Love, Dollars, and Reality TV: Look At Net Worth of 90 Day Fiance Star Pedro Jimeno

Pedro Jimeno's net worth

Dominican Pedro Jimeno is a famous reality star and businessman with a focus on real estate. Most of his fans know him from his appearances on the TLC reality shows “90 Day Fiance,””90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?,” and ” The Family Chantel.” He has also found other lucrative ways to make a living. So fans want to know what exactly is Pedro Jimeno’s net worth?

Who Is Pedro Jimeno?

Pedro Jimeno was born on October 3, 1991 in the Dominican Republic. His estranged father, Pedro Sr., had an affair with his mother, Lidia, while married. According to his mother, she didn’t know he had a wife and kids. Pedro and his sister, Nicole, were the results of the affair. Later in life, he learned that he had a half-brother with the exact same name.

Pedro rose to fame via TLC reality shows. His career with the network started in 2016 when he starred on season 4 of “90 Day Fiance” with his future wife Chantel Everett. The two also appeared on seasons 2, 3 and 4 of “90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?” The couple then launched a spinoff show called “The Family Chantel,” which premiered in 2019. That show premiered its fifth season in November 2023.

In addition to his reality TV career, Pedro has found other ways to make his money.  He earned his real estate license in July 2021, which is valid until 2025. He is listed as an agent for Norcross, Georgia-based Laura Delgado Realty, a high-end real estate brokerage firm.

On May 27, 2022, Pedro filed for divorce from Chantel and moved out of the family home in Georgia into his own apartment the next day. They ended up selling the home and splitting the profits 50/50. He later purchased another home for himself and according to published reports, he’s still single.

Pedro Jimeno’s Net Worth And Assets

According to publicly available information, Pedro Jimeno’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million. Much of this wealth comes from his career as reality star. According to a unnamed source, “90 Day Fiance” pays their cast members $1,000 to $1,500 per episode. Stars that appear on”90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?” have salaries that are a bit higher. It is also likely that he and Chantel got another pay boost for starring on their own show.

Pedro also earns money from his job as a real estate agent and has enough money that he bought a brand new Audi 2-door sports car in October 2022. He and Chantel bought their family home in Georgia for $290,000 in January 2022 and sold it in March 2023 for $417,000. In August 2023, he purchased a new house in Jefferson, Georgia, for $275,000.

Future Effects On Net Worth

Pedro’s journey from the Dominican Republic to small screens across America is a story to celebrate. Throughout his career, he has shown resilience and determination, which has helped him rise to his current net worth. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for him and there is little reason to doubt that he will continue to be successful in the endeavors he attempts.

What do you think Pedro Jimeno’s net worth will be in 2025? Let us know in the comments below!

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My Big Fat Fabulous Financial Life: What is Whitney Way Thore’s Net Worth?

Whitney Way Thore

American Whitney Way Thore is a reality TV star, businesswoman, and body positivity spokesperson. Many of her fans know her from her starring role on the TLC reality show My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Her bubbly personality and willingness to share her life and struggles on the small screen have endeared her to millions of people across the nation. One thing that many fans want to know is what exactly is Whitney Way Thore’s net worth.

Who Is Whitney Way Thore?

Whitney Way Thore was born in Greensboro, North Carolina on April 14, 1984, to mother Barbara and father Glenn Thore. She was raised in North Carolina with her older brother Hunter. One of her first jobs was teaching English to Korean students. After her return to the U.S., she secured a job as a producer at North Carolina radio station 107.5 KZL.

While working at the radio station as a producer for the Jared & Katie in the Morning show in 2014, she decided to post a video to the radio station’s YouTube page promoting body positivity. Her dance video, titled “A Fat Girl Dancing” and set to Jason Derulo‘s “Wiggle” song, quickly went viral and attracted the attention of interested reality TV producers.

Whitney soon found herself inking a deal to star in her own TLC reality show. The show, titled “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” debuted in 2015 and attracted a host of viewers interested in following along with her life in North Carolina. The show focused on her weight loss journey, as Whitney has a diagnosed medical condition that makes it difficult for her to lose weight. The show also delved into her personal life and her relationships. The show has been renewed multiple times, and to date, Whitney has starred in more than 100 episodes of the show.

In 2015, Whitney’s No Body Shame campaign was featured during the second season of the show. The global campaign states that its mission is to “help people of every variety live their lives fully, passionately, and free of shame.” The campaign has seen an outpouring of support and has attracted thousands of advocates. In 2019, Whitney hosted a No Body Shame at Sea Caribbean cruise, which featured dance classes, parties, and workshops created specifically for the trip.

Whitney is also a successful entrepreneur, creating a plus-size exercise apparel brand called NoBS Active. The brand now has a fitness and lifestyle app that offers workouts, tutorials, and other exclusive content to members. Membership costs are reported to be $199.99 per year or $19.99 a month. She also makes money endorsing various companies on her Instagram page and making appearances for different events.

Whitney Way Thore’s Net Worth And Assets

While Whitney Way Thore has not made any big announcements regarding her wealth, it is clear that she has built up a sizable bank account over the years. Today, her net worth is estimated to be about $4 million. Part of that wealth can be attributed to her TV appearances and the rest comes from her various business endeavors.

Reality TV shows are notoriously reluctant to reveal details about their star’s salaries, but it is estimated that Whitney’s salary from “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” is between $5,000 and $10,000 per episode. The show has been airing for a significant period of time and TLC is known to raise the pay of their reality TV stars as their popularity grows. Previous reports state that she has made at least $1 million from her appearances on the show.

The popularity of her TLC show has also opened up other opportunities for Whitney. It is believed that she makes a substantial amount from endorsements, promotions, and event appearances. Her assets remain undisclosed.

Future Effects On Net Worth

While it is unclear whether “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” will be renewed for another season, if it is, it would give Whitney’s net worth a substantial boost. She can also continue accepting the money-making opportunities that come her way due to her popularity and her large fan base. Whatever she chooses to do, we will probably continue seeing Whitney’s successes long into the future.

What do you think Whitney Way Thore’s net worth will be in 2025? Let us know in the comments below!

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With 14 Children To Take Care of, What Is the Net Worth of Deon and Karen Derrico?

Deon and Karen Derrico's net worthAmericans Deon and Karen Derrico are famous reality TV stars, but they have also had other occupations. Deon lists his occupations as an actor and real estate investor, while Karen considers herself an entrepreneur. They are best known for appearing on the TLC reality series Doubling Down With the Derricos with their 14 children. The Derrico family requires a lot of everything, so fans want to know “What exactly is Deon and Karen Derrico’s net worth?”

Who Are Deon and Karen Derrico?

Deon Derrico was born on Sept. 16, 1970, to parents Marian and Eddie Derrico in Detroit, Michigan. There is no information publicly available on whether he has any siblings. He graduated from Detroit’s Cooley High School and was reportedly interested in acting while young. He had a role in the 2009 project Duress, but he was uncredited.

Over the years, Deon has taken on multiple projects. Early in his career, he worked as a chef, bus driver, hairstylist, and salon owner. Today, he is a real estate investor who flips and restores properties. In 2010, Deon became the CEO of the Derricodew Corporation, a property management company. He also founded a talent/production company called Deon Derrico Entertainment, Inc.

Karen Derrico was born Karen Evonne Carter in Kingstree, South Carolina on February 26, 1980. Little public information is available about her parents and it is not clear if she has any siblings. She graduated from Kingstree Senior High School, but other details regarding her academic credentials have not been made public. She worked at a daycare center after graduating and eventually became a flight attendant.

Karen met Deon through her work as a flight attendant. The couple married in 2002 and had their first child in 2006. Today, the couple has 14 children and live in Las Vegas. All of the children, which includes quintuplets, triplets, and two sets of twins, were born naturally, without IVF.

All of the kids’ names start with the letter “D”: Darian (born 2006), Derrick (born 2011), Dallas and Denver (born 2012), Deniko, Dariz, Deonee, Daician, and Daiten (born 2013), Diez and Dior (born 2018), and Dawsyn, De’Aren, and Dyver (born 2019). The couple lost a son named Carter shortly after birth in 2018.

TLC has documented the ups and downs of Deon and Karen Derrico’s family in their reality series Doubling Down with the Derricos since 2020. The series follows the day-to-day adventures of the family and the challenges of raising four back-to-back sets of multiples. The reality show, which premiered on Aug. 11, 2020, is now signed for a fourth season.

Deon and Karen Derrico’s Net Worth And Assets

Deon and Karen Derrico’s net worth is impressive. Deon has an estimated net worth of $6 million, while Karen has an estimated net worth of $500,000. While the exact payout for the TLC stars is unknown, after three successful seasons, the cast of a TLC reality show typically receives between $7,000 and $10,000 per episode. After that, the base pay rises to about $25,000 per episode.

Deon also reportedly makes a considerable income from his real estate endeavors and his entertainment business. The Derricos currently live in a four-bedroom, three-bathroom home in North Las Vegas, Nevada. The home is frequently shown on the family’s reality show, as that’s where most of the action unfolds.

Future Effects On Net Worth

Deon and Karen Derrico’s net worth is a reflection of the hard work they put in to secure their family’s future. It is reasonable to assume that the family will continue seeing success in the future. If their series remains successful, we might be seeing the Derricos for many more years.

What do you think Deon and Karen Derrico’s net worth will be in 2025? Let us know in the comments below!

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What Is Outdaughtered’s Danielle Busby’s Net Worth?

Danielle Busby's Net Worth

American Danielle Busby is a reality star best known for her appearance on the TLC reality TV show OutDaughtered. The show follows the life of her large family, which includes her husband, her oldest daughter, and her five quintuplet girls. She is also a social media star and entrepreneur. So what exactly is Danielle Busby’s net worth?

Who Is Danielle Busby?

On December 23rd, 1983, Danielle was born in in Lake Charles, Louisiana to mother Michelle. She grew up in Louisiana with her twin sisters, Ashley and Crystal. Not much is known about her father or any other siblings as Danielle prefers to keep her personal life out of the spotlight. For similar reasons, there is not much public information available about her educational history.

Danielle met Adam Busby at her workplace in 2003. After two and a half years, he proposed and they married on April 05, 2006. The couple soon moved to Houston, Texas to start their family. After a long fertility struggle, Danielle had their first daughter Blayke on April 2, 2011.

The couple wanted another baby, but knew that Danielle would have a hard time with pregnancy, so she started taking drug named Femara. After taking the drug for some time, they got news that Danielle was pregnant with quintuplets, who were born on April 8, 2015 via C-section at 28 weeks of pregnancy. The quintuplets had to spend the first few months of their lives in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of the Woman’s Hospital of Texas. The babies were named Ava Lane, Olivia Marie, Hazel Grace, Riley Paige, and Parker Kate. They were the first set of quintuplet daughters to be born in the United States.

In May 2016, OutDaughtered, the TLC program featuring the Busby family, premiered. The show ran for eight seasons before failing to be renewed. Until 2018, Adam worked for Intrinsic Solutions/Sprint Safety as a Key Account Manager. He then founded his own photo and video creation business called Adam Busby Media. The couple also co-owned a cycling studio called Rush Cycle in Houston, Texas at one time.

Danielle Busby is a busy entrepreneur as well as a super mom. She is co-owner of fitness apparel company CADi Fitness with her two sisters. She also owns an online clothing boutique called It’s a Buzz World Shop and Graeson Bee, described as a “one-stop shop of affordable head-to-toe looks.” Danielle is also a social media star with over 125,000 followers on Facebook, 1.7 million followers on Instagram, and 58,000 followers on Twitter.

Danielle Busby’s Net Worth And Assets

Danielle Busby and her husband Adam have never publicly disclosed their net worth, but they are currently estimated to have a net worth of about $5 million. A good portion of this income would have come from their eight seasons of appearances on OutDaughtered. Estimates based on what other TLC stars have disclosed about their salaries put the Busby’s income from the show at between $25,000 and $40,000 per episode or around $1 million per season.

The income from the show would not solely be responsible for the family’s high net worth. They also earn income from their various businesses. Danielle Busby’s net worth is also boosted by her additional social media endorsements and advertisements.

The couple currently lives in a beautiful two-storied home in Houston, Texas that has a large backyard and a pool. Over the years, the family has made a number of renovations to their home, which may have increased it worth over what they bought the home for. However, the amount that they paid for the home and its current value has not been disclosed.

Future Effects On Net Worth

While OutDaughtered has not been renewed to air on TLC, Danielle and Adam have been able to make the money earned from the show work for them by investing in the creation of new businesses. Danielle’s businesses appear to be thriving and her social media presence has increased since the end of the show.

What do you think Danielle Busby’s net worth will be in 2025? Let us know in the comments below!

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