Wes Bentley’s Net Worth

Born in Arkansas in 1978, Wes got his big break in acting from the 1999 movie “American Beauty,” which earned him a BAFTA nomination when he played the supporting part as Ricky Fitts. He is also known as game maker Seneca Crane from the hit movie series the “Hunger Games,” and as a series regular from the TV series “American Horror Story.” He now stars as Jamie Dutton, one of the Dutton family members in the Paramount original series, “Yellowstone.” This is Wes Bentley’s net worth. 

Wes Bentley’s Family

Wes remarried actress and producer Jacqui Swedberg and is now a father to two children — a boy and a girl. He currently resides with his family in Los Angeles, California. 

His parents were Methodist ministers in Arkansas. The third of four boys, he and his siblings were in a drama club in high school. He joined a few competitions where he, in 1996, won first place for solo acting in the state of Arkansas.

Wes Bentley’s Drug Issues and Scandals

Since finding fame quite early with the movie “American Beauty,” Wes Bentley turned to drug use and has had a problem with addiction.

He got divorced from his wife at the time, Jennifer Quanz, and lived on his own. He then binged on drugs and used all the proceeds from his movie earnings from the late ’90s to mid-2000s to buy heroin, leaving him broke.

The first time he went to rehab was from a court order due to an arrest in 2008. Before then, his cast mates in the movies he was acting in had conflicts with him, causing additional tension to the filming. 

After his first stint in rehab, he then relapsed and went back to taking drugs until he reached out for help from a friend. He has since gone to another rehab facility, which was successful in his rehabilitation, and has been clean ever since.

On top of the drug addiction, Wes Bentley had issues with alcoholism, both of which were attributed to him being suddenly famous after American Beauty came out. Alcohol and drugs became his emotional way of coping with the struggles that came with fame. 

Career Rebuilding

Since dropping to his career-low during his addiction, he’s taken on roles in Off-Broadway plays such as “Venus in Fur” to rebuild his career.

He’s also taken on more challenging roles that give him a chance to transform into a better actor. He hasn’t looked back since.

Wes Bentley’s Net Worth

Wes Bentley’s main source of income comes from acting in various TV and movie roles. It is estimated that his net worth is about $3 million dollars.

This number is based on earnings from his early 2010s projects until the present. The majority of Wes Bentley’s income comes from the “American Horror Story” and “Yellowstone” series. It is estimated that the actors of “Yellowstone,” including Wes, command up to $200,000 per episode. Kevin Costner, however, earns more than the rest of the cast combined.

“Yellowstone” currently has 3 seasons, averaging 10 episodes each. This allowed Wes Bentley to earn approximately $6 million from the series. Since it is still an ongoing series, he has the potential to add even more millions to his estimated net worth so watch this space.

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