right solution, your high levels of stress will instantly dissolve–and you’ll feel relieved rather than freaked out.

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