SkyDoesEverything: Adam Dahlberg’s Net Worth

Adam Dahlberg's net worth

YouTubers and gamers are the millionaires of today’s society. I’m sure plenty of parents are kicking themselves for not nourishing their kids’ gaming habits by now, but when it comes down to it, streaming and gaming takes a lot of work if you’re going to make money. One gamer, SkyDoesMinecraft, has been able to make a killing, but he’s been at it for years. Here is a look at Adam Dahlberg’s net worth and career.

About Adam Dahlberg

Adam Dahlberg, also known as Sky Does Everything (formerly SkyDoesMinecraft), was born on January 17, 1993. There isn’t much information known about Dahlberg’s upbringing or childhood other than what he has shared on his live streams. It is known that Dahlberg is adopted and he has spoken poorly of his biological parents. He stated his biological father was an alcoholic and his sister was sent to a mental institution.

It is safe to say games always played a large part in his life though. He gained much of the visibility he has now by joining a gaming group. The group Dahlberg was a part of was called Team Crafted. In March 2014, he announced on Twitter that he left the group but never stated a reason why. For a while, he was a member of another Minecraft squad, but he eventually left that to branch out on his own.

In addition to being a YouTuber and video game commentator, Dahlberg also creates music under the name NetNobody. His career as NetNobody almost completely took over his gaming. Around June 2017, he announced he would be deleting his game channel (SkyDoesMinecraft) and everything would be transitioned over to his NetNobody account. This was a pretty bold move considering at the time SkyDoesMinecraft had more than 12 million subscribers and was the eighth most popular YouTube channel on the streaming site.

However, by January 2018, he had already announced that he would continue making Minecraft videos. Eventually, he transitioned his channel into SkyDoesEverything, which is where he posts his videos today.

Adam Dahlberg’s Net Worth: $3.5 Million

Sky Does Everything is one of the more wealthy gamers out there. Adam Dahlberg’s net worth is estimated to sit around $3.5 million. Most of this has stemmed from streaming and gaming sponsorships. When you consider how much a YouTuber makes with his size following, there is no wonder how Dahlberg has accrued a few million dollars.

He is not currently married or in a long-term relationship. It was recently confirmed he had a girlfriend, Felicia, but there is not much else known about her. In the past, Dahlberg’s relationships have been the center of gossip though.

Dahlberg has a five-year-old son as well. According to Dahlberg, he strives to not cuss or use adult language on his channel so that his son can watch him. He also strives to be a good influence for all children. Dahlberg has full custody of his son.

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