From Brat Pack to Billionaire: Uncovering the Astonishing Net Worth of Jami Gertz

Jami Gertz Net Worth

American Jami Gertz is a successful actress and entrepreneur. She is best known for her film appearances in the 1980s and for being one of the richest women in America. So fans want to know what exactly is Jami Gertz’s net worth?

Who Is Jami Gertz?

Jami Beth Gertz was born on October 28, 1965, in Chicago, Illinois to mother Sharyn Gertz and father Walter Gertz. She grew up in the nearby Glenview suburb with her parents and her two brothers, Scott and Michael. She graduated from Maine East High School and attended NYU to earn her degree in Theater Arts.

Gertz started her acting career in the early 80s, appearing in TV commercials before landing her first on-screen TV role in the 1981 film On the Right Track. Notable TV appearances include recurring roles on Diff’rent Strokes, The Facts of Life, Family Ties, and Keeping Up with the Steins. She also had a string of notable movie roles, including in The Lost Boys, Twister, Little Shop of Horrors, and Sixteen Candles.

After a hiatus to work as a scent designer for perfume company Lanvin in France, she resumed her acting career in the late 80s and 90s. Gertz had a recurring roles in various television programs, including The Neighbors, Seinfeld, Still Standing, E.R., Entourage, Modern Family, and Ally McBeal. She also starred alongside Britney Spears in Crossroads.

Jami married Tony Ressler in 1989 and they have three children together. In 1990, Ressler co-founded private equity firm Apollo Global Management, which has an estimated $300 billion in assets under management. In 1997, he founded Ares Management, which has over $136 billion in assets under management. Together, they are part-owners of the Atlanta Hawks NBA team and own a minority stake in the Milwaukee Brewers.

Jami Gertz is also a successful businesswoman. She owns a media investment company called Southport Lane and is the founder and owner of consulting firm JG&A, LLC. She was a co-founder of home goods retailer Henry Rose and advises high-profile tech companies, including Zinc Health and Women@Work Ventures.

Jami Gertz Net Worth And Assets

As of March 2023, Jami Gertz’s net worth is estimated at $3 billion. She earns an estimated $250 million per year with a $20+ million monthly income. Much of her wealth comes from acting, but a considerable portion comes from her business endeavors. It is estimated that her and her husband’s ownership in Ares Management alone is around 33% of Ares’s equity.

Jami and her family have two primary homes. Tax records show their house in Beverly Hills is worth a minimum of $30 million, but might fetch closer to $50 million on the open market. Their Malibu home is in Broad Beach, but its value has not been disclosed.

Future Effects On Net Worth

Jami’s businesses appear to be doing well and her investments have continued to provide attractive returns to continue growing her considerable net worth. It remains to be seen whether she will continue her illustrious acting career or whether she will turn her focus to other business opportunities.

What do you think Jami Gertz’s net worth will be in 2025? Let us know in the comments below!

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What is ‘Jeopardy’ Host Mayim Bialik’s Net Worth?

Mayim BialikMayim Bialik 5” by afagen is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

American Mayim Bialik is an actress best known for her roles on the CBS show The Big Bang Theory and NBC show Blossom. Over the course of her career, she has appeared in over 55 movies and television series. The multi-Emmy nominated actress is also an author, a game show host, and a neuroscientist. So what exactly is Mayim Bialik’s net worth?

Who Is Mayim Bialik?

Mayim Bialik was born Mayim Chaya Bialik in San Diego, California on Dec. 12, 1975, to parents Barry and Beverly. She is an only child. Bialik graduated from North Hollywood High School in 1993 and attended UCLA with a major in neuroscience and minoring in Hebrew and Jewish studies. She earned her B.S. degree in 2000 and her Ph.D. degree in 2007.

Mayim Bialik began her acting career at the age of 6 and gained experience playing roles in the 1988 horror film Pumpkinhead and the 1989 movie Beaches. She also had guest roles on several popular television shows. She was cast as Blossom Russo on NBC’s Blossom and acted in all 114 episodes until the series ended in 1995. She also played Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory from 2010 until the show ended in 2019. Her voice can also be heard on numerous animated projects including Hey Arnold!, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, Extreme Ghostbusters, and Kim Possible. Today, she co-hosts Jeopardy! with Ken Jennings.

Mayim Bialik is also a New York Times bestselling author and has won numerous awards throughout her life. She formed a production company, Sad Clown Productions, in 2019 and has also written, directed, and served as an executive producer for several movies. The first sitcom she produced was Call Me Kat, in which she is also the lead actress.

On Aug. 31, 2003, Mayim married Michael Stone, whom she met in a chemistry class at UCLA. The couple had their first son Miles on Oct. 10, 2005, and their second son Frederick on Aug. 15, 2008. Mayim and Michael divorced in May 2013.

Mayim Bialik Net Worth & Assets

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Mayim Bialik has a net worth of $25 million. For The Big Bang Theory alone, she was taking home $450,000 per episode of the show for the final two seasons, which works out to $10 million per season. However, her career as an actress is only part of the reason why she is so financially successful.

Mayim’s production company, writing work, game show host gig, and other ventures also increase her net worth. It has not been revealed how much she receives for hosting the game show, but estimates put the salary in the range of $5 million to $10 million. She also co-owns a Los Angeles vegan restaurant called Bodhi Bowl with chef/longtime friend Ali Cruddas. As far as property assets go, she owns a home in Studio City, CA that is likely worth around $2 million.

Future Effects On Net Worth

It is believed that she will continue to earn from acting, writing, and producing for years to come. Fox’s Call Me Kat halted production immediately following the death of comedian Leslie Jordan, but the series has neither been canceled nor renewed for a fourth season as of this posting. The co-owned vegan restaurant and her other ventures will also continue to contribute to her income.

What do you think Mayim Bialik’s net worth will be in 2025? Let us know in the comments below!

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Candace Cameron Bure Net Worth

Candace Cameron Bure

Candace Cameron Bure by Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

American Candace Cameron Bure is an actress and reality television star that has been on TV for more than three decades. She is also a businesswoman and a New York Times best-selling author that has written more than 10 books. So what exactly is Candace Cameron Bure’s net worth?

Who Is Candace Cameron Bure?

Candace Helaine Cameron was born on April 6, 1976, to parents Robert and Barbara Cameron in Panorama City, Los Angeles. She has one older brother, fellow actor Kirk Cameron. Since 1996, she has been married to professional hockey player Valerie Bure. They have a daughter and two sons together.

Cameron Bure began acting at a very young age. She is best known for her role on “Full House,” which ran 8 seasons from Sept. 22, 1987, to May 23, 1995. She also appeared in the series reboot, “Fuller House,” for 5 seasons, ending on June 2, 2020.

Cameron Bure has also appeared in many made-for-TV movies over the years. She has been in 11 Christmas films on the Hallmark Channel, earning her the nickname “The Queen of Christmas.” She also stars as Aurora Teagarden in the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries series on the channel, which has aired 17 TV movies since 2015.

In 2014, Cameron Bure appeared as a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars” with professional partner Mark Ballas. They finished in third place. She was a co-host on The View from 2015 to 2016 and co-hosted the 26th annual Movieguide Awards for Hallmark with her daughter Natasha in 2019. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal in November 2022, she announced that she had ended her relationship with Hallmark and would now be working with the Great American Family network.

Candace Cameron Bure Net Worth & Assets

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Candace Cameron Bure’s net worth (when combined with her husband’s) is roughly $14 million. It is estimated that Valerie earned around $22.5 million during his career in the NHL and she has been earning from acting since she was a child. According to reports, she currently makes an annual income of $1.63 million.

Not all of her money comes from acting. It is estimated that she made as much as $295,000 from her stint on “Dancing With The Stars.” She also has producer credits for “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries” as well as producer and director credits for “Fuller House.” This year, she released her latest children’s book, titled “Candace’s Playful Puppy.”

Cameron Bure is also a notable businesswoman. She has a clothing line and a home goods collection that she sells on QVC. A partnership with Christian greeting card company DaySpring allows her to sell bibles, mugs, candles, and other items in their online shop. She also briefly opened a restaurant with her husband in Pembroke Pines, Florida, and a winery called Bure Family Wines with some friends.

Future Effects On Net Worth

Candace Cameron Bure’s net worth is a reflection of three decades in the entertainment industry. As she continues her acting career, she will be able to command notable sums for her appearances. Her other businesses appear to be flourishing, which will add to her net worth for years to come. She and her husband also own a home in Malibu, California, and a property in St. Helena, California that could continue to increase in value as property in California becomes more expensive.

What do you think Candace Cameron Bure’s net worth will be in 2025? Let us know in the comments below!

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Zendaya’s Net Worth

Zendayas Net Worth

Actress, entertainer, and producer Zendaya has what one source calls a “staggering” net worth. She started off her career as a model and child actress. However, she’s expanded her empire since that time, and she’s still growing it. So what exactly is Zendaya’s net worth?

Who Is Zendaya?

Celebrity Net Worth reports that Zendaya’s full name is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman. She is of mixed-race heritage; her father is African American and her mother has German-Scottish ancestry. She was born in September 1996, in Oakland California, the youngest of a half dozen children, all of which IMDB lists as her half-siblings. Zendaya developed an interest in entertainment at a very young age, starting in plays at age 6 and dancing at age 8. She continued with local Bay Area theater and dance until she and her family moved from the Bay Area to Los Angeles when she was about 13.

Zendaya’s Modeling Career

Celebrity Net Worth reports that Zendaya’s first work was as a model in various ads and as a model-dancer in commercials and music videos. That experience likely served her well in more recent years when she’s done endorsement work including spokes modeling. Brands she’s aligned with for endorsements include Lancôme, Valentino, Bulgari, CoverGirl, Beats Electronics, Chi Hair Care, and Madonna’s Material Girl clothing line.

Zendaya’s Acting Career

Zendaya transitioned from stage acting to screen acting, beginning to work on Disney movies that gained her success. In 2010, she got the starring role in Disney’s series “Shake It Up,” one of the channel’s most popular series. The show aired for three seasons, during which she had other roles, including a starring role in the Disney movie “Frenemies” in 2012. Her next big starring role on a Disney Channel series was as “K.C. Undercover,” a role that she had from 2015-2018.

Zendaya’s dance background has lent itself to her acting career over the year. For example, she hosted Disney’s 2011 show: “Make Your Mark: Ultimate Dance Off 2011” and she was on Dancing With The Stars one season where she got second place. In a similar vein, she played a trapeze artist in the film “The Greatest Showman,” putting her dance abilities to use in a new way, since she reportedly rarely used stunt doubles on the film.

In recent years, she has continued to grow her career with interesting roles on both the small screen and the big screen. On the small screen, she started playing Rue Bennett on the HBO show “Euphoria” in 2019. On the big screen, you’ve seen her in the 2017 and 2019 Spider-Man movies. She played Chani in “Dune” in 2021 and is currently filming “Dune: Part 2.”

Zendaya’s Music Career

Zendaya’s net worth comes not just from acting and dancing but also from her music career. She released her single “Swag It Out,” in 2011, while she was ramping up her career with Disney. In 2013, she released a self-titled album. It did well on the Billboard charts and the single titled “Replay” was certified Platinum, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Four years later, she reached 2x Platinum status with her song, “Rewrite the Stars,” which was a duet with Zac Efron.

Zendaya’s Other Roles and Endeavors

Over the years, she’s added to her net worth with producer credits. She did some production work on “K.C. Undercover,” and she even has one writer credit for an episode of that show according to IMDB. Zendaya’s been the producer on several of her own music videos. And in 2021 she both starred in and produced the film “Malcolm and Marie.” IMDB has her listed with executive producer credits on six episodes of “Euphoria.” They’ve also announced there that she’s a producer on an upcoming movie titled “A White Lie,” release date TBD.

In 2013, she published a book titled: “Between U and Me: How to Rock Your Tween Years with Style and Confidence.” In 2015 she launched the Daya shoe collection and followed it the next year with the Daya clothing line. Cosmopolitan describes that one as “a gender- and size-inclusive clothing line that launched alongside an app.” She knows how to diversify her income. Cosmo also reports that she has a clothing collab with Tommy Hilfiger.

Zendaya has nearly 150 million followers on Instagram and about 87 million on TikTok. She also has 21 million Twitter followers, 19 million Facebook followers, and almost 4 million on YouTube.

Zendaya’s Net Worth, Income, and Assets

Celebrity Net Worth usually has the most up-to-date information as compared to other sources. Therefore, we turned to them to find out Zendaya’s net worth. They report Zendaya’s net worth at $20 million. Note that many other sources online say $15 million. However, some of those even cite Celebrity Net Worth as their source, suggesting that their reporting is out of date. We believe that $20 million represents a likely accurate number for Zendayas net worth.

Zendaya’s Assets

In terms of assets, Celebrity Net Worth reports that she owns two homes in California:

  • One in Northridge which she paid $1.4 million for in 2017
  • One in Encino, which she paid $4 million for in 2020

Zendaya’s Income

Obviously, her net worth comes from all of the different work she’s done over the years as described above. We couldn’t find much specific information about exactly what she’s been paid for each of her roles. Cosmopolitan reports that when she parted ways with Disney in 2018, she retained royalty rights on much of her work. They further report that her “Euphoria” co-star Sydney Sweeney earned $325,000 for 13 episodes of the show and that she likely earns as much or more. Although they didn’t know what she got paid for each of her three Spider-Man movie roles, they did uncover that she received $10 million just in bonuses alone on just one of those films.

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