Brittany Banks’ Net Worth

Brittany banks' net worth

The show 90-Day Fiance has turned a lot of people into small-time stars. Paola Mayfield, who we recently covered on the blog, has been able to make millions through modeling and her appearances on the show. What about the other women on the program? Not everyone has stuck with their partner or had the success Mayfield has had. Here is a look at another 90-Day Fiance star Brittany Banks’ net worth.

About Brittany Banks

Brittany Banks was born and raised in Florida. She grew up in a single-parent household with her father. After going to school and graduating, Banks’ life has revolved around finding “the man of her dreams.”

Banks is a relatively new addition to the reality television program 90-Day Fiance. She was on the latest 2020 season of the show and was reportedly 26 years old at the beginning of the season. Banks has shared her story of escaping an abusive relationship and meeting Yazan, the man she appears on the TV show with.

According to Banks, her ex-husband was deported to Haiti after only a few months of marriage. She refers to it as a “blessing in disguise.” Banks says that she would have undoubtedly been a battered wife if he had been able to stay in the United States. However, it seems Yazan presented some fairly abusive behavior as well. Many “90-Day” fans have told her to run “and don’t stop running until you reach the States.”

In early November, there was some controversy about Banks going out on a date with rapper KSlim, cheating on her boyfriend. While Banks admitted to going on a date with him, she said there was no interest there and that she did not cheat on Yazan. That didn’t matter though because, shortly after, the couple split. Yazan was seen as little as a month later with a new girlfriend.

After denying hooking up, KSlim called Banks out for using him for his money. The rapper allegedly gave Banks $2,000 and paid for a rather extravagant date. Banks did not respond to these allegations.


So, even though she won’t be on the TV program anymore, Banks has already made a name for herself. She has 458,000 followers (and counting) on Instagram and is working to create her own brand. So, what is Brittany Banks’ net worth after the show, and what is next for her?

Brittany Banks’ Net Worth: $900,000

At this time, there is not much known about Brittany Banks’ net worth. It is estimated she is worth around $900,000. There is not much information on how much money she makes annually yet. From 90-Day Fiance, Banks did not earn much. As we’ve discussed previously, many of the stars on the show did not earn a lot during their time on it. She is also no longer on the TV program, so there is no real clue as to how much she is making from other deals currently.

One way Banks is likely making money now is through endorsement deals. She tags brands frequently on her Instagram profile. Additionally, she is making some money from modeling, though it is not clear as to how much she makes exactly. She is also known to have two OnlyFans accounts where she sells photos and videos for money as well.

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