“90-Day Fiancé” Paola Mayfield’s Net Worth

Paola Mayfield's net worth

Fans of 90-Day Fiancé are familiar with the name Paola Mayfield. Beyond her brief period on the reality television program, she has also developed a career as a fitness influencer and, more recently, as a musician. While she isn’t a household name yet, her career has been fairly lucrative so far. Here is a look at her career and Paola Mayfield’s net worth.

About Paola Mayfield

As mentioned above, Mayfield is best-known for her role on 90-Day Fiancé, but she has done other work as well. Before jumping into her career, here is a little bit of information about Paola.

In 2013, when Paola was 26 years old, she and Russ Mayfield met while he was in Columbia on a business trip. Paola came to America with Russ on a K-1 Visa. Later the same year, the couple got married and settled in Russ’ home state of Oklahoma. Eventually, the pair moved to Miami so that Paola could pursue a modeling career.

According to Paola, Miami suited her personality and lifestyle much better than Oklahoma did. In January 2019, six years after they met, the couple welcomed their first child into the world. There is not much known about Paola’s life prior to meeting Russ, however.

90-Day Fiancé and Her Career

Russ and Paola were featured in the first season of 90-Day FiancéThey also appeared in a May 2020 episode of a spinoff of the show called 90-Day Fiancé: Self Quarantined. Unlike some of the other pairs who have been featured on the TLC program, the Mayfields are still together and seem to be very much in love.

Paola, also known as Pao by her social media following, owns her own online personal training business as well. She is certified as a Zumba instructor and trainer. Throughout the pandemic, she has hosted online training classes. Fitness is something that is extremely important to her and has helped her land both modeling and influencer deals.

It is also worth mentioning that Pao starred in a short film called Pax Masculina as well. It did not make any huge impact on the star’s overall wealth though.

Paola Mayfield’s Net Worth

We estimate Paola Mayfield’s family net worth to be $700,000. Much of that has stemmed from her modeling work and work as an influencer. Not much came from her role on TLC’s 90-Day Fiancé (other than the massive publicity it brought her).  Mayfield’s family owns their home, their automobiles, has cryptocurrency holdings, and has investments in stocks.

People who have appeared on 90-Day Fiancé are paid much less than some of the other reality television show stars out there. The couple reportedly only made a limited amount of money from 90-Day Fiancé.  When compared to other reality shows, like the millions generated by Keeping Up With The Kardashians, that is next to nothing.

Mayfield’s social media following is substantial, with over 700 thousand followers on Facebook, and 1.1 million followers on Instagram.  As a result, Paola and Russ have also been able to make a name for themselves as influencers. Both endorse products on Instagram and other social media sites. Many of the brands they associate with are beauty brands (teeth whitening, fitness products, etc).  In addition Mayfield sells her own line of fitness products.

At first, many fans believed she was a gold digger after Mayfield’s money and a United States Visa. However, shortly after Paola began her modeling career in Miami, Russ lost his job and they had to rely solely on her income alone. This changed a lot of people’s minds about her.

The couple currently lives in Miami with their infant son, Axel. Although the couple thinks about having more kids, they don’t feel the time is right. Russ’ job has been impacted by the pandemic, so it isn’t the best time. For now, Paola is still working to keep up her career and work hard for her family.

Now, at 33, Paola is shifting focus a little more. It seems she is now beginning to focus on a music, acting career, and a surprise waiting to be revealed very soon, according to her manager Dominique Enchinton, who owns Dominton Talent House, in Los Angeles. After she posted a photo of herself in a recording studio, fans began to speculate. Although she has appeared in music videos before, she has never produced music of her own. So, there is no telling what is next for her. With her influencer campaigns and social media presence, and the big reveal that is in the works, she will continue to be able to expand her career and wealth.

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Gracious thanks to Dominique Enchinton, Paola’s manager who owns Dominton Talent House, for her contribution to this article.  Dominton Talent House is full-service talent management company based in Los Angeles.

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