‘LPBW’ Molly Roloff’s Net Worth

'LPBW' Molly Roloff's Net Worth

Did you start watching “Little People, Big World” when it first hit the small screen back in 2006? If so, then you’ve known Molly Roloff since before she was even a teenager. She was on the show throughout her teens, but started appearing less and less as she got older. She hasn’t been on recent seasons much. Which makes us wonder, what is ‘LPBW’ Molly Roloff’s net worth?

Little People, Big World

If you aren’t familiar with the show, “Little People, Big World” is a TLC reality television show. It’s been on the air for more than twenty seasons, now. Fans have watched the entire family grow up and began to grow families of their own. So, who is this show about?

The show is about Matt and Amy Roloff, a couple who have dwarfism. It’s also about their children, one of whom has dwarfism, three who are average height. The one child who is a little person has a fraternal twin brother who is average height.

The family lives on a farm in Oregon. When the show first aired, they assumed it would be just a few episodes about their life. Matt and Amy thought it was a great opportunity to educate the public about what it’s like being a little person, raising a family, living on a farm. The public clearly loved it since it’s 16 years later and still going strong.

Obviously, the children have grown up during that time. Molly was twelve when they first began filming. Now she’s 28 years old.

Who Is Molly Roloff?

Molly is Matt and Amy’s only daughter. She has two older brothers – twins Zach and Jeremy. They have one younger brother, Jacob. She left the farm in 2012 so that she could attend college. Since she was away from home, she stopped appearing very often on “Little People, Big World,” although she would show up from time to time, returning home for the holidays and so forth.

She moved to Washington where she attended Whitworth University. She didn’t just double major but ambitiously triple-majored at the school. She has degrees in Accounting, Literature, and Spanish Language. Her accounting degree is that one that she puts most to use, having gotten her first job as an accountant as soon as she graduated with her Bachelor’s degrees in 2016. She was a member of the Business Club and Laureate Society, and she graduated Summa Cum Laude.

The year after she graduated from college, she married her then-boyfriend Joel Silvius. They got married on the Roloff family farm. However, the cameras weren’t rolling for the event. That’s despite the fact that the family had started a new business – and spin-off show: “Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm.” Matt and Amy had gotten into wedding planning, which was what that show was all about. Nevertheless, both Molly and Joel prefer to stay out of the spotlight. In recent seasons, they haven’t appeared on the show at all. They keep most of their social media profiles set to private, and they avoid being in the public eye as much as they can. They have two children that they keep out of the public eye.

‘LPBW’ Molly Roloff’s Net Worth Comes From Hard Work

Molly obviously earned money as part of the family during the years that she was actively filming “Little People, Big World.” We don’t know exactly what the family earned or how that money was divided when they were still children. We do know, however, that Molly filmed steadily for those first seasons as a child. And yet, she didn’t want to rely on her parents money, or celebrity status, to support herself. She proudly has chosen to support herself entirely from her hard work as an accountant.

Molly’s Career Path

According to her LinkedIn profile, Molly Roloff worked during college. She did management, marketing, admin, and transcriptionist work at three different places, including her university and a local church. After she graduated, she got a job as an assurance staff member at Moss Adams. A couple of years later, she was moved up to a senior accounting position there. She remained there until 2021. In June of that year she took a position as a senior accountant for Nordstrom Rack, which is where she works today. She also volunteers as a tax assistant, something she’s donated her time to for the past seven years.

Molly and Joel’s Home

Molly and her husband Joel announced in 2019 that they had purchased their first home together. Well, actually, Molly’s brother Zach made the announcement. Molly keeps her Instagram set to private but her brother shared her news publicly through his account.

It’s a ranch-style home in Washington state, about six hours drive from her family’s Oregon farm. Gossip Next Door reports that the home was purchased for about $300,000. It’s a four-bedroom, three-bath, two-car garage home with a large yard and lots of space.

What Does Joel Silvius Do For a Living?

Reports indicate that Joel works as a research data analyst. The couple met because they went to the same university. He went on to get his MBA. So, of course, he also contributes to their family’s total net worth.

What Is ‘LPBW’ Molly Roloff’s Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, ‘LPBW’ Molly Roloff’s net worth is just under three quarters of one million dollars. That seems fairly high for someone still in their twenties. She may have retained some of her income from her early days on reality television and the few appearances that she has made since then. However, this is not an exorbitant amount. And remember that she’s an accountant for a living. Therefore, she knows about handling her money. She may have managed to secure this $700,000 net worth on her own.

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