7 Steps To Beat The Summer Debt Bulge

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Have you spent too much on vacations, dining out, or entertainment this summer? Follow these seven simple steps to get your finances back on track and pay down your debt faster.
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Will Trump Make It Harder to Discharge Student Loan Debt?

Bankruptcy Rules Might Go Up for Review

Is Trump Making It Easier To Get Out From Student Loan Debt?

According to the G.19 Consumer Credit Report recently released by the Federal Reserve, America’s total student loan debt has topped $1.5 billion – and we are having trouble paying off that debt. At of the end of 2017, a whopping 11 percent of student loans were either ninety days delinquent or in default.
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Your Unpaid Student Loan Could Cost You Your Tax Refund

Your Unpaid Student Loan Could Cost You Your Tax Refund Defaulted Loans May lead to Garnished Refunds

You anticipated a large refund on your taxes to pay off some bills and put some money away in a rainy-day fund. Unfortunately, the money never showed up. What happened?
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Student Loan Interest Rates Rise — What Borrowers Need to Know

Student loan interest rates rise and here is what borrowers need to know.

Are you planning to take out student loans soon? Be prepared to pay more for the privilege.
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