Tony Lopez’s Net Worth

Tony Lopez's net worth

21-year old Internet celebrity Tony Lopez is very popular for his dance content. However, he’s also very controversial. Controversy can be good or bad when it comes to making money via social media. Let’s take a look at the story of Tony Lopez including Tony Lopez’s net worth.

Who Is Tony Lopez?

The U.S. Sun explains that Tony Lopez is a 21-year-old Internet celebrity. He was born in August 1999 in Las Vegas, Nevada. PopBuzz adds that he’s a multi-racial Internet star with a Cuban dad and a mom whose ethnic background is a combination of German, English, and Scottish ancestry. He’s known in large part for his membership in The Hype House Collective. His brother Ondreaz is also a Hype House member. PopBuzz reports that they have another brother, Xavier, who is not part of The Hype House.

What Is The Hype House Collective?

Imagine getting nearly twenty different young people together. Put them into a mansion in Los Angeles. Then give them the freedom to create and share content online. That’s the idea, and a successful one, behind the Hype House Collective. There are 19 different TikTok influencers in the group, including Tony and his brother.

PopBuzz notes that The Hype House is behind two huge social media stars: Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae. They also note that as of August 2021, The Hype House has been working to change its image. Due to controversies around both Hype House brothers, its unclear what relationship they’ll have with the collective in the months and years to come.

Lopez Brothers’ Controversy

So, what exactly is this controversy? Film Daily explains that both brothers have been accused multiple times of inappropriate sexual conduct, including inappropriate behavior with minors. Tony Lopez was often the focus of these allegations, although both brothers have been accused. One of the most problematic accusations was that Tony Lopez reportedly asked an underage girl for sexually explicit photos, an allegation that he denies. He’s had his own nudes leaked online, reportedly due to catfishing.

Things got worse in early 2021. Two minors sued Tony Lopez for ““sexual battery and emotional distress.” then brother Ondreaz was sued for having sex with a 14-year-old girl. The latter brother has stayed mostly silent on the accusations. In contrast, Tony Lopez is vocal about denying all claims. Film Daily reports that he’s tried to fix things online with some blanket apologies that most followers find to be insincere, inauthentic and/or incomplete.

The sexual misconduct allegations are at the heart of the Lopez Brother’s controversy. However, Film Daily reports that old tweets from circa 2019 reveal that Tony Lopez has posted “racist, homophobic, and mysoginist” content in the post.

Note that at this time these are all allegations. To our knowledge nothing has been proven “beyond a reasonable doubt.” That said, this kind of controversy does affect Tony Lopez’s net worth. For example, Skincare brand Bliss chose to stop working with the influencer due to these allegations.

Tony Lopez’s Social Media Following

Tony Lopez is obviously known best as a TikTok content creator. He has close to 23 million followers and over 1 billion likes on the site. He only follows about 315 people from his account. The U.S. Sun calls him “one of the most-followed viral creators on TikTok.”

Tony Lopez also has a relatively strong following on Instagram. More than 5.5 million people follow him there, although he has fewer than 200 posts on the site. He follows less than 80 people there on Instagram. Like many influencers, it’s not about who he follows but instead about gaining the following of others.

He has a Twitter account with a little over 400,000 followers.

Tony and Ondreaz have a YouTube account together called The Lopez Brothers. It only has a little bit of content on it, yet it does have more than 1.5 million subscribers. Tony Lopez videos are regularly popular on other YouTube channels as well. A dance compilation on Viral Crunch from 2020 has received over half a million views. A Slowmo Dance tutorial on the Flighthouse channel received a similar number of views.

Hype House Social Media

Obviously, Tony Lopez’s net worth is supplemented by his relationship with The Hype House. Therefore the collective’s social media plays a role, too. Here are some of those numbers:

  • Nearly 20 million TikTok followers with over 650 million likes.
  • Over 5.5 million Instagram followers despite just over 100 posts.
  • Over 1.6 million YouTube followers.
  • They’re also on music video app Triller, where they have about 40,000 followers.

Tony Lopez Personal Life

The U.S. Sun reports that as of August 2021, Tony Lopez was not dating anyone. However, they link him romantically to past relationships with Sofie Dossi and Nikita Dragun. Sofie Dossi was on America’s Got Talent in 2016, where she showed off her skills as a contortionist and aerialist. She is now a social media star showcasing those same talents. Nikita Dragun is also social media personality, known mostly for her make-up and modeling content. She is also a Hype House Collective member.

What the U.S. Sun reports about his current relationship status is only part of the story. TMZ explains that Tony Lopez was briefly married to Sarah-Jade Bleau. She is also a dance content creator and influencer on social media. However, she filed for legal separation this year after only eight months of marriage.

Tony Lopez’s Net Worth

So we know that Tony Lopez earns his money as a social media influencer, primarily for his dance content, which he grew in large part thanks to his relationship with The Hype House collective. But what exactly is Tony Lopez’s net worth? Celebrity Net Worth, which is one of the most reliable resources for this type of information, places Tony Lopez’s net worth at approximately $2 million.

We aren’t sure how this year’s divorce may or may not impact Tony Lopez’s net worth. TMZ reports that Sarah-Jade Bleau wanted to establish guidelines that prevent alimony from being paid by either of them. Furthermore, she claims about $300,000 from their mutual checking account belongs to her.

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Kody Antle’s Net Worth

Kody Antle's net worth

Perhaps you have known Kody Antle for years, following his social media antics where he’s known as “A Real-Life Tarzan” because of his posts with wild animals. Or, perhaps you only came to know him more recently, after his dad gained attention online thanks to the Netflix hit “The Tiger King.” Obviously, Kody Antle’s net worth has grown as a direct result of that television series, even though he himself wasn’t on it.

Who Is Kody Antle?

Kody Antle is the son of Doc Antle, one of the prominent, and most controversial figures on the “The Tiger King” series. Men’s Health explains that Doc is a controversial tiger trainer. Even before “The Tiger King” he gained a lot of criticism for his treatment of animals and the way that he used them on social media. He founded The Institute for Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (or T.I.G.E.R.S.) as well as The Myrtle Beach Safari. The latter is part of Kody Antle’s brand.

Whether you think that’s wonderful or terrible or somewhere in between, it was simply the reality of Kody Antle’s childhood. He grew up among wild animals. Reportedly, he was raised with tiger cubs in his crib. That’s what led him to become known as a “real-life Tarzan,” a child practically raised by animals. To this day, he’ll refer to the wild animals in his videos as his sisters or other family members.

Kody Antle’s Social Media Following

Kody Antle’s net wort primarily comes from his work on social media. Many people simply can’t resist watching the man interact with amazing wild animals. He works online under his own name as well as with the Myrtle Beach Safari brand. Here is a little bit of insight into his social media following as of late 2021:

  • Kody Antle’s biggest account is on TikTok. He posts content with the animals and adds music. While he follows fewer than 50 accounts there, he has a following that exceeds 28 million. He has over 356 million likes for his TikTok content. Although the account is under his personal name, he uses it to specifically to market Myrtle Beach Safari.
  • Over on Instagram, he follows fewer than 150 accounts and has just over 300 posts. Nevertheless, he’s amassed a following exceeding 4.5 million followers.
  • Like many other social media celebrities today, he has a less-active presence on Facebook. He follows less than ten people there. However, over 825,000 people follow him.
  • He does not appear to have a YouTube account under his own name. However, he’s a regular presence on Myrtle Beach Safari’s YouTube channel. That account has over 740,000 subscribers. An 11-minute video from 2020 called Kody Antle (Real Life Tarzan) Compilation has garnered over 5.2 million views.
  • His least active account is Twitter. He only follows four people and has fewer than 5000 followers there. Men’s Health makes the point that people on Twitter tend to find him unfavorable thanks to “The Tiger King” controversies.

Other Recognition and Appearances

Men’s Health points out that Kody Antle was featured in an episode of “Good Morning America.” The YouTube clip is available online. Furthermore, he was mentioned in a 2015 “Rolling Stone” article using the Tarzan comparison.

Of course, people also know Kody from “The Tiger King.” If you didn’t follow the show closely, then you might have missed him, but he does make a brief appearance. He works at Myrtle Beach Safari, so he shows up as part of that. It’s a small bit of attention that’s mostly overshadowed by the series’ focus on his dad. Doc Antle is controversial in large part because of his questionable treatment of some of the animals although the series also points out questionable activity towards young women. More recently, there’s a new Netflix series called Tiger King: The Doc Antle story, that takes the accusations further. In the face of this attention, Kody’s an afterthought on the series itself.

Distractify dug into these accusations, which Doc refuted. Doc said that some of the young women portrayed in “The Tiger King” series as being his girlfriends were actually Kody’s girlfriends. The Myrtle Beach Safari has released their own documentary on TigerKingdom TV offering their version of the Netflix stories. In it, Doc says that he has three girlfriends on the property, each of which he’s had a twenty year open relationship with.

TigerKingdom series shares that Kody has three sisters, two of whom also work at Myrtle Beach Safari. So does his wife of ten years. The new Netflix Tiger King series about Doc Antle has more information about Kody’s sisters and Doc’s exes.

Kody Antle’s Net Worth

It’s unclear exactly where Kody Antle’s net worth comes from. Obviously, he’s known widely on social media. Therefore, that’s where he gets a lot of his money. However, his social media accounts are directly linked with Myrtle Beach Safari. Therefore, he likely also derives income specifically from this organization that his father founded.

Several sources online describe his career not as a social media star but rather as an animal trainer. Popular Net Worth says that he dropped out of school in ninth grade to focus on his career with animals. He reportedly eventually picked up some medical training as well, although we can’t verify either of these claims from that site.

Furthermore, if you follow the LinkTree links in his various social media accounts, you’ll see that he links to TigerKingdom TV. This is the online documentary series that refutes what they say are lies in the original Tiger King series. It’s unclear whether Kody Antle’s net worth is boosted at all from this particular endeavor although it certainly adds to what the public knows about his family as well as the animals featured on his social media channels. He’s prominently featured in many of the videos.

We checked a variety of sources in an attempt to ascertain Kody Antle’s net worth. In April 2021, Starsgab reported that the 5’10” 31-year-old was worth between $500,000 and $600,000. In contrast, FeaturedBiography.com reported in August 2021 that Kody Antle’s net worth is $2 million, derived mostly from the YouTube videos. Therefore, we’d guess that he’s worth about $1 million , give or take, at the current time.

If you’re curious, Money Inc. puts father Doc Antle’s net worth at about $10 million.

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Savannah Labrant’s Net Worth

Savannah Labrant's net worth

Social media provides a viable way to make a living these days. In fact, influencers can make millions if they put their minds to it. Perhaps you follow the LaBrant family videos online, for example. If so, then you might be curious about Savannah LaBrant’s net worth.

Who Is Savannah LaBrant?

Savannah LaBrant is a photographer and fashion blogger who is best known for her social media posts with and about her family. In fact, we can’t separate who she is as a person from who she is as a celebrity because the two aspects of her life are so closely intertwined.

The LaBrant Family

There are five members of the LaBrant Family. In addition to Savannah LaBrant, there’s husband Cole. They are raising three children together: Everleigh, Posie, and Zealand. Vlogging as a family is what’s contributed the most to Savannah Labrant’s net worth.

Before The LaBrant Family: Cole LaBrant

Daquan has one of the best articles online documenting the stories of both Cole and Savannah before they met one another. The two had wildly different upbringings but both ended up on social media, connected there, and ultimately fell in love.

Here’s what they have to say about Cole’s timeline before Savannah, particularly as it relates to social media:

  • He was raised in a close-knit conservative Christian family.
  • In 2003, he started playing around on Vine, the no-defunct social media app. He and his friends Baylor Barnes and John Grice entered a Vine dance contest. They were shocked when they quickly gained a six figure following.
  • They named themselves “Dem White Boyz.” They started performing at various events around the country. However, his friends didn’t particularly like the attention and decided to withdraw from social media. Cole continued with social media but it quickly led to problems for him.
  • As he gained in popularity, hackers got into his social media. They wreaked havoc, causing him to rapidly lose many followers. When he finally regained his account, he’d had a change of heart about the content that he wanted to create. He began posting Christian content. This initially led to a larger drop in followers, because the content was so different from what he’d been creating at first.
  • However, he stuck with it.

Fun fact, he also tried his hand at appearing in “The Amazing Race,” although he didn’t win the big prize.

Before The LaBrant Family: Savannah and Everleigh

Now let’s switch gears and talk about Savannah before she met Cole. Daquan explains that she had an entirely different childhood, one that was much less idyllic. Her parents had a toxic relationship, there was infidelity, and ultimately she grew up without a father figure, which affected her ability to have healthy relationships with men. She became pregnant in at 19 and had Everleigh in 2012.

She wasn’t sure if she could hack it as a mom. Her boyfriend, Tommy, seemed excited about the child. However, their relationship mirrored her parents in many ways. She struggled with heartbreak over his infidelity. In an interesting twist, her decision to have the baby brought her parents back together temporarily. They were so excited about the granddaughter that they decided to give their marriage another go. However, after a very brief period of time, her dad left her mom again, for another woman, and Savannah cut off contact with him.

Savannah tried to make things work with Tommy for a little bit longer, but his continued infidelity wrecked her. She battled self-esteem challenges as she took him back again and again. However, she turned her attention to raising her daughter, and this helped her gather strength. During this time, she began posting videos of herself and Everleigh on Musical.ly, the app that eventually became TikTok.

The Story of Cole and Savannah

Savannah continued to struggle personally but her social media following was doing well. Cole noticed her on social media. He was finding it challenging to re-grow his following with his new Christian account and thought that perhaps she could help since she had such great reach. He reached out to her online and asked her to exchange shoutouts with him. However, he failed to follow up on any response.

And yet, perhaps they were destined to meet, because a few months later he recognized her in person at a mall. He caught her eye, too, and she had her sister approach him for her. They exchanged numbers. That said, they didn’t think it would turn into any kind of relationship. The single mom was four years older than him, they lived in different places, and they seemed to have different interests. Plus, she had trust issues. Nevertheless, as they began to talk to help each other grow their respective social media followings, they ended up falling in love.

In fact, you can read their 2018 book about all of this, titled “Cole and Sav: Our Surprising Love Story.” This book, of course, also contributes to Cole and Savannah LaBrant’s net worth.

Back to The LaBrant Family

Once they became a family, their social media changed and grew. Online followers were particularly charmed by Cole’s relationship with Everleigh. This was a healing experience and dream come true for Savannah, who, of course, always wanted her daughter to have the father figure that she never had. All of this unfolded online, particularly through YouTube. Before the two were even married, they launched the Cole&Sav YouTube Channel, which they later changed to the LaBrant Family YouTube channel.

LaBrant Family Following and Controversy

Social media is this family’s full-time job. They have their shared family YouTube account. Moreover, Cole and Savannah also both continue to have their individual TikTok accounts. As of July 2021, Daquan reports that they each had over 20 million TikTok followers. In The Know reports that Savannah’s account is closer to 30 million, making her one the app’s Top 50 influencers. They also note that the couple has more than 4 million and 6 million Instagram followers respectively.

Of course, anyone who has so many followers will also have haters. They post many different things about their family life, so people naturally have lots of opinions about how they raise their children. They also post pranks, including pranks on their kids, which have drawn the most controversy. In particular, there was a lot of criticism about their early shared videos with Everleigh, questioning if they were using her for social media fame more than they were worried about her wellbeing.

Another big controversy came a few years later, when the family had already grown larger. They posted online that they had to evacuate their Northern California home due to the terrible fires in the area. While there were indeed horrific fires, neighbors of the LaBrant family said that they weren’t actually required to evacuate in their particular area. As a result, some followers felt that the family exploited a tragic situation for their own gain. They were similarly criticized after posting a video questioning whether Posie had cancer, later revealing that their child did not have cancer but that they wanted to bring awareness to children who do.

Despite these controversies, the couple continues to have social media success.

What Is Savannah LaBrant’s Net Worth?

It’s always hard to separate one individual’s net worth from another’s in a couple. It’s particularly hard in cases like this where the family’s social media IS the business. Daquan reports that the couple’s combined net worth, per Nailbuzz, exceeds $12 million. Furthermore, they report that the family’s annual income is over $5 million.

Film Daily reports that Savannah LaBrant’s net worth comes from a variety of sources. In addition to her social media success, and the couple’s book, she works as a photographer. She was even a model when she was younger. They repeat the Nailbuzz estimate that the couple is worth about $12 million. However, they break it down further to estimate Savannah Labrant’s net worth at about $3 million.

They add that Everleigh has her own YouTube channel now that brings over $2 million in income to the family’s bank account.

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Jacob Sartorius’ Net Worth

Jacob Sartorius' net worth

If you haven’t ever heard of Jacob Sartorius, then you’re not keeping up with news about young celebrities. He’s still in his teens, and yet he’s really made a name for himself in recent years. He’s a successful musician as well as a standout social media star. What is Jacob Sartorius’ net worth?

Who Is Jacob Sartorius?

Jacob Sartorius (whose first name is actually Rolf, but he goes by his middle name) was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in October 2002. His parents were unable to care for him, so he was adopted soon after the was born. He moved to Reston, Virginia with his new family. From the time that he was little, he demonstrated a love for acting and singing. His website indicates that he began appearing in musicals at the tender age of eight. He’s been performing to some degree ever since.

As many young people do, he quickly took to social media. Also similar to many young people, he experienced bullying. However, whereas some teens only find more bullying on social media, Jacob Sartorius found the opposite. He found an escape from bullying, a place where he could truly be himself, and even a platform for expressing anti-bullying sentiments to others. In that process, he found a following.

Jacob Sartorius, Social Media Star

Sartorius was a huge hit on Vine before that app shut down in 2017. He had more than eight million followers at the time that it closed. Remember that he wasn’t even old enough to drive a car at this point in his young life! He didn’t limit himself to Vine, of course. He was very active on Musical.ly, which has now morphed into TikTok.

How Many Followers Does Jacob Sartorius Have on Social Media?

Much of Jacob Sartorius’ net worth derives from his social media following. He’s an influencer. He also sells his own music and merchandise, sales of which are certainly driven or at least support by his social media accounts. As of late 2021, he has the following reach:

  • 23.9 million followers and a whopping 1.6 billion likes on TikTok
  • 9.8 million Instagram followers, with only about 100 posts on the site
  • Almost 3 million YouTube subscribers, where he shares his music videos
  • 1.2 million Facebook followers
  • 165,000 monthly listeners on Spotify

Jacob Sartorius, Musician

Although social media is the platform for his work, what Jacob Sartorius is most known for is his music. He did a lot of lip-syncing videos on his early social media, horning his performance art skills as a musician. Then he started releasing his own original music. In fact, he was only about 14 years old in 2016 when he released his debut single, titled “Sweatshirt.” That single made it the to Hot 100 charts in both the United States and Canada.

Early Work

That year, he did his first small music tour. Called the All My Friends Tour, he performed in six different cities. He was successful in those efforts. In fact, Google reported that he was the 9th most-searched musical artists of 2016! Therefore, the following year, he released his single “The Last Text.” Then he did an international music tour for that, performing in seven different countries. He did another tour that year called “The Left Me Hangin’ Tour,” which had a combination of US and European stops.

The following year, in 2018, he released two more singles, “All My Friends” and “Hit or Miss.” The latter did particularly well, reaching 72 on the United States Hot 100 Charts. That was the year that he released his album titled “Better With You.” He also opened on tour for The Vamps in 2018.

Recent Work

He has continued to release singles and albums consistently. In 2019, he released the album “Where Have You Been?” Recently, he released “Lost But Found.” He has worked with record labels but his latter album was self-released. The songs “For Real” and “Hey Hello Goodbye” (which features Dempsey Hope) are the most popular singles from that album to date. He also has several popular music videos from both old and new releases.

Jacob Sartorius Award Nominations

Although he hasn’t won any awards, yet, Jacob Sartorius received half a dozen nominations in 2016 and 2017 for:

  • Choice Muser, Teen Choice Awards (in both 2016 and 2017)
  • Social Star Award, iHeart Radio Music Awards
  • Favorite Viral Music Artist, Kids’ Choice Awards
  • Favorite Social Media Star, Radio Disney Music Awards
  • Muser of the Year, Shorty Awards

As you can see, there’s a clear overlap between his music career and his social media work. One simply doesn’t exist without the other.

In addition to these award nominations, his website indicates that some of his accolades include being a guest on “Vice News Now” (HBO), “Here and Now” (NPR), and MTV’s “TRL”, modeling for the cover of Billboard Magazine, performing at the HALO Awards and the Kid’s Choice Awards, and reaching the “5th most engaged user” live on Twitter. Speaking of Twitter, about a year ago he invited some controversy after releasing some weird tweets that ultimately got him trending again on the app.

Jacob Sartorius’ Personal Life

Every social media celebrity has their controversies and intrigues. For example, we’re always interested in their love lives, aren’t we? Jacob Sartorius dated Millie Bobby Brown, of “Stranger Things” for over half a year in 2018. They were a very visible couple on social media. They would regularly comment sweet things on each other’s accounts, for example. You could often find images of them in an embrace. When they broke up, they chose to each announce that together through social media. It’s a modern teenage love story. The two reportedly didn’t talk much for awhile, and Sartorius is said to have put her down a bit in one of his songs, but then they seemed to make up enough to at least be cool with one another.

What Is Jacob Sartorius’ Net Worth?

Okay, so we know that Jacob Sartorius’ net worth comes from a combination of music sales and social media work, But how much is the teenage celeb worth? Celebrity Net Wort doesn’t provide a lot of detail with how they came up with their number but they place his net worth at about $3 million.

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