Unpacking Amazon: The Wealthiest E-Commerce Platform Known to Man

Without a doubt, these past few years have seen the monumental growth of Amazon services. Not only has the quarantine caused millions to resort to more online shopping, but Amazon has also extended its reach far beyond where it started. When looking at a company like Amazon, it can be hard to understand how it grew to be such a behemoth in the online shopping market. After all, they started out simply selling books online. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how Amazon has grown into the global leader in e-commerce, and what you can learn from their success.

Book Sales

In 1995, Amazon was limited to strictly book sales. This was a specific niche of e-commerce that Amazon gladly stayed inside of for several years. By the time 2018 rolled around, the United States online book market was completely dominated by Amazon, and the company had begun expanding its product selection to other categories like toys, electronics, and software.

The Prime Membership

If you’re an adult anywhere in the United States, then chances are that you or someone you know has invested in an Amazon Prime membership. The Prime membership has grown to have 100 million subscribers, offering free shipping and exclusive deals to its users. These perks drive more and more people to Amazon instead of smaller competitors.

E-Commerce and Advertising

Without a doubt, the majority of Amazon’s wealth has been accumulated due to its web services. With 1.8 billion websites up and running globally at any given time, Amazon knew it had to get in on the web hosting market. With so many companies and businesses paying to have their products on Amazon, it’s no wonder that the company has exploded in size these past few years.

Grocery Sales

In 2022, it is almost as if Amazon has occupied every single corner of the retail market. Searching any item online is sure to bring back a plethora of Amazon results, with 1-day shipping as well. This convenience has made Amazon the giant it is today. It is no surprise that Amazon has started to sell groceries and food products, making it so people can stay inside for weeks and live comfortably.

Amazon is clearly the wealthiest e-commerce platform in the world, but it is not without its faults. Allegations of employee mistreatment and unethical business practices surround the Amazon name, and for good reason. Amazon came from humble beginnings, but we need to be careful as consumers to support businesses we truly believe in, not just the first result in our Google search.

Personal Finance Tips for New Couples

If you’re getting married or otherwise merging households with someone you’re in a relationship with, you’re probably excited about your new life together and not thinking much about potential conflicts. However, it’s important for you to talk about money even if you don’t plan on sharing finances. The tips below can help.

Going Back

What was your family’s attitude about money when you were growing up? Did they talk about it? Were they spenders or savers? Once you start to think about this, you may be surprised at how much your attitude toward money has been shaped by your family, whether in agreement with or opposition to their approach. You and your partner should discuss these things. Get specific about what you mean when you say things such as spending and saving. This can help prevent misunderstanding later on.

Make a Plan

Will you share a joint account, or keep your money separate? If you’re keeping money separate, what will you do if one of you loses their job or has other financial issues? Do you want to create a prenuptial agreement? Are you moving into a home owned by one of you, and if so, will the other person be added to the mortgage? What will each of you be responsible for paying? Are there any big purchases or projects you need to take on soon? If so, how will you pay for it?

Perhaps you are buying a house together that needs some renovation. You may decide that you want to take out a personal loan from a private lender. It can be easy to find out whether you are eligible and to get an idea of what the repayment plan might be. In general, you should both be explicit as possible in discussing all of these different issues. You may also want to sit down periodically and have a kind of financial check-in talk.

Getting Help

Money can be a complicated minefield of practical and emotional considerations. There’s a reason that it becomes a point of conflict for so many couples and can even lead to divorce. You may want to get more than one type of help when it comes to your financial life as a couple. A good financial advisor can help you make the right choices based on your income and spending goals, help you repair your credit score, show you how to maximize your investments and save for retirement. A counselor can help you talk through fraught money conversations if you are experiencing conflict.

Estate Planning

It’s important to think not just about things like wills and trusts but also about making sure that you each have access to one another’s accounts if one of you becomes incapacitated. Estate planning can also be particularly important if you have children from a previous relationship because you may want to make sure that both your current partner and your children receive some of your assets. This is another tough conversation to have, but like the other money conversations, it is for the best in the long run.

Are You Searching For A Good Lawyer? Here Are The Qualities To Look For

Lawyers are necessary for people who need legal representation. When you are in court, it is important to have the person on your side who knows what they are doing. A good lawyer can make all the difference in cases where someone’s future is at stake, which means you should choose this person very carefully.

If you’re in a bind and need a lawyer, it’s important to know what qualities to look for in order to find one that will provide you with the best representation. It’s also crucial that you educate yourself on your rights and responsibilities so that when choosing a lawyer, you can make the best decision possible. In this article, we’ll go over some of the most important qualities to look for when searching for a good lawyer.

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3 Habits that Help You Prepare for Money Emergencies

No one wants to live paycheck to paycheck and this is a very stressful way to live. It definitely feels like you are hanging on a thin thread all the time. You can never be at peace because you are always questioning your capacity to buy the most basic necessities, such as food.

This is the very reason budgeting and general financial literacy needs to be taught in schools and even at home. Everyone, including youngsters who get allowance from their parents, need to know how to plan out and regulate their spending.

Like any other plans, the number one enemy of a well-thought out budgeting goal is the unforeseen events that we more commonly refer to as emergencies. It’s a good thing there are habits that you can develop to keep yourself afloat, and generally unscathed, even if emergencies pop up like weeds in your garden.


Truth be told, saving money should be a regular habit of most working adults. Saving money should not be an afterthought. Everyone should acknowledge that in order for savings to really have an impact, a savings plan should be included in your financial goals from the beginning. It shouldn’t be: “This is all I have left out of my paycheck so this is all I will deposit in my savings account.” It should be: “I earn $5,000 dollars a month, and $250 of this automatically goes to savings!” Of course, the amount will vary depending on a person’s income and expenses, but the point is clear: save before you start spending. Every person who wants to be financially independent should learn how to live below their income.

Get relevant insurance.

Emergencies like health issues, a car breaking down or being in a car accident are unfortunate events, but occurrences that you need to be able to navigate. You should plan ahead, knowing that these types of emergencies can happen at any time.

The good thing is you can purchase insurance coverage for such unfortunate incidents. For a premium, you will be able to obtain insurance that will spare your savings. However, collecting on insurance claims can be tricky at times. If your insurance company is delaying or denying claims, you may need to hire an experienced legal professional who can provide reliable help dealing with insurance companies.

Work for fun (and cash!)

If you have time to spare during weekends or after you’re done with your day job, you can do something that you love, like baking, carpentry or other hobbies. In addition to these being a form of recreation, they can also be another source of income. For example, sell the cupcakes that you baked or the chairs and small tables that you refinished. Even if you sell only to friends, it’s still money that can be used to increase your savings or save up for something you really want.

Being prepared is simply the best way to overcome challenges. Yes, there are emergencies, but at least financially, you can be prepared for the worst. So drop that defeatist attitude and start building good money habits, especially the ones shared here.