Miles Teller’s Net Worth

Miles Teller's Net Worth

Miles Teller is an actor and musician. Maybe you know him from movies like “Divergent” and “The Spectacular Now.” or perhaps you’ve only gotten to know him because his name has been in the news a lot recently. He was assaulted earlier this year in Hawaii. Then he got COVID, which prompted a lot of back and forth vaccination controversy online, although he recently came out and said he was actually vaccinated. Whatever the details, the drama has put him in the headlines a lot lately. What has that done to Miles Teller’s net worth?

Who Is Miles Teller?

Miles Alexander Teller was born in February 1987 in Pennsylvania. However, he grew up primarily in small town Florida. He is both a television and film actor, as well as a self-taught musician. In addition to drums, he can play piano, guitar, and saxophone.

IMDB reports that he has two siblings, Dana and Erin. Their mother, Merry Flowers, is a French-English family from New Jersey. Their father, Mike Teller, is of Russian Jewish descent as well as Irish and Polish ancestry.

He attended Lecanto High School, during which time he was a in a youth band. He graduated from there in 2005. Then he went on to get a BFA in Drama from the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. He performed in his first film short while still in high school, in 2004’s “Moonlighters.”

miles teller

Miles Teller at the Los Angeles premiere of ‘Only The Brave’ held at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood, USA on October 8, 2017. ©buzzfuss/123RF.COM

Miles Teller’s Acting Credits

Although he plays music, Miles Teller’s net worth comes from his acting work.

Miles Teller Movies

After the 2004 short, he waited a few years, and then he was in a series of other movie shorts beginning in 2007. In 2010 he was in his first feature film role as Jason in “Rabbit Hole.” From there, he went on to additional movies including:

  • Willard in 2011’s “Footloose”
  • Miles in 2012’s “Project X”
  • Sutter in 2013’s “The Spectacular Now” for which he received a Special Jury Prize from the Sundance Film Festival
  • Miller in 2013’s “21 and Over”

Then in 2014, he was really busy. He was in four films that year: “Whiplash,” “That Awkward Moment,” “Divergent,” and “Two Night Stand.” He was also in a short called “9 Kisses.” “Divergent” was a very successful film series that contributed to Miles Teller’s net worth. In 2015, he was its second movie, “Insurgent.” There was also a video game short associated with that film. Then in 2016, he was in the third “Divergent” film called “Allegiant.”

In those years, he also had roles in “Fantastic Four,” “Get a Job,” “War Dogs, ” and “Bleed For This.” In 2o17, he began to slow down a little. He was in two films that year, “Thank You For Your Service” and “Only the Brave.” Then he didn’t do any acting roles in 2018.

However, things are starting to pick up again for Miles Teller. He was in a Taylor Swift music video this year, which gained him a lot of media attention. He is also in films coming out over the next couple of years including:

    • 2021’s “Escape From Spiderhead” which is in post-production
    • 2022’s “Top Gun: Maverick” which is ready to go
    • A voice role in 2023’s “The Ark and the Aardvark,” which is currently filming
    • Roles planned in “The Fence” and “Not Without Hope,” which are both in pre-production

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Miles Teller TV Roles

In addition to his movie roles, Miles Teller’s net worth also comes from his television work. This began with one episode of “The Unusuals” in 2009. Then in 2012, he was on four episodes of “The 47th Floor.” In 2019, he played Martin Jones in “Too Old To Die Young.” Additionally, he plays the role of Albert S. Muddy on the TV mini series “The Offer,” which comes out in 2022. 

Additionally, in 2016, he was on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallo”n performing as a musician. IMDB also lists more than 60 other appearances as himself on shows like that. He’s been on “Entertainment Tonight” multiple times in the past five or six years. Other examples include “Hollywood Insider,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and “The View=.”

Miles Teller’s Awards

Miles Teller really first got noticed with his award-winning role in “Spectacular Now,” a film for which he also received several other award nominations. That wasn’t his first time for a nomination though. He was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor in the Chlotrudis Awards in 2011 for “Rabbit Hole.” Incidentally, they also had him nominated for Best Actor for “Spectacular Now.”

“Whiplash” was the other film that got him a lot of award-worthy attention. He won the Odyssey Award for Best Lead Actor. Additionally, he also received several other nominations. He played the lead role in that film, which is interesting, since IMDB reports that he originally wanted to turn the role down to take some time off. You’ll remember that was a very busy year for him as an actor!

Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry

Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry at the Los Angeles premiere of ‘Only The Brave’ held at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood, USA on October 8, 2017. ©buzzfuss/123RF.COM

Miles Teller’s Personal Life

Miles Teller is married to model Keleigh Sperry. They dated for quite awhile and married in 2019. She is also an actress who appeared with him in the Taylor Swift music video. As aforementioned, he had drummed up some controversy because people were reporting that he hadn’t been vaccinated for COVID-19. This controversy spilled over on to Taylor Swift with fans asking why she was including him when he hadn’t been vaccinated. He eventually came out on Twitter and said that he is vaccinated, although that’s personal information he shouldn’t have to share. Miles and Keleigh have no children at this time.

What is Miles Teller’s Net Worth?

Miles Teller’s net worth comes primarily from his movie acting roles. Celebrity Net Worth reports that in 2016 he purchased a home worth about $3 million. They put Miles Teller’s net worth at about $10 million. However, Wealthy Gorilla pinpoints it as closer to $14 million. Therefore, we can say with some confidence that Miles Teller’s net worth is likely somewhere between $10 million and $14 million. We assume that means he’s now paid off his student loan debt, which was a six figure amount.

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Dule Hill’s Net Worth

Dule Hill's Net Worth

Dule Hill, whose first name is Karim according to Wikipedia, is a television and film actor. Do you recognize him by name? What if we told you that he played the character of Gus on the TV show “Psych”? Or that he was Charlie Young on “The West Wing?” If you weren’t familiar with his name before, then it’s probably ringing a bell now. But do you have any guess as to Dule Hill’s net worth?

Who Is Dule Hill?

According to his IMDB biography, Dule Hill was born in New Jersey in 1975. His parents are Jamaican; Dad is an entrepreneur and mom a teacher. He has one older brother.

Although he ultimately has become well-known for his acting roles on both the small and big screen, Dule Hill started out as a singer and dancer. In fact, believe it or not, he was only three years old when he joined the Marie Wildey School of Dance. Three years old!

When he was still a young child, he got the role of Savion Glover’s understudy for Broadway’s “The Tap Dance Kid.” He went on to perform that lead role for over a year when the musical did its national tour. Wikipedia reports that at age 10 he went on Jerry Lewis’s MDA telethon to tap dance, which he ended up having to do to an unexpected song played live by the orchestra because they couldn’t find his music! IMDB adds that other musicals he was in while young include “Little Rascals,” “Black & Blue,” and “Shenandoah.”

Fun fact from IMDB: Hill still enjoys tap dancing. In fact, he did so with Savion Glover in 2001 at the 32nd NAACP Image Awards show.

High School and College

Although he was doing well on stage, he was also interested in screen acting. Hill started getting jobs in commercials. Then, he appeared in his first film while still in his senior year of high school. The film was “Sugar Hill.” He played the younger version of Wesley Snipes’ character in the film.

Before that year (1993) was over, he had started attending college while at the same time appearing on Jim Henson’s Saturday morning show “CityKids.” Although he had enough success behind him to have given acting a full-time go, education was important to him, perhaps because his mom is an educator. He decided to continue studying acting at William Esper Studio, honing his craft.

But at the same time he gave himself an edge up on life by also attending Seton Hall University where he studied business finance. Whether or not you go into business for a living, knowing about money is good common sense, and it’s surely helped as Dule Hill’s net worth has grown. That said, IMDB reports that ultimately he had to make a decision about whether to stay at Seton Hall of accept the starring role in Broadway’s “Bring in Da’ Noise, Bring In Da’ Funk.” He chose the latter, leaving college during his junior year. He spent over two years in that role and it served I’m well as far as networking and accolades.

Dule Hill’s TV and Film Appearances

We already know that Dule Hill’s first film was “Sugar Hill” in 1993. But what else has he done on the big and small screens that have contributed to Dule Hill’s net worth?

IMDB shows that he had small roles on a variety of different television shows and TV movies from 1993 – 1999. Then in 1999 he was in the film “She’s All That.” Additional films quickly followed including “Men of Honor” in 2000, “Holes” in 2003, “Sexual Life” in 2004, “Edmund” in 2005, and “The Guardian” in 2006.

Dule Hill’s Big TV Roles

At the same time, though, he was making a name for himself on “The West Wing.” He played Charlie Young from 1999 – 2006. In 2001 and 2002, he and the cast won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. They were nominated for that award in other years as well.

Then in 2006 he started playing the role of Burton “Gus” Guster on “Psych” which was just a web series at the time. However, it was quickly picked up as a TV series and he continued to play that role for about eight years. During those years, he also made appearances in several films and shorts.

After “Psych” came to an end, Dule Hill chalked up a number of other TV roles:

  • Larry Siefert in “Ballers”
  • Albert Cobb in “Doubt”
  • Alex Williams in “Suits”
  • Marcus Duane Wainwright III in “Black Monday”
  • Mr. Manny in the “Muppet Babies” TV short

Most recently, he’s playing the role of Bill Williams in the new version of “The Wonder Years.”

Additional Movie Mentions

In addition to the movies noted above, there have been three TV movie spinoffs of “Psych.” The first was in 2017. The second in 2020. And the final is filming now. It’s called “This Is Gus” so presumably he is the main focus of this movie. Depending how that does, it could potentially add to Dule Hill’s net worth.

Dule Hill also has three other movies from 2021: “Locked Down,” “Night of the Animated Dead” (which is a voice role), and “Hypnotic.” He sure is keeping busy!

Dule Hill’s Personal Life

Dule Hill married Canadian actress Nicole Lyn in 2004. She had been in some episodes of “The West Wing.” And fun fact, according to IMDB, she also started taking dance classes at age three. They were married for about eight years, divorcing without having any children.

In 2017, Dule Hill became engaged to Jazmyn Simon. She had been on the show “Ballers” with him. She already had a daughter, who Hill adopted. In 2019, the now-married couple had a son together, Levi Dule Hill. Ecelebrityspy reports that the family lives in a 4000 square foot house. It was a 1970s house that they renovated, and you can actually see the renovation on the show “Styling Hollywood” on Netflix.

Dule Hill’s Net Worth

Okay, so we know how Dule Hill started off in life. We know about his early Broadway work and his ongoing work in TV and film. But do we know Dule Hill’s net worth? Celebrity Net Worth is typically our most accurate source for this type of information. They say that Dule Hill’s net worth is $8 million. Ecelbrityspy makes a guess that Dule Hill earned  somewhere between $200,000 and $500,000 per episode of “Psych” but we have not been able to confirm the accuracy of that guess.

What’s your favorite role that Dule Hill has played?

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John Gallagher Jr’s Net Worth

John Gallagher Jr's net worth

If you love Broadway musicals, then you probably know of John Gallagher Jr. After all he’s a Tony-award winning actor. He’s also appeared on TV and in films. Moreover, he’s a musician in his own right as well. With all of these different endeavors going on, we have to wonder about John Gallagher Jr’s net worth.

Who Is John Gallagher Jr?

In 2006, a rock musical adaptation of a nineteenth century play called “Spring Awakening” hit Broadway. John Gallagher Jr. It quickly earned 8 Tony awards. Plus, the album from the musical received a Grammy. Re-released in 2015, it went on to earn additional Tony awards. So, if you’re a fan of musicals, and you haven’t seen this one, then you’ve missed out.

However, if you did see that 2006 version of “Spring Awakening” then you probably know John Gallagher Jr. He played Moritz Stiefel, a role for which he won the Tony for Best Featured Actor in a Musical. He’s performed in other rock musicals and Broadway shows as well. This is probably what he’s best known for.

That said, he obviously has dual talents for music and acting. He’s put those both to use in their own right. In 2021 he released the album “8th and Jane.” This is his second album in collaboration with Thad DeBrock. In terms of acting, he’s had appearances on major tv shows and has also worked in film.

John Gallagher Jr’s Stage Career

Most of his career, and therefore most of John Gallagher Jr’s net worth, does come from his Broadway success. His role in “Spring Awakening” was a huge one. He was in the original cast and performed his role for over two years. However, this is not the only important Broadway / theatre role he’s had.

Internet Broadway Database notes that he was in the play “Rabbit Hole” right before he starred in “Spring Awakening.” The year after he had stopped performing in “Spring Awakening,” he spent a year starring as Johnny in Green Day’s “American Idiot” Broadway show. And as soon as he was done with that role, he performed in “Jerusalem.” Based on their list, he took about five years off of Broadway, then returned to the stage in 2016 for the starring role in “Long Day’s Journey Into Night.”

Broadway World reports that the actor has a new musical coming out soon. In 2022, he’ll star in The Avett Brother’s world premiere of “Swept Away” at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre.

John Gallagher Jr’s TV and Film Roles

John Gallagher Jr. at the HBO's 'Westworld'

John Gallagher Jr. at the HBO’s ‘Westworld’ Season 3 premiere held at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, USA on March 5, 2020. Photo credit: ©buzzfuss/123RF.COM

Although known best for his stage presence, some of Johnny Gallagher Jr’s net worth also comes from TV and film appearances. We should note here that he comes from a creative family. Both of his parents are folk musicians. And one of his two older sisters, Jaime, is an actress and casting director. She’s known for her work in “Zoolander” and “Pandemic.”

John Gallagher Jr. Films

In terms of his own acting credits, John Gallagher Jr. is probably best known for his starring role in 2016’s “10 Cloverfield Lane.” That same year, he was also in “Hush” and “The Belko Experiment.” However, his film appearances date all the way back to 2003’s “Pieces of April.” He was not quite twenty years old at the time.

Additional films he’s been in, according to his IMDB profile, include:

  • 2006’s “The Good Student”
  • 2009’s “Whatever Works”
  • 2010’s “Jonah Hex”
  • 2011’s “Margaret”
  • 2013’s “Short Term 12”
  • 2014’s “The Heart Machine”

He was in three films in 2018: “The Miseducation of Cameron Post,” “Sadie,” and “Peppermint.” Then the following year he was in two more films: “The Best of Enemies” and “American Woman.” And another two in 2020: “Underwater” and “Come Play.” In 2021, he was in “The Same Storm.”

IMDB lists three upcoming films that should add to John Gallagher Jr’s net worth. “The Cow” and “ISS” are in post-production. “Abandoned” is filming now.

John Gallagher Jr. TV Appearances

Before he even got into film roles, John Gallagher Jr. started off with TV appearances. Moreover, he’s continued to appear on TV throughout his career, including filming series during his busiest film years of 2018-2020. His first small screen role was 2001’s television movie “The Flamingo Rising.”

From there, he went on to perform in one or two episodes of a number of popular shows. These include episodes in al three of the major “Law and Order” series shows at the time. He was also on “The West Wing,” “Ed,” “NYPD Blue,” and other television shows.

From 2012 – 2014, John Gallagher Jr. played the role of Jim Harper on “The Newsroom.” In 2014, he also played Christopher Kitteredge in the tv mini series “Olive Kitteredge.” In 2020 he played Liam Dempsey in “Westworld.” He also has several other small television performances to his name, all of which add to John Gallagher Jr’s net worth.

John Gallagher Jr’s Love of Music

He might be well known for his acting, but music really seems to be John Gallagher Jr’s first true love. He’s obviously gotten to put those skills to use on Broadway. However, he’s also been in a number of bands over the years. His IMDB Bio notes that he’s performed in several bands including Old Springs Pike and Annie’s Autograph.

Wikipedia adds that he was also in the bands What Now and Not Now Murray. Old Spring Pike was his best-known band, though. He performed in that before and during his role in “Spring Awakening,” leaving the band in 2008. However, he’s continued to play music. As aforementioned, 2021 sees the release of his second album with Thad DeBrock.

One of IMDB’s fun facts is that at age 13 he wrote and sang a song to ask out his first love, doing so at an Irish Pub in front of family and friends.

John Gallagher Jr’s Net Worth

Now that we know where he gets his money, we have to wonder what exactly is John Gallagher Jr’s net worth? According to Celebrity Net Worth, it’s about $2 million. That’s a nice chunk of change, of course. However, it seems to pale in comparison to a lot of the actors we feature here on Plunged in Debt. As we’ve seen, many of his initial TV and film roles were small. And it’s hard to say how much he’s making off of music, even with his award-winning Broadway performances. What we will say is that with a new album, a new musical, and three new films on the way, we expect his net worth to grow in the years to come.

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Steve Buscemi’s Net Worth

Steve Buscemi's Net Worth

Steve Buscemi is one of the most interesting actors out there if you ask me. You might know him from his roles kin popular films including “Reservoir Dogs,” “Con Air,” and “Big Fish.” Or if you’re more of a small screen person, then perhaps you’re most familiar with his role on “Boardwalk Empire.” On the other hand, if you like animation then you might name his voice acting work on films like “Monsters Inc.” But, I have to be honest, it’s his personal life that captures my own attention. And, of course, if you’re interested in celebrity money then you can’t help but ask about Steve Buscemi’s net worth.

Who Is Steve Buscemi?

According to his IMDB profile, Steve Buscemi was born in Brooklyn in December 1957. His mother, Dorothy, worked as a waitress. His father, John, worked in the city’s sanitation department. He has a brother named Michael who is a few years younger than him and who also works as an actor. Wikipedia says that he has two other brothers as well. Buscemi became interested in acting by the time he was in high school, performing in the drama group there. Therefore, he headed to New York City right after graduation in order to study acting under John Strasberg.

Steve Buscemi Live Performances

Initially, he began working in theatre. His live performances have included a variety of different roles. Additionally, he frequently performed stand-up comedy. This can be such a great way to develop your skills in acting. It builds your wit, resilience and character.

Steve Buscemi in Film and TV

By 1985, Buscemi began to get small screen parts as well. IMDB lists two performances that year. However, it was the following year when he had his first huge role. He played Nick, a character with AIDS, in “Parting Glances.” That was no small role in to play in the mid-1980s, and he played it well. And Buscemi hasn’t stopped ever since. Take a look at IMDB and you’ll see that there’s not a single year missing from 1985 until now. He’s played roles both big and small, in films and TV, along with animation voice work. Most years he has quite a few credits to his name.

Steve Buscemi’s Important Films

We won’t list everything that the well-known actor has been in. Having worked with Jim Jarmusch, Martin Scorsese, the Coen Brothers, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Quentin Tarantino (among others), Buscemi has been a part of a number of important films. Moreover, he’s well-recognized as a high-quality actor among these well-known names. Steve Buscemi’s net worth is directly tied both to his prolific acting work and the quality of that work.

In a fabulous in-depth article about the actor’s life, GQ mentions that he’s played such a huge variety of character types in major movies. The article lists his roles in:

  • “Airheads”
  • “Fargo”
  • “Ghost World”
  • “In The Soup”
  • “Living in Oblivion”
  • “Mr. Deeds.”
  • “Reservoir Dogs”
  • “The Big Lebowski”

Other major Steve Buscemi films we want to highlight include  “Armagedoon,””Big Fish,” “Coffee and Cigarettes,” “Con Air,” “Kiss Daddy Goodnight, “Rising Sun,” and “Pulp Fiction.”

Steve Buscemi’s Key TV Roles

In addition to all of his roles on the big screen, Steve Buscemi’s net worth comes from his small screen work as well. Some of this best known TV roles include performances in:

  • “Miracle Workers”
  • “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”
  • “Portlandia”
  • “Horace and Pete”
  • “Boardwalk Empire”
  • “30 Rock”
  • “The Sopranos”
  • “Lonesome Dove”

Additionally, he’s been in one or two episodes of other well-known television shows. For example, he was on “Miami Vice” and “L.A. Law.”

Steve Buscemi’s Personal Life

As aforementioned, I’m personally interested in his personal life. As we’ve seen, he began acting prolifically in 1985.

Steve Buscemi: Firefighter

However, did you know that for the four years before that he worked as a New York firefighter? According to TIME, his father told all of the sons that they should take a civil service test as soon as they turned 18. He choose FDNY. He took a leave of absence in 1985 because his acting career was taking off. However, hhe always figured he’d return.

Although he didn’t have to go back since his acting was going well, he did eventually return for a time. Specifically, he was called to volunteer as soon as 9/11 happened. And although it’s been 20 years since that time, he has not forgotten what happened on that day. He was there for one week but the ramifications kicked in immediately. He was glad that he’d already started therapy.

Steve Buscemi: Marriage

He might Jo Andres when he was still a working firefighter. They married in 1987. And they stayed married in love until her death from cancer just a few short years ago. While rumor has it that he’s now happily dating a much younger woman, the loss of his wife was one of the hardest times of his life. GQ shares that the hardest part was the years of watching his wife go through pain before she died.

He credits her with helping him through so many different things in life. Apparently,he’s very much in his head. This, combined with PTSD from firefighting as well as other incidents (a stabbing, car accidents), has led him to cope with a lot of anxiety. His wife helped him learn to calm down and trust his own intuition. In the end, he says, she set an astounding example for being present while dying. Today, he tries to learn to live without her. He paints, he putters, he considers taking a creative writing class then thinks it might be too intimidating.

Steve Buscemi’s Net Worth

Although his personal life is what interests me the most, he’s obviously best known for all of his acting. And a lot of people wonder, what is Steve Buscemi’s net worth? Interestingly, there was a point where it might have gone a different way and been less than what it’s turned out to be. According to GQ, Buscemi really thought he was done with acting and would just direct. Then he got the role on “Boardwalk Empire.” Considering he won a Best Actor Golden Globe for that, it’s certainly contributed to Steve Buscemi’s net worth overall.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, he earned $75,000 per episode for that show alone. They place Steve Buscemi’s net worth at about $35 million. Wealthy Gorilla and The Richest give the same number. Therefore, we can say with decent certainty that his current net worth is $35 million.

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