With 14 Children To Take Care of, What Is the Net Worth of Deon and Karen Derrico?

Deon and Karen Derrico's net worthAmericans Deon and Karen Derrico are famous reality TV stars, but they have also had other occupations. Deon lists his occupations as an actor and real estate investor, while Karen considers herself an entrepreneur. They are best known for appearing on the TLC reality series Doubling Down With the Derricos with their 14 children. The Derrico family requires a lot of everything, so fans want to know “What exactly is Deon and Karen Derrico’s net worth?”

Who Are Deon and Karen Derrico?

Deon Derrico was born on Sept. 16, 1970, to parents Marian and Eddie Derrico in Detroit, Michigan. There is no information publicly available on whether he has any siblings. He graduated from Detroit’s Cooley High School and was reportedly interested in acting while young. He had a role in the 2009 project Duress, but he was uncredited.

Over the years, Deon has taken on multiple projects. Early in his career, he worked as a chef, bus driver, hairstylist, and salon owner. Today, he is a real estate investor who flips and restores properties. In 2010, Deon became the CEO of the Derricodew Corporation, a property management company. He also founded a talent/production company called Deon Derrico Entertainment, Inc.

Karen Derrico was born Karen Evonne Carter in Kingstree, South Carolina on February 26, 1980. Little public information is available about her parents and it is not clear if she has any siblings. She graduated from Kingstree Senior High School, but other details regarding her academic credentials have not been made public. She worked at a daycare center after graduating and eventually became a flight attendant.

Karen met Deon through her work as a flight attendant. The couple married in 2002 and had their first child in 2006. Today, the couple has 14 children and live in Las Vegas. All of the children, which includes quintuplets, triplets, and two sets of twins, were born naturally, without IVF.

All of the kids’ names start with the letter “D”: Darian (born 2006), Derrick (born 2011), Dallas and Denver (born 2012), Deniko, Dariz, Deonee, Daician, and Daiten (born 2013), Diez and Dior (born 2018), and Dawsyn, De’Aren, and Dyver (born 2019). The couple lost a son named Carter shortly after birth in 2018.

TLC has documented the ups and downs of Deon and Karen Derrico’s family in their reality series Doubling Down with the Derricos since 2020. The series follows the day-to-day adventures of the family and the challenges of raising four back-to-back sets of multiples. The reality show, which premiered on Aug. 11, 2020, is now signed for a fourth season.

Deon and Karen Derrico’s Net Worth And Assets

Deon and Karen Derrico’s net worth is impressive. Deon has an estimated net worth of $6 million, while Karen has an estimated net worth of $500,000. While the exact payout for the TLC stars is unknown, after three successful seasons, the cast of a TLC reality show typically receives between $7,000 and $10,000 per episode. After that, the base pay rises to about $25,000 per episode.

Deon also reportedly makes a considerable income from his real estate endeavors and his entertainment business. The Derricos currently live in a four-bedroom, three-bathroom home in North Las Vegas, Nevada. The home is frequently shown on the family’s reality show, as that’s where most of the action unfolds.

Future Effects On Net Worth

Deon and Karen Derrico’s net worth is a reflection of the hard work they put in to secure their family’s future. It is reasonable to assume that the family will continue seeing success in the future. If their series remains successful, we might be seeing the Derricos for many more years.

What do you think Deon and Karen Derrico’s net worth will be in 2025? Let us know in the comments below!

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What Is Kim Plath’s Net Worth?

Kim Plath's net worthAmerican Kim Plath is a TV personality, a naturopathic physician, and an entrepreneur. She is most well-known for appearing with her husband and their nine children on the TLC reality show Welcome to Plathville. Taking care of so many children is sure to be costly, so what exactly is Kim Plath’s net worth?

Who Is Kim Plath?

Kim Plath was born Kimberly Ann Doherty Anderson on August 30, 1970. She keeps much of her private life out of the press, so information about her parents and any siblings remain unknown. Her education history is also something that has been held under wraps to this point.

Kim exchanged marriage vows with Barry Robert Plath on July 19, 1997. Their eldest child, Ethan Daniel, was born on May 14, 1998. Their second child, Hosanna Elizabeth, was born August 1st, 1999, followed by Micah James on March 10, 2001. Then came Moriah Jasper, who was born August 28, 2002, Lydia Joy, who was born February 4, 2004, and Isaac Gabriel, who was born October 21, 2005.

The couple’s seventh child, Joshua Samuel, was born on April 15, 2007 and died in a farm accident on September 19, 2008 at the age of 17 months. The couple’s last three children are Amber Grace (born February 24, 2009), Cassia Shiloh (born June 2, 2011), and Mercy Shalom (born February 13, 2013).

In November 2019, Kim Plath and her family were introduced to the world through a new TLC reality TV show called Welcome to Plathville. The show followed Kim and Barry, who are Christian fundamentalists, as they raised their large brood on a 55-acre farm in a rural community away from society in the south of Georgia. Their conservative Christian values led them to bring up their family with homeschooling, limited technology, no television, and a ban on sugar.

Over the four seasons of the show that have aired, much has changed for the Plath family. The anti-processed foods and refined sugars policy has been relaxed to the point that the Plaths’ sometimes order pizza. The children are no longer as sheltered as they once were, with Isaac and Lydia now having Instagram accounts. However, Kim does not have a presence on social media sites, including TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

While Kim spent more than 20 years as a stay-at-home wife and mother, she also worked as a naturopathic doctor out of her home and has recently opened a dance studio. For more than 25 years, Barry has worked as a transportation planner for URS Transportation. They both maintained their jobs throughout filming for Welcome to Plathville.

Kim Plath’s Net Worth And Assets

According to published reports, Kim Plath and her husband Barry have a combined net worth of $3 million. However, this is merely an estimate as the details about how much money they earn per episode of Welcome to Plathville have not yet been disclosed. It’s also unclear how the money is split up between members of the family.

Kim and Barry have made quite a good living for themselves with other jobs in addition to the show, and they both had their own careers for most of their marriage. Kim will also be making some money from opening her own dance studio. Kim also makes money by renting out their farmhouse on Airbnb.

Future Effects On Net Worth

Kim Plath’s net worth will increase in the future with more seasons of the show, although the future of the show is unknown at this point. The Welcome to Plathville stars surprised viewers in June 2022 with an announcement of their decision to divorce.

According to a released statement from the couple, “After considerable thought and discussion, we have decided to end our marriage. While this was not an easy decision, we know it’s the best choice for both of us. We have been through many highs and lows in our 24 years of marriage and as we navigate this new chapter in our lives, we will co-parent our amazing children.”

What do you think Kim Plath’s net worth will be in 2025? Let us know in the comments below!

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What Is Sweet Home Sextuplets’ Courtney Waldrop’s Net Worth?

Courtney Waldrop's Net Worth

American Courtney Waldrop is a reality television star, social media star, and entrepreneur. She is most well-known for starring alongside her husband and children on Sweet Home Sextuplets, a reality show that airs on TLC. In the years since the launch of the show, Courtney has become a household name. So what exactly is Courtney Waldrop’s net worth?

Who Is Courtney Waldrop?

Courtney Waldrop was born Courtney Hill on March 3, 1982 in Albertville, Alabama to parents Gerry Hill and Ramona Hill. She is her parent’s only child. While her parents have often appeared with her on the reality show, they have a limited presence on social media and not much is known about them.

Courtney graduated from Auburn University with a degree in early childhood education in 2004. She then worked as a teacher for Albertville City Schools for over 13 years. According to previous reports, she taught first-graders in the district.

Courtney and her husband Eric Waldrop started dating when they were in the eighth grade. They continued dating as they went to the same college, and Eric proposed while they were in their final year. Shortly after graduation, they were married.

Courtney is famously known for starring on the TLC reality show Sweet Home Sextuplets, which follows her life with her husband and their nine children, comprised of six sons and three daughters. While the family didn’t initially set out to have so many children, fertility medication after multiple miscarriages resulted in the birth of sextuplets, adding six children to the three they already had. The children are Saylor (2010), twins Wales and Bridge (2013), and the sextuplets; Rayne, Rawlings, Rivers, Tag, Layke, and Blu (2017). Sweet Home Sextuplets launched on September 18th, 2018.

Courtney is also a well-known social media personality, often sharing updates regarding her life and children. She has more than a half million followers on Instagram and more than 50,000 subscribers to her Youtube channel, God’s Divine Nine. She is also a successful businesswoman, launching a God’s Divine Nine business that sells her clothing line, accessories, and gifts.

Courtney Waldrop’s Net Worth And Assets

According to published reports, Courtney Waldrop’s net worth is estimated to be about $1 million U.S dollars, although information concerning her annual income has not been shared with the public. It is believed that her career as a reality television star has been the primary source of her income since leaving the teaching profession. According to estimates based on what other TLC reality stars have received in salary, it is estimated that she earned at least $25,000 per episode or $25K per season.

Courtney’s YouTube channel is quite popular and due to her immense popularity, it is believed that her company has been also running prosperously, adding to her income. Courtney and her spouse also own a house that has been recently remodeled to be more spacious and comfortable for their big family. Due to security reasons, her precise location of residence has not been shared.

Future Effects On Net Worth

Although Courtney and her family have decided not to resume their reality show, she is expected to continue her YouTube videos, which will increase her income from YouTube in the future. Her clothing and accessories line appears to be flourishing and that is expected to continue as long as she continues to be popular with the public.

What do you think Courtney Waldrop’s net worth will be in 2025? Let us know in the comments below!

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