’90 Day Fiance’ Louis & Aya Gattone Net Worth

'90 Day Fiance' Louis & Aya Gattone net worth

Most reality television celebrity couples don’t make it. When you’re talking about a show like “90 Day Fiance,” the chances of staying together in a happy coupledom seem slim. However, some do make it. And fans love those stories. So, of course, fans love Louis & Aya Gattone who were on the very first season of the show and are still together. They obviously didn’t make most of their money from the show, since it was just a season of work. So how do they earn their money. And what is ’90 Day Fiance’ Louis & Aya Gattone net worth?

What Is 90 Day Fiance?

If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s a reality television show all about relationships. Specifically, one person lives in the United States and the other lives in a different country. They have fallen in love, sometimes having met in person during travels and other times only knowing each other online. They want to get married, and live together, which means that they have to apply for the K1 visa or Fiance Visa. They have 90 days to get married after the person who isn’t a resident of the US arrives in the country. Hence, the title. The show follows their struggles as they try to develop their marriage in such a pressure cooker.

Who Are ’90 Day Fiance’ Louis & Aya Gattone?

Louis and Aya Gattone are one of the original couples from the earliest seasons of the show. In fact, they are among the few original 90 Day Fiance couples who are still married. ScreenRant breaks down their relationship timeline:

Louis and Aya met online through an international dating service. Aya is from the Philippines, and she really would have loved to remain there. However, she didn’t have any children, yet. Louis, on the other hand, had two young children from a previous marriage. He didn’t want to move to another country and leave them behind. Therefore, they decided that Aya would moved to the United States. They sharing this process on the first season of 90 Day Fiance in 2014.

Like any couple under such pressure, they had their challenges. However, they decided to go ahead with the quick marriage. In 2018, they had their first child together, a son named Giovanni. Two years later, they had their second son, Stefano. They are still reportedly happily married n 2022.

Where Does ’90 Day Fiance’ Louis & Aya Gattone Net Worth Come From?

Many “90 Day Fiance” couples leverage their appearances on the show to earn money through continued television appearances. In fact, there are several 90 Day Fiance spinoff shows. Some are entire shows devoted to one couple’s journey. Some are “Pillow Talk” series in which past couples watch the current season and provide commentary. These couples obviously continue to earn money from their appearances.

However, Louis and Aya opted not to go that route. They appeared on the first season of the show and then began to quietly fade back into a private life without the cameras around. Unlike many of the other people on the show (couples as well as those who have not stayed together), they didn’t go the route of becoming influencers either. So, then, how do they earn money? Where does ’90 Day Fiance’ Louis & Aya Gattone net worth come from?

Rustic Charm by Design

If you head to Louis’ Instagram account, where he has fewer than 2500 followers, you might see a post advertising their business account: Rustic Charm By Design. This Instagram account only has 21 followers as of April 2022. However, the link in the bio leads you to their business website. Here they sell “Handcrafted Jewelry and Woodwork Crafted For Your Style.”

The website says that both Louis and Aya are creative individuals who decided to work together to launch handcrafted wood items. They range from earrings to Adirondack chairs but are all tied together by two themes: rustic charm and being “designed to fit the space and style of whoever owns it.” So, it’s unclear how much of ’90 Day Fiance’ Louis & Aya Gattone net worth comes from this endeavor, but it seems to be a business that they put a lot of love into.

Louis Gattone’s Career

Louis’s Instagram account also links to a blog that he updates sporadically, mostly with stuff about his coaching experience and workouts, but also sometimes with other aspects of life. In April 2019, he shared that life was very busy. Their first baby was not quite one year old, and he had a lot on his plate. Through this post, we learn a little bit about his work.

As if then, he was working a full-time job, a second part-time job, and attending school for his Bachelor’s Degree. He notes that his company reimburses the cost of his education. He doesn’t say here what these jobs are. However, a post over on The Ivy Tech Blog reveals more. There we learn that he went back to school in his mid-thirties in order to get a degree in Cyber Security and Information Assurance. That post says that he graduated in late 2017, so there’s some discrepancy between the dates.

It looks like perhaps the 2019 post was a repost at a later date, as the information is similar between the two. In the latter post, it says that he had a full-time job as a warehouse manager and a part-time internship at a cyber security company while he was in school. In both posts, he emphasizes that he couldn’t do it without Aya. She takes care of the house and kids while he works and attends school.

What Is ’90 Day Fiance’ Louis & Aya Gattone Net Worth?

Unfortunately, we can’t find specific information about ’90 Day Fiance’ Louis & Aya Gattone net worth. However, Louis has a LinkedIn profile. It says that he works as a Senior OT/IoT Cybersecurity Consultant for EY. A review of the EY job search site reveals that they claim to offer competitive pay. If you head over to Glassdoor, you’ll see that the average Cybersecurity Consultant salary is $87,456 while the average earnings per year (presumably including bonuses) is $109,387. Since his job paid for his education, he presumably doesn’t have any student debt. They live in an average-priced area. Therefore, they have average American net worth.

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’90-Day Fiance’ Alan and Kirlyam Cox’s Net Worth

'90-Day Fiance' Alan and Kirlyam Cox's Net Worth

Reality television relationships are complicated. Of course, all relationships are complicated. But playing out your relationship drama for all the world to see adds an extra layer of difficulty. The stars of 90 Day Fiance are already dealing with a lot of relationship stressors. After all, they’re from different cultures, they use marry quickly to obtain their visas, and then there’s that element of television filming. Many of them don’t make it as a couple. However, some day, including a couple from the very first season of the show. What is  ’90-Day Fiance’ Alan and Kirlyam Cox’s net worth and what are they doing today?

90 Day Fiance TV Show

If you aren’t familiar with this popular reality television show, here’s basically how it works:

  • It features couples that live in different countries, one in the United States and one elsewhere.
  • They are in a relationship, usually having spent only a very small amount of time in person with one another.
  • The person from the other country comes to the United States on a 90-day visa.
  • During that 90 days, the couple must marry, or else the individual has to return home due to visa regulations.
  • The television show follows them along the 90-day journey, documenting their ups and downs, and their wedding if they end up having one.

There are many 90 Day Fiance spinoff shows. For example, “The Other Way” features couples in a similar situation except that the person in the United States moves to the other country instead of vice versa. The show has many updates and follow-ups. For example, The Single Life features people whose relationships didn’t work out the first time and now they’re single and dating again. So, whether or not they’ve made it as a couple, viewers often get to see how their lives are turning out.

Who Are ’90-Day Fiance’ Alan and Kirlyam Cox?

90 Day Fiance first aired in 2014. Therefore, we’ve seen eight seasons of the show so far, following many couples along their journeys. (Each season features multiple couples.) Alan and Kirlyam Cox were featured on the very first season of the show. The couple is still together today.

They Met When She Was a Child

Many of the 90 Day Fiance couples originally met online. However, the story for these two is a bit different. Alan is several years older than Kirlyam. When he was 20, he went to Brazil on a Mormon missionary trip where he met Kirlyam and her family. She was a tween at the time. Nothing untoward happened, and they didn’t speak again for years after he returned to the United States.

However, they reconnected again at a mutual friend’s wedding in Brazil when Kirlyam was 19. At that time, they fell in love. They were engaged to be married the following year. And thus began their journey with 90 Day Fiance.

Their Shared Values Might Have Held Them Together

The couple is Mormon and it’s possible that their shared faith helped hold them together through the difficulties of a cross-cultural marriage. They certainly faced their challenges. For example, when Kirlyam first arrived in the United States, she wanted to try working as a model. Alan had problems with that, and eventually she decided not to. Their shared values could have helped them to navigate these tricky waters better than perhaps some other couples would. Whereas many of the 90 Day Fiance couples come from extremely different backgrounds, these two had a lot in common.

Separation During Pandemic

The couple had to endure a bit of a physical separation during the pandemic. Kirlyam was spending time in Brazil and got stuck there as a result of the pandemic restrictions. Their son Liam was with her at the time. However, the couple managed to stay strong through that challenge as well. By this time, they had several years of marriage behind them, providing a strong foundation for the separation. Many fans of the television show say that they’re the strongest, sweetest couple, the ones with the least conflict and the best likelihood of staying together for a lifetime.

’90-Day Fiance’ Alan and Kirlyam Cox’s Children

The couple brought their first child, Lia, into the world in 2017. Their second child, Enzo, was born in June 2021. The family lives together in the United States today.

’90-Day Fiance’ Alan and Kirlyam Cox’s Net Worth and Income

Obviously, much of ’90-Day Fiance’ Alan and Kirlyam Cox’s net worth comes from their reality television experience. They earned income from the show itself during that first season. They’ve also appeared on many follow-up shows and spinoffs over the years, further contributing to their shared wealth. However, in more recent years, they’ve decided not to continue to participate in the show. They felt like it had moved in a different direction than what they had and that it was time for them to move on.

How Do Alan and Kirlyam Cox Earn Money?

Like many other reality television shows, the couple earns some money from social media, celebrity promotions, etc. However, they don’t focus their energy on this as much as many other television celebrities do. For example, Kirlyam has a YouTube channel with about 36K subscribers. However, she hasn’t posted anything in the past few years. Her Instagram account has 258K followers, but she typically only posts a few times per month.

So, where does ’90-Day Fiance’ Alan and Kirlyam Cox’s net worth come from then? According to Nicki Swift, Alan earns the family’s income through his work as photographer and videographer. He has a production company called 0907 Productions through which he does that work. He also works as “a photo-simulation specialist and project manager.” He reportedly even supplemented TLC’s footage with his own during that first season of the show. Kirlyam is a stay-at-home of their two sons.

What Is’ 90-Day Fiance’ Alan and Kirlyam Cox’s Net Worth?

So, what is the couple actually worth? They have actually chosen to be very private about their finances. Most reports online place their net worth at somewhere between $10K and $100K. It’s hard to believe that it would be as low as $10K. A photo simulation specialist typically earns a six figure income in the United States. Combined with their reality television work, it seems like they would have been able to save more than that at this point in their lives. However, there’s really no specific way to know since they’ve opted to keep that information to themselves.

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