Pump It Up: Vanderpump Rule’s Ariana Madix’s Stardom and Net Worth

Ariana Madix's net worth

Ariana Madix has made quite a name for herself in the entertainment industry over the past decade. Today, she is a well-known television personality as well as an actress, model, author, businesswoman, and social media maven. Her breakout role came when she was cast on “Vanderpump Rules,” a highly popular Bravo reality television series, but she has also appeared in several other television shows and films. Her journey has been an inspirational one to many and there have been many questions about her life. One of the biggest questions is what exactly is Ariana Madix’s net worth?

Ariana Madix’s Journey To Stardom

American Ariana Madix is a native Floridian, born on June 24, 1985, in Melbourne. She was raised by her parents, Jim and Tanya Madix, with her younger brother Jeremy, eventually graduating from Eau Gallie High School. She then pursued higher education, graduating with bachelor’s degrees in Theatre and Broadcast Communications from Flagler College in 2007.

Ariana always had an interest in the entertainment industry and participated in numerous performances before moving to New York City to advance her career. After her move, she attended New York University Tisch School of the Arts to learn more about her craft. She subsequently appeared in small roles in various television series and films, including “Anger Management” and “Writers Room.”

Her biggest role came as she was working as a bartender at two of celebrity Lisa Vanderpump’s most popular restaurants, SUR and Villa Blanca. Those locations were featured on Bravo’s series “Vanderpump Rules,” which follows the lives of the servers at those restaurants and one other Lisa Vamderpump restaurant property, PUMP. While a recurring cast member in the show’s first and second seasons, Ariana became a main cast member in season 3. The show is now in its eleventh season.

Being on “Vanderpump Rules” has had its highs and lows for Ariana. While the show has been lucrative for her monetarily and made her a household name across the country, she has also had to deal with some of the most private and traumatic experiences of her life being played out in front of a national audience. Notably, she found out that her co-star and partner of nearly a decade, Tom Sandoval, had been cheating on her with another cast mate who was supposed to be a friend. The scandal became a major storyline in the media and the fallout from the betrayal continues to this day.

Although her personal life has been rocky, Ariana has not let that stop her or even slow her down. She has released a book about cocktails, launched several businesses, participated in popular television shows like “Dancing With The Stars,” and has maintained her social media presence, delighting fans who are rooting for her to succeed despite the obstacles she faces. All of these endeavors have contributed substantially to her overall net worth.

Ariana Madix’s Net Worth And Assets

Published reports put Ariana Madix’s net worth at roughly $1 million, although this amount fluctuates depending on the projects she is involved with at the time. Much of this wealth is believed to have been earned from her role on “Vanderpump Rules.” It has been reported that the main cast members on the show earn $25,000 per episode.

She also earns income from her other businesses, including her cocktail company and her online store, but the amount of this income has not been disclosed publicly. She is also expected to gain income from the sale of her home with her former partner. It was reported that they purchased the home for $2.075 million in 2019 and she recently sued him in court to force the sale of the property.

Future Effects On Net Worth

In the future, Ariana Madix’s net worth is expected to grow as she continues to pursue different business opportunities. She has shown great acumen in leveraging opportunities into successful ventures and is still a highly sought-after entertainment personality. It will be interesting to see where she goes from here.

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